By the Department of Telecommunications and Cable

Purpose of the File Room System

The file room system provides enhanced navigation of the information available from the DTC via actual databases that are working in the background.   When searching for a docket by number, enter the docket number only (do not include “DTC”).  The first portion of the docket number represents the last two digits of the year the proceeding was commenced, and these two digits must be used when entering the docket number (e.g., enter “07” for 2007).  The second portion of the docket number indicates the assigned number for the proceeding and single digits should not be preceded by a “0”.  For example, enter “07-9” to locate the online documents for DTC 07-9.  Do not include spacing when entering the docket number.


***Please note that only documents dating back to 1997 proceedings are available in the DTC’s online file room.  If you are unable to access a document, please contact the Department Secretary at 617-305-3580.***


Department orders may also be available at the Social Law Library, 1 Pemberton Square #4100, Boston, MA 02108, 

Tel: (617-226-1500).  For more information go to  Online subscriptions may be required.

You can browse, search, and download files in the following manner:

In order to view the advanced DTC web pages, you will need to use or download and install one of the following web browsers:

Also there is a calendar ( ActiveX control) imbedded on two of the pages which is only useable through Internet Explorer. A date selection box is provided for other browsers.

A number of our archive files are in Adobe Acrobat format.