14 Citations Issued for Various Violations

During the past heating season the Division's Compliance Officers inspected 308 deliver metering systems. Thirty (30) metering systems (9.7%) were found to be unsealed and illegal to be used for commercial transactions.

The Division's Compliance Officers randomly inspect these devices during the heating season when making deliveries to ensure that the security seals are intact and to inspect the delivery units and tickets for various fraudulent delivery practices such as delivery line by-passes and pre-printed delivery tickets. Any device found with broken or missing seals are tagged and taken out of service until the meters are tested and sealed by weights and measures. The officers also inspect the delivery tickets in the possession of the driver to ensure compliance with the applicable standards. 1,770 delivery tickets were inspected representing a total of 291,739 gallons of home heating oil delivered to consumers.

In addition, Massachusetts law requires any measuring device being used commercially to be tested and sealed/certified as being accurate by weights and measures prior to being placed in service. Security seals are attached to the meter's adjusting mechanism to prevent tampering by unauthorized personnel. Once the seal is broken the device is illegal to use until the device is tested and sealed/certified by weights and measures.

State law requires delivery tickets to be marked with the price per gallon, be serially numbered for purposed of identification, and have mechanically printed thereon a delivery sequence number and the total number of gallons delivered, date of delivery and the name of the company and the customer. The delivery ticket must be left at the delivery location at the time of the delivery.

The Division issued 14 civil citations for various violations such as using an unsealed meter, and delivery ticket violations for not having a price per gallon, hand writing in the number of gallons delivered, and delivery sequence numbers that were not advancing as designed.

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