Beginning September 1, 2003, all wireline local exchange carriers (LECs) must began billing their retail residential and business customers an $0.85 monthly surcharge per voice-grade equivalent line in order to fund the Commonwealth's E-911 system and disabilities access programs. LECs must remit the funds collected to the Massachusetts State Emergency Telecommunications Board, which is responsible for administering the funds for the two programs. Attached are two DTC documents concerning surcharges:

  1. DTC 15-2 Final Order, issued June 18, 2015 In re: the Petition of the State 911 Department to Adjust the Enhanced 911 Surcharge pdf format of Final Order
  2. and 911 Surcharge Q&A Consumer Advisory pdf format of 911 Surcharge Q&A Consumer Advisory

LECs are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with these documents. If you have questions, contact the Competition Division at 617-305-3580.