Please refer to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 22 and Section 13Afor more information about the Architectural Access Board

Copies of our Rules and Regulations (521 CMR) are available at the State Bookstore, Room 116, State House, Boston, MA 02133 (617) 727-2834.

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Please note that due to formatting issues, the pages on the website regulations do not coincide with the pages in the hard copy 521 CMR



Section 1 Authority doc format of 521001.doc
Section 2 Purpose and Scope doc format of 521002.doc
Section 3 Jurisdiction doc format of 521003.doc
Section 4 Appeal and Variance doc format of 521004.doc
Section 5 Definitions doc format of 521005.doc
Section 6 Space Allowance and Reach Ranges doc format of 521006.doc



Section 7 Retail Establishments doc format of 521007.doc
Section 8 Transient Lodging Facilities doc format of 521008.doc
 Section 9 Multiple Dwellings doc format of 521009.doc
Section 10 Public Use and Common Use Spaces in Multiple Dwelling doc format of 521010.doc
Section 11 Commercial Buildings doc format of 521011.doc
Section 12 Educational Facilities doc format of 521012.doc
Section 13 Medical Care Facilities doc format of 521013.doc
Section 14 Places of Assembly doc format of 521014.doc
Section 15 Detention Facilities doc format of 521015.doc
Section 16 Houses of Worship doc format of 521016.doc
Section 17 Restaurants doc format of 521017.doc
Section 18 Transportation Terminals doc format of 521018.doc
Section 19 Recreational Facilities doc format of 521019.doc



Section 20 Accessible Route doc format of 521020.doc
Section 21 Curb Cuts doc format of 521021.doc
Section 22 Walkways doc format of 521022.doc
Section 23 Parking and Passenger Loading Zones doc format of 521023.doc



Section 24 Ramps doc format of 521024.doc
Section 25 Entrances doc format of 521025.doc
Section 26 Doors and Doorways doc format of 521026.doc
Section 27 Stairs doc format of 521027.doc
Section 28 Elevators doc format of 521028.doc
Section 29 Floor Surfaces doc format of 521029.doc
Section 30 Public Toilet Room doc format of 521030.doc
Section 31 Bathing Rooms doc format of 521031.doc
Section 32 Kitchens doc format of 521032.doc
Section 33 Dressing, Fitting and Changing Rooms doc format of 521033.doc
Section 34 Storage doc format of 521034.doc
Section 35 Tables and Seating doc format of 521035.doc
Section 36 Drinking Fountains doc format of 521036.doc
Section 37 Public Telephones doc format of 521037.doc
Section 38 Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) doc format of 521038.doc
Section 39 Controls doc format of 521039.doc
Section 40 Alarms doc format of 521040.doc
Section 41 Signage doc format of 521041.doc


Section 42 Group 1 Bathrooms doc format of 521042.doc
Section 43 Group 1 Kitchens doc format of 521043.doc
Section 44 Group 2 Bathrooms doc format of 521044.doc
Section 45 Group 2 Kitchens doc format of 521045.doc
Section 46 Group 1 Bedrooms doc format of 521046.doc
Section 47 Group 2 Bedrooms doc format of 521047.doc