July 2007

If a person is hearing impaired, mobility impaired, elderly, or disabled, they should register with their town or city 911 Coordinator. Once the registration is complete, the local fire and police department will be immediately notified of the person's disability if 911 is called for that address. This will aid the response team helping the endangered person in case of a fire or other emergency.

If a person in the home is hard of hearing, has limited vision, or mobility problems, it is a good idea to list this information with the appropriate department.

Once you have registered, the information will stay there until the information is changed. For example, if an elderly person is living in the home and was registered with the 911 Coordinator, anytime that particular address has a 911 call, it will register an elderly resident at that address. If the elderly person has moved, the family should notify the 911 coordinator to remove the registration from that address.

Mrs. Wigall, from Atlantic Audiology, has encouraged her patients to register with their 911 town or City Coordinator. "This registration will provide some level of comfort in case 911 is called. The fire and police will know that a resident is hard of hearing".