Insured Preferred Provider Plans
Product NameForm Number
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Inc.Blue 20/20 -Access NetworkBCBS-VC 20/20 (8-1-2013)
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Inc.Blue 20/20 - Insight NetworkBCBS-VC 20/20 (8-1-2013)
Chesapeake Life Insurance CompanyVision Insurance w/EyeMed SelectCH-26023-IP (5/07) MA
(The) Guardian Life Insurance Company of AmericaVisionGuardCGP-3-VSN-96-VIS et al.
(The) Guardian Life Insurance Company of AmericaDavis VisionCGP-3-Davis-11-MA
HM Life Insurance CompanyStand Alone VisionHMC 902-VIS (6/10)
Massachusetts Vision Service Plan, Inc.Group Vision Care PlanREG COC-7/00
National Guardian Life Insurance CompanySuperior Vision PlanNVIGRP 5/07-MA
National Union Fire Insurance Co. of Pitt., PA
Group Vision PPO Plan
Principal Life Insurance CompanyGroup Vision ExpenseGC 9000
Union Security Insurance CompanyGroup Vision Certificate w/VSPForm GC-10 Vis CFP et al.
* Please note that the following companies or product(s) do not appear above due to their decision to discontinue the offer of the plan(s) in Massachusetts - American General Life Insurance Company (Form# C22439 MA), (The) Chesapeake Life Insurance Company (Form# CH-25213-MA-7/01), Columbian Life Insurance Company (Form# 9F121P-CL (Rev. 8/01)), and (The) MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company (Form# 25215-P).