• Division of Insurance Announces Decision on Health Insurance Filings

    The Division of Insurance disapproved 235 of the 274 rate increases filed by health insurers for small businesses on April 1. Insurance Commissioner Joseph G. Murphy disapproved the base rates after they were found to include excessive increases and rates unreasonable relative to the benefits provided. The disapprovals follow emergency regulations filed on February 10 that requires carriers to file small-group rates 30 days before their effective date. Policyholders who have already made a premium payment under the disapproved rate will receive a refund or credit on their base rates. For more, click

    Division has been active in this issue for months, holding hearings and meeting with carriers, providers and small-business owners about their experiences in recent years. For more on the Division's efforts to date, read these Frequently Asked Questions pdf format of freq_asked.pdf
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  • VOICES: Stories from those impacted by increases

    Robert Sasquet, Egger's Furniture in Middleboro
    Business owners like Robert Sasquet (left) are making tough decisions about how much they and their employees can afford to spend on health insurance. Do they decrease coverage? Add deductibles? Try to forge on? Read their stories.
  • RESOURCES: Documents related to the issue

    Stack of papers
    Read testimony from the March hearing conducted with small-business owners, read the Governor's legislation supporing small businesses and creating jobs, and catch up on previous Division of Insurance action on this issue since last October.
  • Division of Insurance Public Informational Hearings (March 1 - 8, 2010)

    The Division of Insurance announced that the Commissioner of Insurance will launch a second set of hearings to review the double-digit premium increases burdening small businesses across Massachusetts. This ongoing effort is designed to control costs and fuel the job creation that will drive the Commonwealth’s economic recovery. Click HERE pdf format of Division of Insurance Public Informational...
. to see hearing schedule.
  • Health Plan Informational Hearings

    Responding directly to concerns raised by the small business community, the Division of Insurance will investigate potential solutions to escalating premiums. The Division will hold hearings to examine small business premium increases, focusing specifically on work insurers are currently doing to reduce costs and future steps that may be necessary to eliminate the substantial increases impacting the small-group market.