Cover Page and Acknowledgement pdf format of LTC_Cover_2005.pdf
Administrative Summary pdf format of LTC_Admin_2005.pdf
Introduction pdf format of LTC_Intro_2005.pdf
General Information pdf format of LTC_Gen_Info_2005.pdf
Marketing Practices pdf format of LTC_Mark_2005.pdf
Nonforfeiture Benefits pdf format of LTC_Nonforfeiture_2005.pdf
Lapse Rates pdf format of LTC_Lapse_2005.pdf
Inflation Coverage pdf format of LTC_Inflation_2005.pdf
Maximum Benefit Period pdf format of LTC_Maximum_2005.pdf
Nursing Home Coverage pdf format of LTC_Nursing_2005.pdf
Home Health Care Coverage pdf format of LTC_Home_Health_2005.pdf
Long-Term Care Insurance Pricing pdf format of LTC_Pricing_2005.pdf
Massachusetts Group Policies pdf format of LTC_Group_2005.pdf
Accelerated Death Benefit Riders pdf format of LTC_Accelerated_2005.pdf

Appendix A pdf format of Appendix_A_2005.pdf
Survey Issued on March 7, 2005
Appendix B pdf format of Appendix_B_2005.pdf
List of Companies Responding to the Survey
Appendix C pdf format of Appendix_C_2005.pdf
Statistical Methodology Used in the Tables
Appendix D pdf format of Appendix_D_2005.pdf
Glossary of Common Long-Term Care Terminology
Appendix E pdf format of Appendix_E_2005.pdf
file size 4MB National Association of Insurance Commissioners Long-Term Care Insurance Model Regulation - April 2002

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