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Executive Summary pdf format of LTC_Summary_2010.pdf

Overview pdf format of LTC_Overview_2008.pdf

Persons Covered By LTCI pdf format of LTC_LTCI_2008.pdf

Coverage In Individual Plans pdf format of LTC_Individual_2008.pdf

Coverage In Group Plans: Through Employment Or Associations pdf format of LTC_Group_2008.pdf

Marketing Practices pdf format of LTC_Marketing_2008.pdf

Lapse ( Termination Or Surrender) Rates pdf format of LTC_Lapse_2008A.pdf

Conclusion pdf format of LTC_Conclusion_2008.pdf

Survey Notes pdf format of LTC_Notes_2008.pdf


Appendix A pdf format of Appendix_A_2008.pdf
History Of Massachusetts' LTCI Survey
Appendix B pdf format of Appendix_B_2008.pdf
Part A Of The Survey Issued On November 7, 2008
Appendix C pdf format of Appendix_C_2008.pdf
Part B Of The Survey Issued On November 7, 2008
Appendix D pdf format of Appendix_D_2008.pdf
List Of Companies Responding To The Survey
Appendix E pdf format of Appendix_E_2008.pdf
National Association of Insurance Commissioners LTCI Model Regulation
Appendix F pdf format of Appendix_F_2008.pdf
  Appendix_E_2005.pdf  pdf format of Appendix_E_2005.pdf
file size 4MBTables And Statistical Methodology Used In The Tables
Appendix G pdf format of Appendix_G_2008.pdf
Glossary Of Common Long-Term Care Terminology