January 09, 2017


From: Recreational Tramway Board
Lift Type: Aerial lifts
Subject: Operation Procedures
Abstract of Issue: Duties relative to loading

Reason for Release
The Department of Public Safety (“Department”) and Recreational Tramway Board (“Board”) are aware of several accidents in prior operating seasons where riders were injured during or shortly after loading. In addition, the Board seeks to provide information and guidance as an ongoing effort to provide a safe experience for tramway riders.

Accordingly, the Board asks for your highest attention to the following operator and attendant duty: On every chair, every attendant shall make every reasonable effort to confirm that riders are loaded properly.

Notice and Action by the Board
Notwithstanding other provisions of the Board’s regulations, 526 CMR 10.09(1) and (2) establish certain duties for operators and attendants. The Board interprets 526 CMR 10.09(1) and (2), in conjunction with the adopted manufacturer’s and operating manuals requirements, to require that the base lift attendant shall make every reasonable effort to confirm that every chair is loaded properly. When conditions arise during a shift that may prevent an attendant from confirming that every chair is loaded properly, it is the attendant’s duty to slow the lift down or, alternatively, to summon an additional attendant for the purpose of assisting the loading of riders.

When a misload occurs, the attendant shall stop the lift as appropriate, by emergency shut down if necessary, assess the situation, and then help the rider(s) down and/or call for help. Operators shall call attention to and ensure that all attendants are familiar with this notice and the attached illustrations. The Board further reminds operators and calls attention also to 526 CMR 10.08(3)(a) to (d) pertaining to rider responsibilities. Specifically, the Board interprets those provisions to require riders, for the safety of the tramway and all persons connected to it, to utilize a restraining bar as instructed on all equipment where such device is installed.

SAFETY BULLETIN - Operation Procedures Relative to Loading pdf format of safety-bulletin-operation-procedures-jan17