<strong>Part One: Long-Term Care</strong>
What is Long-Term Care?
How Much Could Long-Term Care Cost?
Will You Need Long-Term Care? For How Long?
What Types of Long-Term Care Services Are Available and How Can You Access Them?
Who Pays the Costs of Long-Term Care?
How Could You Plan to Pay for Long-Term Care?
Savings, Pensions and Other Retirement Accounts
Residential and Real Property
Private Insurance Plans: Life and Long-Term Care Insurance
Government Programs
Veterans Benefits
The Home Care Program

<strong>Part Two: Long-Term Care Insurance</strong>
Do You Need Long-Term Care Insurance?
What Determines Long-Term Care Insurance Costs?
Who Sells Long-Term Care Insurance and What Policies Can You Buy?
How Do Policies Work?
What types of services may be covered and in what settings?
How much coverage might a policy provide?
What are other common policy features?
When could you become eligible for benefits?
When do benefits begin?
What is a Federally Tax-Qualified Policy?
What is a MassHealth (Medicaid Qualified) Policy?
Qualifying long-term care insurance policies
MassHealth exemption for which you might qualify
Purchasing insurance to qualify for MassHealth exemptions
Will Your Health Affect Your Ability to Buy a Policy or Claim Benefits Later On?
What If You Have a Pre-Existing Condition?
How Are Benefits Paid?
What Happens If You Forget or Are Unable to Pay Your Premiums on Time?
Under What Circumstances Can Your Coverage be Canceled?
If You Already Own a Policy, Should You Switch Plans or Upgrade Existing Coverage?
What are the Responsibilities of Agents Selling Long-Term Care Insurance?
How Can You Effectively Work with an Agent, Broker or Financial Planner?
What Shopping Tips Should You Keep in Mind?

<strong>Part Three: Appendices</strong>
Appendix A: Directory of Long-Term Care Resources
Appendix B: Glossary of Common Long-Term Care Expressions
Appendix C: Availability and Cost of Long-Term Care
Appendix D: Long-Term Care Insurance Policy Illustration Form
Appendix E: Accelerated Benefit Riders to Life Insurance Policies
Appendix F: Facts About Your Long-Term Care Insurance Policy