Type A DiscountType B Discount
Premium discounts are intended to reflect the cost savings to insurers in such areas as policy issuance and agent commissions when they write a single large business rather than a number of small ones. These discounts are not available to employers in the Assigned Risk Pool.

Company Name Discount Type
Acadia Ins CoA-type
Ace American Insurance CoA-type
Ace Fire Underwriters Ins CoA-type
Ace Indemnity Ins CoA-type
Ace Property & Casualty Ins CoA-type
Acig Insurance CompanyB-type
Aim Mutual Ins CoA-type
Aiu Ins CoB-type
Alea North America Ins CoA-type
All America Ins CoA-type
Allianz Global Risks Us Ins CoA-type
Allmerica Financial Alliance Ins CoA-type
Allmerica Financial Benefit Ins CoA-type
American & Foreign Ins CoA-type
American Alternative Ins CorpA-type
American Automobile Ins CoA-type
American Casualty Co Of Reading PaA-type
American Compensation Ins CoA-type
American Country Ins CoA-type
American Economy Ins CoA-type
American Employers' Ins CoA-type
American Fire & Casualty CoA-type
American Guarantee & Liability Ins CoA-type
American Hardware Mutual Ins CoA-type
American Home Assurance CoB-type
American Ins CoA-type
American International Pacific Ins CoB-type
American Interstate Insurance CoA-type
American Manufacturers Mutual Ins CoA-type
American Motorists Ins CoA-type
American Protection Ins CoA-type
American States Ins CoA-type
American Zurich Insurance CompanyA-type
Amerisure Insurance CoB-type
Amerisure Mutual Ins CoB-type
Amguard Insurance CoA-type
Arbella Indemnity Ins CoA-type
Arbella Protection Ins Co IncA-type
Arch Insurance CompanyA-type
Argonaut Ins CoA-type
Argonaut-Midwest Ins CoA-type
Arrow Mutual Liability Ins CoB-type
Associated Employers Ins CoB-type
Associated Indemnity CorpB-type
Assurance Co Of AmericaA-type
Athena Assurance CoA-type
Atlantic Charter Ins CoA-type
Atlantic Mutual Ins CoA-type
Atlantic Specialty Insurance CompanyA-type
Automobile Ins Co Of HartfordA-type
Axa Corporate Solutions Ins CoB-type
Axa Re America Insurance CoB-type
Axis Insurance CompanyA-type
Axis Reinsurance CompanyA-type
Bancinsure IncA-type
Bankers Standard Insurance CoA-type
Beacon Mutual Insurance CoB-type
Berkshire Mutual Ins CoB-type
Birmingham Fire Ins Co Of PaB-type
Bituminous Casualty CorpA-type
Bituminous Fire & Marine Ins CoB-type
Blue Ridge Ins CoA-type
Boston Old Colony Ins CoA-type
Carolina Casualty Ins CoB-type
Centennial Ins CoA-type
Central Mutual Ins CoA-type
Centre Insurance CompanyA-type
Century Indemnity CoB-type
Charter Oak Fire Ins CoA-type
Chubb Indemnity Ins CoA-type
Chubb National Ins CoA-type
Church Mutual Ins CoB-type
Cincinnati Ins CoA-type
Citation Ins CoB-type
Citizens Ins Co Of AmericaA-type
Clarendon National Ins CoA-type
Colonial American Casualty & Surety CoA-type
Commerce & Industry Ins CoB-type
Commerce Ins CoB-type
Commercial Casualty Ins CoA-type
Commercial Ins Co Of Newark NjA-type
Connecticut Indemnity CoA-type
Continental Casualty CoB-type
Continental Ins CoA-type
Coregis Ins CoA-type
Country Casualty Ins CoB-type
Country Mutual Insurance CoB-type
Cumis Ins Society IncB-type
Daimlerchrysler Ins CoA-type
