For Immediate Release - February 19, 2008

As Managed Competition Shifts into High Gear, State Launches Auto Insurance Web Site for Consumers

Division of Insurance portal lets consumers compare premiums, shop for best deals

BOSTON - February 19, 2008 - The Patrick Administration launched a web site this week that allows consumers to compare sample auto insurance premiums, helping them find the best deals as the state's new managed competition system shifts into high gear.

February marks the start of the policy renewal process and, for the first time in 30 years, auto insurers can now offer lower rates to good drivers, more product choices and better services. The Division of Insurance estimates that responsible drivers across Massachusetts can save at least 10% on their 2008 auto insurance premiums.

"Now that consumers finally have choice in our auto insurance market, they should exercise it by comparing different rates and policies to find the one that's best for them," said Commissioner of Insurance Nonnie S. Burnes. "This web site will help them begin this important process by showing them the considerable opportunities for savings that are out there and how to contact the companies and agents for more information."

Available at , the Division of Insurance portal shows consumers the range of prices and discounts they may qualify for and tells them how to contact insurance companies and agents directly for quotes. Consumers can easily generate a list of sample premiums by providing their zip code, number of years licensed, the type of vehicle they drive, their driving records and coverage levels.