Telemarketing is regulated by both state and federal law:

Massachusetts law:

An Act Regulating Telemarketing Solicitation (Do Not Call Act )- Chapter 265 of the Acts of 2002, Massachusetts General Law chapter 159C, provides consumers the option of signing onto a statewide Do Not Call Registry. Under the law, certain telephone solicitations would be prohibited. Telephone solicitors and list brokers are required to register with the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation and to subscribe to receive the quarterly, updated list. The law became effective on January 1, 2003.

A copy of the Act can be found at:

Regulations promulgated by the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation can be found at: 201CMR12 pdf format of Do Not Call Regulation - 201 CMR 12

If you believe a company has violated this law, you may file a complaint with the Attorney General.

Massachusetts General Law chapter 159 sections B-E also provides consumers protection from automatic dialing devices and telephone solicitations.

The Consumer Protection Law, Massachusetts General Law Chapter 93A, provides general consumer protections against unfair or deceptive acts by a merchant.

Federal Law:

The Federal Trade Commission established the Telemarketing Sales Rule in 1995, and later amended it in October, 2003 to include the National Do Not Call Registry. The FTC's Telemarketing Sales Rule requires certain disclosures and prohibits misrepresentations. It gives you the power to stop unwanted telemarketing calls and gives state law enforcement officers the authority to prosecute fraudulent telemarketers who operate across state lines.

The Rule covers most types of telemarketing calls to consumers, including calls to pitch goods, services, "sweepstakes," and prize promotion or investment opportunities. It also applies to calls consumers make in response to materials received in the mail, or offers received through the Internet.

The MA Do Not Call List shares data with the National registry, so it is unnecessary to re-register with the National Do Not Call List.

A copy of the Telemarketing Sales Rule can be found at:

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