• About the Program

    Choosing a career path can raise many questions. To help young individuals make informed decisions as they enter the work force, the Division of Professional Licensure created the Student Career Outreach Program. By showcasing more than 50 licensed professions we regulate, students will learn about the different training and/or education needed to become a professional and the opportunities open to them in a variety of fields.

  • Take Away Cards

    Each profession will have a "Take Away Card" with the following information:

    - Average salary
    - Number of licensees
    - Basic requirements for licensure
    - First-Person description of the profession
    Download Cards pdf format of Student Career Outreach Program: Take Away...
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  • Contact the Program

    If you are interested in learning more or participating in this program, please contact John High, Communications and Outreach Coordinator, by calling 617-727-3177 or e-mailing john.r.high@state.ma.us.