• Locate a Licensed Professional

  • Look Up A Home Improvement Contractor

  • Home Improvement Contractor Arbitration Program

    The Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor Act establishes an arbitration program to resolve disputes between homeowners and registered contractors.
  • Home Improvement Contractor Guaranty Fund

    The Guaranty Fund was created as a fund of last resort for consumers who have an unpaid final judgement against a registered contractor. Consumers may receive up to $10,000. for actual losses.
  • Steps to Resolve Home Improvement Problems

  • Small Claims Courts

    If you are unable to resolve your complaint through self-help or local consumer group mediation, you may wish to use the Small Claims Court. Known popularly as the people's court, this informal and inexpensive forum is designed to help you settle disputes of $7,000. or less without the aid of an attorney.
  • Will your home improvement project add value to your home?

    Home improvement projects have the potential to greatly increase the value of your home. Conversely, some projects may not increase the value of your home very much at all. These factors should be considered before you begin a home improvement project on your existing home.
  • New Construction

    Before beginning new construction on any portion of your property you should always check with your local zoning and real-estate board to make sure that your new addition will be legal. If you receive the "ok" from your town you should then ensure that you hire a reputable construction company. Check with the Board of Building Regulations and Standards and the Division of Professional Licensure to make sure that your contractor(s) are registered and in good standing.
  • Getting rid of an old oil tank

    Before removing an old oil tank you should always make sure that you do so properly so your property will be protected from a potential hazard. Improperly removing an oil tank could result in spilt oil, which could harm your pets, children, and property value. To ensure that you correctly remove your old tank you should contact the company that installed it for you, your local town hall, and the Enviromental Protection Agency.