An owner worries about impacts on long-time employees

Jude Silber, Owner of Motto/MDF in Harvard Square
In 30 years, little has changed in the staff at Motto/MDF in Harvard Square.

During testimony before the Division of Insurance in March, owner Jude Silber (left in photo, as Jon Hurst of the Retailers Association of Massachusetts listens) talked about how her staff has been with her since the beginning. She said health insurance is costing about $800 per employee each month.

"I pay full health insurance. I can't do it any more with what's happening with business," Silber said. "And I'm just being eaten up about it, because I don't know quite how to handle it with my staff."

Silber said during her testimony that she planned on having a conversation with her employees - who all make around $50,000 a year - but was unsure what the possible solutions might be.

"I can't expect them to kick in, but I can't afford it anymore," Silber said in her testimony. "And before I have meeting with them to try to figure out what to do - I mean, I just don't know what to do."