When is a Construction Supervisor License required?

Construction of all one and two family dwellings and all buildings containing less than 35,000 cubic feet of enclosed space must be constructed under the supervision of a person licensed as a Construction Supervisor by the State Board of Building Regulations and Standards.

(NOTE: if you are hiring a contractor to work on an EXISTING, OWNER OCCUPIED, ONE TO FOUR FAMILY DWELLING the contractor must also be registered by the Office of Consumer Affairs as a Registered Home Improvement Contractor.

Section 108.3.5 of the Massachusetts State Building Code states;

Except for those structures governed by 780 CMR, Section 116 titled Construction Control (i.e. those containing over 35,000 cubic feet of enclosed space), no individual shall directly supervise persons engaged in construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair, removal or demolition involving any activity regulated by the provisions of the Massachusetts State Building Code (Code), unless said individual is licensed in accordance with the Rules and Regulations for Licensing Construction Supervisors as set forth in section R5 of the Code.

Are there any exemptions from the Construction Supervisor License requirement?

The State Building Code Provides exemptions for the following construction related activities;

  • Construction of swimming pools
  • Erection of signs
  • Erection of tents
  • Any building which is subject to construction control

What if I purchase a Manufactured Building ?

Because of the complexity of such systems, a licensed construction supervisor is required to be in charge of the field erection of a building constructed under the provisions of the manufactured buildings program pdf format of inf_bbrs_query_manufacturer_address.pdf

Who issues the construction supervisor license?

The license is issued by the Board of Building Regulations and Standards. Candidates for licensure must have at least 3 years of building construction or design experience and must pass a written examination on provisions of the Massachusetts State Building Code and certain reference standards in order to be licensed.