To attract consumers and eliminate the "pain at the pump" many drivers are currently experiencing, gas retailers are offering discounts for cash payments and other sales to increase business. The Division of Standards reminds consumers that cash discounts and other conditions of sale must be clearly stated on any advertisement.

Consumers should also know they can not technically be charged "more" if paying with a credit card. If a price is posted on a street sign, the fuel grade must appear on the sign as well as the conditions that need to be met by the consumer to receive the advertised price. For example, if the sign offers a "Free Car Wash" after purchasing $25.00 worth of gasoline, the sign must clearly state this stipulation.

Alternative Heating Source: Firewood

As the price for heating oil continues to rise, many consumers are using firewood as their heating source. Consumers should know that the state requires firewood sellers to issue a delivery ticket, detailing the following information:

  • amount of wood delivered in terms of cubic feet (ft 3)
  • name and address of buyer and seller
  • date of delivery and the total price

To verify accuracy of the amount indicated on the delivery ticket, consumers should stack the wood as soon as possible. They then should measure the total cubic feet (ft 3) and multiply the l x w x h . The wood should be stacked in the same direction and not cross stacked.