All amusement devices in Massachusetts must be licensed and are regulated and inspected by the Department of Public Safety. The Department derives its authority from Massachusetts General Law chapter 140, section 205A. Under this authority, the Department has enacted its own regulations which are codified in section 5.00 of title 520 of the Code of Massachusetts Regulations. Regulation and safety issues regarding amusement devices are reviewed by the Amusement Advisory Board. The Board is comprised of 19 voluntary members, who are appointed to serve by the Commissioner.

Prior to owning or operating an amusement device, a license must be granted by the Department. In addition, criminal background checks are required of certain amusement employees. Each amusement device, including inflatable devices, must be registered with the Department annually and inspected according to the regulations.

All license applications and forms are available via the link below. Prior to contacting the Department with any questions, please review the FAQ ("Frequently Asked Questions") link below for further information. All applications, inquiries, or suggestions should be mailed to:

Department of Public Safety
Amusements Division
One Ashburton Place Room 1301
Boston, MA 02108

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Laws and Regulations


Board Members and Meetings

VacantCommissioner of DPS
Perkins, RobertTravel Amusement Device Representative
Dean, EugeneTravel Amusement Device
VacantKart Industry Representative
Johnson, BrendaPermanent Amusement Device
Freeman, JasonPermanent Amusement Device
Holmes, DavidState Building Inspector
VacantLocal Building Inspector
VacantOABA Member Representative
VacantState Engineering Inspector
VacantASTM Member Representative
VacantNEAAPA Member Representative
VacantNEAAPA Representative
VacantAIMS Member Representative
VacantBoard of Fire Prevention Member
VacantMember of the General Public
VacantThird Party Inspector
Klajnscek, RichChallenge Course Owner/Industry Representative
Zimmermann, BillClimbing Wall Owner/Industry Representative

Amusement Advisory Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes


CORI Report Information for Amusement Device Owners


Forms and Applications

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Amusement Forms


Application for License to Operate Amusement Devices pdf format of appl_amuse_operator_permit.pdf

Small Inflatable Devices Operator pdf format of appl_amuse_small_inflatable_permit.pdf

Bungee Jumping pdf format of appl_bungee_jumper.pdf


Certified Maintenance Mechanic pdf format of appl_amuse_certified_maint_mechanic_apr16   

Certified Inspector Report Form pdf format of form_certified_inspectors_report.pdf

Application for Certificate of Competency as Inspector of Amusement Devices pdf format of appl_amuse_inspector_aug16   


Amusement Variance pdf format of appl_amuse_variance.pdf

Manufacturer Data Sheet pdf format of form_manufacturer_data_report.pdf

Operator Daily Log pdf format of form_amuse_daily_log.pdf

Daily Maintenance Inspection Log sample pdf format of form_amuse_daily_main_insp_log.pdf

Maintenance Repair Log pdf format of form_amuse_daily_maint_repair_log.pdf

Incident Report pdf format of form_amuse_incident_report_05.pdf

Amusement Itinerary doc format of form_amuse_itinerary_inspection_request.doc

Amusement New Ride pdf format of form_amuse_new_ride_05.pdf

Operator Training Devices pdf format of form_amuse_training_05.pdf

Adjudicatory Hearing Request pdf format of form_request_adjudicatory_hearing_jun15   

Notification of CMM Changes pdf format of form_amuse_notification_change_cert_main_mechanic_jun15   

CORI Request Form pdf format of cori-request-dec15

Challenge Course Forms


License to Operate Challenge Course pdf format of appl_amuse_challenge_course_permit.pdf


Inspection Report Summary pdf format of form_amuse_challenge_course_inspection.pdf

Attestation Personnel Training pdf format of form_amuse_climbwall_attestation.pdf

Maintenance Repair Log pdf format of form_amuse_challenge_course_repair_log.pdf

Application for Variance for Use by Challenge Courses and Climbing Wall Facilities pdf format of appl_amuse_variance_cw_cc_instruction.pdf

Climbing Wall Forms


License to Operate Climbing Wall pdf format of appl_amuse_license_climbing_wall.pdf


Facility Maintenance Repair Log pdf format of form_amuse_climbwall_repair_log.pdf

Attestation Personnel Training pdf format of form_amuse_climbwall_attestation.pdf

Facility Maintenance Inspection Summary pdf format of form_amuse_climbwall_facility_inspection_sum.pdf

Application for Variance for Use by Challenge Courses and Climbing Wall Facilities pdf format of appl_amuse_variance_cw_cc_instruction.pdf


Third Party Inspectors for Amusement Devices, Challenge Courses, and Climbing Walls

Amusement Third Party Inspectors

  • Danny Abner (AI-000022)
    PO Box 249
    Phone: 910-279-6018
    Fax: 910-755-6310


  • Joseph D. Gallegher (AI-137913)
    222 Harrington Way
    Worcester, MA 01604
    Phone: 516-443-6129


  • Edward A. LaSalle (AI-114820)
    Phone: 717-362-3841
    Fax: 717-362-4048


  • Lewis Merz (AI-000028)
    Phone: 863-680-3400
    Fax: 863-233-1566


  • Mark F. Mooney (AI-136288)
    22 Crystal Spring Road
    Mattapoisett, MA 02739





Challenge Course & Climbing Wall Third Party Inspectors

  • Absolutely Experiential, Inc.
    20 Keeler St., Suite C
    Pittsfield, MA 01201
  • Gymnasium Design Co
    84 Boxborough Road
    Stow, MA 01775
  • High 5 Adventure
    130 Austine Drive
    Brattleboro, VT
  • Northeast Adventure, LLC
    (860) 379 - 1735   |   (860) 379 - 1748 fax
    162 Spencer Hill Road, Winsted, Connecticut 06098

  • Project Adventure, Inc  (inspect challenge courses that  have a belay system only)
    719 Cabot Street
  • Rockwerx Inc,
    15 Dana Road
    Barre, MA 01005
  • Wing Speed Adventures
    808 Russell Station Road
    Francestown, NH 03043

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