Under M.G.L. Chapter 7, Section 40F, the Commissioner of the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance ("DCAM") shall be responsible for the acquisition, control and disposition of real property in the manner and to the extent provided in said Chapter 7. In accordance with this legislation, the following provides an overview of the manner in which DCAM has in the past, and shall in the future, site telecommunications equipment on either DCAM controlled land or land under the jurisdictional control of another state agency:

  1. DCAM holds discussions with wireless telecommunications companies (vendors) to determine which sites under state ownership are of interest.
  2. DCAM determines interest from state agencies that currently are active in, and have care and control of, sites of interest.
  3. DCAM selects a coordinator or contact from each cooperating state agency, and DCAM and the cooperating agencies to establish criteria/process for selecting sites.
  4. DCAM and cooperating agency determines which vehicle would best implement the project, based upon location of land, controlling agency of property, and use of the site. Choices include using the Asset Management Board (AMB), filing legislation, or using running legislation for Massachusetts Highway Department ( MHD) properties.

For further information you may contact:

Mary Gardill, Project Manager
Division of Capital Asset Management
(617) 727-8090 ext. 508

You may also visit: http://www.mass.gov/cam/whatsnew/WN_TelecomRFP.html?doc_id=014071&dept_code=dcp&cp_xx=