Consumers have millions of interactions every year with the more than 370,000 individuals licensed by the DPL’s boards of registration to practice 50 different trades and professions in Massachusetts.  Although these interactions most often lead to satisfactory outcomes, consumers have the right to file an application for a complaint if they feel as though a licensee has violated the standards of professional conduct.

In cases where it can be proven that a licensee has violated an applicable statute or regulation or is not safely practicing their trade or profession, DPL may open a complaint and conduct an investigation in coordination with the appropriate board of registration. Grounds for complaints may include, among other things, failure to adhere to standards of practice, fraud, fraudulent procurement of a license, misuse of client funds or records, negligence, practice while impaired by alcohol or drugs, sexual misconduct, and unlicensed practice.

If you have a complaint against a licensee, please download our Application for Complaint pdf format of Application for Complaint Form
form. Please follow the instructions on the form and fill it out completely before mailing or faxing it back to our Office of Investigations.  Please note that DPL does not accept complaints submitted by e-mail, and all complaints must be signed.

If you are not sure if a licensee's actions fall into the category of misconduct, you may contact an investigator to discuss your complaint by calling DPL’s Office of Investigations at (617) 727-7406.