For Immediate Release - July 16, 2004


DTE Advises Norvergence Customers To Obtain New Telecommunications Providers

The Department of Telecommunications and Energy ("DTE") urges Massachusetts customers of NorVergence, a provider of local, long distance, internet and wireless telecommunications services to small and medium-sized businesses, to migrate to a new telecommunications provider as soon as possible.

The Newark, New Jersey-based telecommunications reseller filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection on Wednesday shortly after a bankruptcy court judge rejected a request by the company for time to restructure. Published reports indicate that some providers of NorVergence, including T-Mobile and Sprint, intend to give NorVergence customers time to switch telecommunications providers before terminating services. However, commercial customers who receive services through Qwest Communications were reportedly going to face service termination as of 5pm yesterday.

NorVergence customers are urged to immediately contact another telecommunications provider or contact DTE's Consumer Division at (617) 305-3531 or 800-392-6066 for a list of local telephone service providers.