Massachusetts General Law (MGL) c 143 § 3 defines three (3) titles for municipal building code enforcement officials (Inspector of Buildings, Building Commissioner or Local Inspector - collectively referred to as building code enforcement officials). The Inspector of Buildings or Building Commissioner is the highest ranking individual in the make-up of a building department. All other building officials within a building department's office structure are referred to as Local Inspectors according to the law (although cities and towns may have varied titles for these positions; i.e. assistant inspector, deputy commissioner, etc).

Additionally, MGL Chapter 143 § 3 mandates minimum qualifications for each of these titles. It is imperative that these minimum qualifications are met or exceeded by any individual seeking certification as a building code enforcement official. The Board of Building Regulations and Standards (BBRS) will not issue certification to any individual who is not able to demonstrate compliance with these minimum qualifications. Please reference MGL c 143 § 3 to become familiar with these qualifications or you may reference the Commonwealth's Application for Certification as a Building Code Enforcement Official, where the qualifications are reiterated.

All applications and forms are available via the links below.

Please contact Kim Spencer @ or 508-422-1962 with any questions regarding the certification process. Please mail all forms to:

Office of Public Safety 
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  • Examination Approval Form pdf format of bocc_ExamApproval 2017.pdf
Submit this form with an up-to-date resume. Approval is required before taking required exams -- Step One