By the Division of Professional Licensure

Each Board of Registration is separately established by its own enabling legislation. Boards of Registration have been in existence since 1885 and, in general, have the following duties:

  • Evaluate the qualifications of applicants for licensure.
  • Grant licenses to those who qualify.
  • Establish rules and regulations that ensure proper standards of ethics and practice for licensees.
  • Take appropriate disciplinary action against those whose conduct does not meet the accepted standards of the profession.
  • Hold informational public hearings to determine appropriate standards of practice.
  • Update rules and regulations and examination procedures to keep standards appropriate over time.
  • Review consumer complaints and remove incompetent and unethical licensees from practice, obtain relief for consumers, and provide guidance for other actions.
  • Perform inspections of facilities under their jurisdiction to ensure safe and appropriate operations.

The 31 Boards of Registration within the Division govern more than 45 trades and professions. General provisions applying to most Boards of Registration are set forth in Massachusetts General Laws Chapters 13 and 112 and the Code of the Massachusetts Regulations. Board members are licensed professionals as well as members of the public who are appointed by the Governor and serve as volunteers. Upon appointment to a specific term as provided in the General Laws, Board members take an oath of office and become "public officers."

There are 185 volunteer Board members. The Boards generally meet once a month or as needed to carry out their duties.

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