By the Division of Professional Licensure

Fiscal Year 2008 was filled with notable accomplishments by the Division of Professional Licensure. These include achieving the highest levels of effective enforcement in the history of the Division, a significant expansion of the Division's outreach program for urban youth, and the first ever licensing of massage therapists.

During the fiscal year, the Division completed 7,152 inspections, the largest number in its history and an increase of 23% from the prior fiscal year. The Division also took 2,238 disciplinary actions which also is the largest number of disciplinary actions ever taken by this agency and is a 25% increase from the prior year. These results are a tribute to the hard working employees of the agency.

During Fiscal Year 2008, the Division also opened more new businesses faster than the prior year. Specifically, during this past year, 95% of all new business inspections were completed within ten days of the Division's having received a completed application.

Fiscal 2008 also marked as significant expansion of the Division's outreach program that provides information to urban youth about the trades and professions licensed by the Division. More than forty high schools as well as a number of other institutions were visited by the Division as part of the program this past year and more than 12,000 information cards were distributed to par-ticipants in the program.

Fiscal Year 2008 also saw the Division assist in the formation of the state's first Massage Therapy Licensing Board. During the past year, the Division licensed more than 6, 000 massage therapists in the Commonwealth.

These significant accomplishments, among many others, signify the continuing efforts of the Division to do all it can to serve the citizens of Massachusetts at the highest possible levels.


George K. Weber