Below are newly revised filing instructions and financial reporting forms which must be used by all telecommunications service providers. General Information and Filing Instructions have been simplified, and can be downloaded and printed out separate from the financial forms. The Annual Return and Revenue Statement forms are now a condensed 4-page return. There is also a new simplified one-page Revenue Statement to be used by payphone providers. Please note: Only the Incumbent Telecom Service Provider form requires the attachment of the 4 Excel tables

Annual Return and Intrastate Revenue Statement

Tables from the Annual Return form in two file formats:

1. Adobe .pdf files (to simply view file)

a. Statement of Income for Year pdf format of income.pdf

b. Balance Sheet pdf format of balance.pdf

c. Analysis of Telephone Plant pdf format of systplnt.pdf

d. Station and Grade of Service Data pdf format of grserv.pdf

2. Excel .xls files (to download a workable version in Excel)

a. Statement of Income for Year xls format of Income.xls

b. Balance Sheet xls format of Balance.xls

c. Analysis of Telephone Plant xls format of Systplnt.xls

d. Station and Grade of Service Data xls format of Grserv.xls