How much can you afford?

  • Know your credit history
  • Determine how much you can afford to spend on payments each month and set a reasonable budget 
  • Consider getting pre-approved for a loan before you pick out a car

Find a car in good condition that you can afford!

  • Do your research
  • Look at the total cost of the car—not just the monthly payment
  • Shop around
  • Test drive and inspect the vehicle
  • Negotiate the price – don’t like the deal? Walk away!

How to pay for the car?

  • Shop around for the best financing deal
  • Borrow from a licensed lender, bank, or credit union

Protect yourself and your rights: Don’t sign anything until you understand what you’re signing! Read the fine print!

  • Ask questions—don’t be pressured into signing until you are comfortable
  • Understand the financing terms: interest rate, APR, finance charges, total payments, late fees, and insurance
  • You are not obligated to purchase add on products like, GAP insurance, service plans, or extended warranties,
  • Understand how much you will be paying each month, for how long, and what happens if you are late
  • If you fall behind on payments, know that you have certain rights before the car is repossessed
  • Be aware if your car is equipped with a starter interrupter device which could be used by the lender to prevent the vehicle from starting