September 25, 2007
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BOSTON - September 25, 2007 - The Massachusetts Division of Insurance today launched OLLIE (Online Licensing of Individuals and Entities), a new state-of-the-art online insurance licensing system. The first phase of OLLIE will enable individual insurance producers, both residents and non-residents, to renew their insurance licenses and pay associated fees quickly and easily. In subsequent phases, OLLIE will be expanded to serve other licensing types, including both new applications and renewals.

"OLLIE is a fast, easy and secure system designed to better serve the needs of consumers and producers alike," said Diane Silverman Black, director of producer licensing for the Massachusetts Division of Insurance. "OLLIE offers many benefits to consumers, including an online producer look up feature which will allow them to search for insurance producers and access key information provided by the producers."

The producer look up feature will be introduced this fall. Consumers will be able to search for producers according to geographic location and by product offerings. The Division encourages all producers to go online, as soon as possible, to review and update their producer profiles to ensure they are included in the producer look up feature when it is launched.

OLLIE offers a host of benefits to producers. The renewal process, formerly done via mail, has been greatly streamlined to reduce turnaround time. Renewals may now be processed within 48 hours. The system is accessible 24/7, and frequent email communications from the Division will keep producers informed of their application status.

Additionally, the online system reduces the potential for late penalty charges by promoting on-time renewals and payments. A highly secure e-payment process is offered at no additional cost. OLLIE is also eco-friendly and may reduce paperwork by as much as 240,000 pages annually.

"An important goal of this agency is to better meet customer needs by offering quality, innovative online services. I am pleased that the Division of Insurance is able to offer new technologies like OLLIE that run at the speed of business." said Commissioner of Insurance Nonnie S. Burnes.