May 25, 2006

The Division of Professional Licensure and the Board of Registration of Social Workers recently took action against the following social workers.

  • Michael J. Asinas of Longmeadow: In October of 2004, Asinas filled out a renewal form for his social work license claiming that he completed all continuing education requirements. However since September of 2005, he has failed to submit written documentation of his fulfillment of continuing education requirements. Because he violated Board regulations, the Board has assessed a civil penalty of $100 to Asinas which he paid February 6, 2006.
  • John Jennings Crapo of Cambridge: The Board entered a Final Decision and Order to Crapo, suspending his license for two years. His evaluation by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs states that he is unable to establish and maintain work and social relations. Massachusetts general laws and Board regulations prohibit the practicing of social work while incapacitated due to illness. Crapo may apply to the Board for re-licensure so long as he can provide evidence that he is current with all licensure requirements when he applies.
  • Jane D. Greenspan of Jamaica Plain: Effective March 21, 2006, the Board issued a Final Decision and Order by Default revoking the license of Greenspan. When renewing her license to practice as a clinical social worker in 2004, Greenspan attested that she completed all continuing education requirements in compliance with Board regulations. In a 2005 random selection for a continuing education audit, the Board discovered that Greenspan had not completed her continuing education requirements. The Board informed Greenspan that her audit was incomplete and requested documentation of her completion or statement of exemption. Greenspan failed to respond to this letter and the two additional letters sent to her. Greenspan also failed to respond to the order to show cause sent to her in February of 2006.
  • Linda Schmidt of Cambridge: Schmidt entered into a consent agreement with the Board, agreeing to surrender the right to renew her license to practice as a licensed independent clinical social worker for a period of five years, effective September 28, 2005. Schmidt admits that in the mid 1980's, she overstepped professional borders in her business practice.
  • Christine Wardle of Wrentham: The Board entered into a consent agreement with Wardle, placing her license on probation for a minimum of two years. Wardle admits that she failed to observe professional boundaries and provided the controlled substance, Metadate XR to the parent of a minor to administer instead of the medically prescribed Ritalin SR without medical authorization. During the probation period, Wardle must be supervised by a licensed social worker for a minimum of two years. This supervisor will review, monitor, and evaluate Wardle's practice.

The Board of Registration of Social Workers licenses approximately 20,094 social workers throughout the Commonwealth. In Fiscal Year 2005, the Board received 39 complaints and resolved 27 complaints from this and previous fiscal years. The Board held one investigative conference. The Board entered into one consent agreement, revoked one license, issued one suspension, and placed two licenses on probation.

Consumers are urged to visit the Division of Professional Licensure's website at and select the "check a license" option to determine whether a professional they are considering doing business with is licensed and in good standing.

The Division of Professional Licensure ("DPL") is a regulatory agency within the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation. The agency is responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance and the integrity of the licensing process for approximately 330,000 licensees across 43 trades and professions under the jurisdiction of 29 boards of registration.