Chapter 100A Amendments Pertaining to Glass Shops

Glass Shops Renewals and New Applications


Motor Vehicle glass repair – the business or act of repairing or replacing damaged or undamaged glass in motor vehicles in the commonwealth for compensation.

New Record Requirements

 M. G. L. Chapter 100A section 15 (d) requires that a registered motor vehicle glass repair shop shall maintain records for each motor vehicle upon which motor vehicle glass repair services have been performed, showing the usage of all glass parts, major accessory parts including moldings and major hardware component parts and the adhesive system used in the motor vehicle glass repair. Such adhesive system record shall include the brand, product number or name and lot and batch numbers for the product used, and shall be maintained for 18 months or as long as a warranty on the motor vehicle glass repair service performed is in effect, whichever is longer.

New Registration Applications or Renewal as a registered Motor Vehicle Repair Shop

  1. Shall maintain a physical place of business within the commonwealth at which it has indoor facilities to perform motor vehicle glass repairs and from which it would lawfully dispatch mobile service vans. Shall not subcontract or sublet motor vehicle glass repair services to another person or entity not in their employ, unless such person or entity is also a duly registered motor vehicle glass repair shop.
  2. A registered shop’s mobile service van(s) shall be a commercial vehicle properly registered and insured in the commonwealth.
  3. A registered shop shall possess and maintain in working order the equipment necessary to provide motor vehicle windshield glass stone chip repair.
  4. Shall obtain all local, state and federal licenses and permits including a state sales tax and federal tax identification numbers.

Section 13 of Chapter 100A states: the division of standards shall have the right to inspect the premises of an applicant or registered motor vehicle glass repair shop, for the purpose of ascertaining compliance with the requirements of this chapter. Failure to comply with any of the requirements will result in the rejection of the application, or if already registered, the forfeiture of motor vehicle glass repair registration until such time as the division re-inspects the facility and determines the shop is in compliance.