By the Division of Professional Licensure

When conducting a License Search, please be aware that the disciplinary information that is provided is limited to disciplinary actions which resulted from complaints received since June 30, 1993. Disciplinary actions taken prior to that date will not appear. Actions still pending before the boards will also not be included in the available information.

Discipline reported indicates the final disposition of closed cases but may not reflect the current status of a license. For example, a licensee may have received a short-term suspension in 1993 but may have been reinstated later that year and be currently licensed in good standing. Similarly, an individual may have had their license revoked or suspended prior to 1993 and still be unable to practice, though the record shown will report no disciplinary actions within the past five years.

Please refer to the "status" listed on the licensee record to determine whether there are any current restrictions on the licensee's ability to practice. Licensees are fully authorized to practice their profession unless their license has been formally placed on hold, suspended, revoked or voluntarily surrendered. Licensees on probation may have had their license placed under certain restrictions which may limit their practice. The disciplinary actions listed represent a summary of the final action taken in cases filed against a licensee. Also, the actions reported may not reflect any court action which stayed or modified the board's decision.

All licensing information which is requested is obtained from the Commonwealth's databases and is the same information from the same source which may be obtained by calling the Division or its constituent boards of registration.

Please also be aware that the occasional high volume of data to be entered may result in delays in the entry of data and resulting changes to license status information.

To request information regarding complaints that did not result in disciplinary action, complaints filed prior to 1993 or to obtain additional information, please call the Division's Office of Investigations at 617-727-7406.