• data security
  • Your data and identity are valuable, so educate and protect yourself. Learn about identity theft and the scams and data breaches that put your finances at risk. Are you tired of solicitors calling your home? Add your phone number to the Massachusetts Do Not Call list.

  • Security Breach Notifications Submission

  • Scam Alert: Energy Scams and Competitive Supplier Bad Practices

    Scammers have been posing as energy companies, either as the major energy provider, such as Eversource, or as smaller competitive energy suppliers. Scammers that pose as Eversource are usually threatening to turn off your utilities unless you make a payment that day. Scammers posing as competitive energy suppliers will often seek to obtain information about your bill or other personal information to commit identity theft. Also, there are legitimate competitive energy suppliers that can be pushy, whether soliciting door-to-door or over the phone. More

  • Requirements for Security Breach Notifications under Chapter 93H