About the Certification Process

Effective March 1, 2006 any individual interested in taking the required examinations for Local Inspector or Inspector of Buildings/Building Commissioner must receive approval from the Board of Building Regulations and Standards prior to taking the exams. 780 CMR 110.R7.2.4.3 and 2.5.4: "No candidate shall be allowed to take said examinations without prior approval…"

Chapter 168 of the Acts of 1992 became effective on November 12, 1992. This legislation amended MGL c 143 § 3, requiring that all individuals appointed to a position as a building code enforcement official by any municipality on or after the effective date, to be certified in accordance with regulations promulgated by the Board of Building Regulations and Standards (BBRS). These regulations are known as 780 CMR 110.R7, The Rules and Regulations for the Certification of Inspector of Buildings, Building Commissioners and Local Inspectors. The regulations specify that any individual now wishing to gain certification as a building code enforcement official must do so through an examination process.

To demonstrate competency of individuals seeking certification through this process, the Commonwealth utilizes exams developed by nationally recognized model building code organizations. These organizations are known as the National Certification for Construction Code Inspectors (NCPCCI) and the International Code Council (ICC). The examinations are administered through procedures set forth by these organizations. It is important to make the distinction between terminology used by the NCPCCI and ICC organizations and terminology used in Massachusetts when identifying required exams.

For certification in Massachusetts as a Local Inspector, qualified individuals must pass all examinations required for either NCPCCI's Certified Building Inspector or NCPCCI's Certified Building Plans Examiner category or ICC Exams required for this level of certification as identified below:

Candidate Bulletins

www.prometric.com/NCPCCI NCPCCI

www.iccsafe.org/certification ICC