Attention Families of Railroad Retirees

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, in consultation with the Trustees of the Railroad Employees National Health and Welfare Plan, has developed a nationwide outreach program intended to contact potential beneficiaries who may have claims under applicable policies covering eligible retirees of participating railroads.

Survivors of retired railroad employees who died between 1964 and 2001 may be entitled to receive a $2,000.00 life insurance benefit. Certain retired employees of participating railroads may have been covered under group life insurance policies issued to the Health and Welfare Plan of the Nation's Railroads and the Railway Labor Organizations.

If you believe that you may be eligible for benefits or have information regarding individuals who may be eligible, please contact Metropolitan Life's Railroad Operations Center at 1-800-310-7770. Metropolitan Life representatives will answer your questions and, if appropriate, assist you in filing a claim. Proof of eligibility (including proof of death) will be necessary to process each claim. Metropolitan Life will make all claim determinations.