Massachusetts Gives Green Light for Uber Technologies  pdf format of Massachusetts Gives Green Light for Uber Technologies

Massachusetts state law requires the Division of Standards to approve any commercial measuring devices. That means making sure a gallon of gas is really a gallon or a pound of produce is really a pound. We do not have the capability to test every type of device at the state level and so for more complex devices, such as the meters used in taxi cabs, we rely on national standard setting organizations to certify specific types of meters or devices.

Recently, the Division of Standards informed Uber that the device they use to calculate fare and distance needs to be certified by a national standard setting organization and, until that process began, the device could not be used in Massachusetts. The Division has since learned that this device is already being evaluated for certification by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Because of this, the Division will issue an operating certificate to Uber. Therefore, Uber is currently not out of compliance with state law and free to continue operating.

We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience. Massachusetts is a leader in innovation and we applaud Uber’s innovative spirit and welcome their competition into the commercial passenger transportation market. More Information pdf format of Massachusetts Gives Green Light for Uber Technologies