By the Division of Professional Licensure

How do I order the Licensee Database?

To request this information, please fill out the Application to Request Current Licensee Databases pdf format of request_for_public_information.pdf
and return it via first class mail to the address at the top of the application. Please note that there is a $30.00 fee associated with this service; all checks should be made payable to “The Commonwealth of Massachusetts.”  Once your request and payment has been processed, a CD-ROM containing a fully functional application with the information that you have requested will be mailed to you within ten (10) business days, via two-day (2) UPS shipping. Please note that this information cannot be e-mailed and is only available via CD-ROM.

What information is included in the Licensee Database?

The Division of Professional Licensure (DPL) is able to provide the following public information about active licensees:

  • Board Name
  • License Type
  • License Number
  • Licensee Name
  • Licensee Mailing Address
  • License Issue Date
  • License Expiration Date
  • License Status

DPL can only provide information on licensees in the trades and professions licensed by one our thirty (30) boards of registration.  For a full list of the boards of registration under DPL’s purview, please visit the “Boards of the Division of Professional Licensure ” webpage.

How current is the information on the Licensee Database?

The data provided to you is typically current within one day of production of the CD-ROM.

How accurate are the addresses on the Licensee Database?

DPL maintains mailing addresses for all of its licensees.  However, the address provided to you through the Licensee Database may or may not be the most recent home or business address of the licensee. It is the licensee's responsibility to update their mailing address with the DPL board of registration that issues their license. As a result, if a licensee changes their address and does not report the change any mail sent to the address provided may be returned as undeliverable.

Will the Licensee Database provide information regarding complaints or disciplinary action taken against licensees?

No. The Licensee Database does not provide information regarding complaints or discipline taken against licensees. To see if a licensee has had a discipline taken against them, please visit the Check a License search tool available through our homepage,

When will I receive the Licensee Database?

Unless there are issues with processing of your request, a CD-ROM containing the data that you have requested will be mailed within ten (10) business day of receipt of your request and the successful processing of your payment.

Can I pick up the CD-ROM containing the Licensee Database instead of having it mailed to me?

If you wish to pick-up your CD-ROM in person at DPL’s Boston office, your order can be held for pick-up at a later date. However, please call 617-727-3069 before submitting your request to ensure that your order can be filled in this manner.

Please be aware that due to data production and payment processing times, we are unable to fill walk-in orders. Orders submitted in-person will be placed in the queue with all other orders and are processed on a first-come first-serve basis.

How does the Licensee Database application work?

The application has four filtering and sorting options that users may use to view, print and export licensee information:

  • Option #1: Filter and sort the data by city, zip code, state, country, etc.
  • Option #2: Filter and sort the data by professional or trade specialty (license type), if applicable
  • Option #3: Filter and sort the data based on specific license information, including date of issue, expiration, and other assorted timeframes.
  • Option #4: Allows a user to print a list of all licensees, or to print three common types of labels. Users may also export all data fields or just the name and address fields of the licensee data to Microsoft Excel (up to 65,536 records), or a fixed field length text file.

How do I get support if I encounter a problem with the Licensee Database application?

If you are having a problem with the application please leave call 617-727-3069 and leave detailed message explaining the nature of your problem. Please be as specific as possible. A DPL staff member will contact you by the end of the next business day.

Why can't I receive the information from the Licensee Database in an Excel worksheet format?

Excel is limited to 65,536 rows of data and some of DPL’s boards of registration have more than 65,536 licensees. As a result, we are unable to provide this licensee information in an Excel worksheet format.  However, the Licensee Database application allows users to filter the information and reduce it to a manageable level. In addition, the Licensee Database application does allow a user to save the information in an Excel format if there are less than 65,536 entries.

Why can't I download the Licensee Database application from DPL’s website?

At this time, DPL is unable to provide this information to requestors for download through our website. We hope to be able to offer this service in the future.

I use a Mac computer. Will the Licensee Database application work for me?

Unfortunately, the Licensee Database application is not Mac compatible, and DPL does not currently have the ability to produce a Mac compatible product.

How is the Licensee Database production fee determined?

Under the Public Records Law, DPL is permitted to recover any costs associated with providing licensee databases. An approximate breakdown of the costs are as follows: $1.00 for a blank CD-Rom; $1.00 for a CD-Rom case; $.75 for a mailer; $1.25 for postage; and, $25.00 in salaries to receive, inspect, produce, mail, reconcile payment and support the application. Although payment for this service is processed through DPL, all payment is payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is deposited directly into the state’s General Fund for the benefit of all citizens.

Are setup and troubleshooting instructions included with the CD-ROM?

Yes. Instructions regarding both the setup and use of the Licensee Database application are included on the CD-ROM. You may also download each of these documents in PDF format by clicking the links below:

Can I obtain Social Security Numbers (SSN) or Federal Employer Identification Numbers (FEID)?

No. Social Security Numbers (SSNs) and Federal Employer Identification Numbers (FEIDs) are protected information and are not available for public release.