Dallas National Insurance CompanyA-type
Diamond State Ins CoA-type
Dorchester Mutual Ins CoA-type
Eastguard Ins CoA-type
Electric Ins CoNA
Employers Fire Ins CoA-type
Employers Ins Co Of WausauA-type
Employers Mutual Casualty Co Of IaA-type
Endeavor Ins CoA-type
Everest National Insurance CoA-type
Everest Reinsurance CoA-type
Excelsior Ins CoA-type
Fairfield Ins CoA-type
Fairmont Ins CoA-type
Fairmont Premier Insurance CoA-type
Fairmont Specialty Insurance CompanyA-type
Farm Family Casualty Ins CoA-type
Farmington Casualty CoA-type
Federal Ins CoA-type
Federated Mutual Ins CoA-type
Fidelity & Casualty Co Of NyA-type
Fidelity & Deposit Co Of MarylandA-type
Fidelity & Guaranty Ins Underwriters IncA-type
Fidelity & Guaranty Insurance Co.A-type
Fire & Casualty Ins Co Of CtA-type
Firemans Fund Ins CoA-type
Firemen's Ins Co Of Newark NjA-type
Firemens Ins Co Of Washington DcA-type
First Liberty Ins CorpB-type
Fitchburg Mutual Fire Ins CoA-type
Florists Mutual Ins CoA-type
Frankenmuth Mutual InsA-type
Frontier Ins CoA-type
General Casualty Ins Co Of WisconsinA-type
General Ins Co Of AmericaA-type
Genesis Ins CoA-type
Glens Falls Ins CoA-type
Globe Indemnity CoA-type
Granite State Ins CoB-type
Graphic Arts Mutual Ins CoA-type
Great American Alliance Ins CoA-type
Great American Assurance CoA-type
Great American Ins CoA-type
Great American Ins Co Of New YorkA-type
Great Divide Insurance CompanyA-type
Great Northern Ins CoA-type
Great West Caualty CoA-type
Greater New York Mutual Ins CoB-type
Greenwich Ins CoA-type
Guideone Mutual Ins CoA-type
Hanover American Ins CoA-type
Hanover Ins CoA-type
Harco National Ins CoB-type
Harleysville Mutual Ins CoA-type
Harleysville Preferred Ins CoB-type
Harleysville Worcester Ins CoB-type
Hartford Accident & Indemnity CoB-type
Hartford Casualty Ins CoB-type
Hartford Fire Ins CoB-type
Hartford Ins Co Of The MidwestB-type
Hartford Underwriters Ins CoB-type
Highlands Ins CoA-type
Houston General Ins CoA-type
Illinois National Ins CoB-type
Independence Casualty Insurance CoA-type
Ins Co Of Greater New YorkA-type
Ins Co Of North AmericaA-type
Ins Co Of The State Of PaB-type
Kansas City Fire & Marine Ins CoA-type
Liberty Ins CorpB-type
Liberty Insurance UnderwritersA-type
Liberty Mutual Fire Ins CoB-type
Liberty Mutual Ins CoB-type
Liberty Northwest Ins CorpA-type
Lm Ins CorpB-type
Lumbermens Mutual Casualty CoB-type
Lumbermens Underwriting AllianceB-type
Main Street America Assurance CoA-type
Maine Bonding & Casualty CoA-type
Maine Employers Mutual InsA-type
Maryland Casualty CoA-type
Massachusetts Bay Ins CoA-type
Massachusetts Homeland Ins CoA-type
Masswest Ins CoA-type
Memic Indemnitty CompanyA-type
Merchants Ins Co Of Nh IncA-type
Merchants Mutual Ins CoA-type
Middlesex Ins CoA-type
Midwest Employers Casualty CoA-type
Mitsui Sumitomo Ins Co Of AmericaA-type
Montgomery Mutual Ins CoA-type
Mountain Valley Indemnity CompanyA-type
National Fire Ins Co Of HartfordA-type
National Surety CorpA-type
National Union Fire Ins Co Of PittsburghB-type
Nationwide Mutual Fire Ins CoB-type
Nationwide Mutual Ins CoB-type
Nationwide Property & Casualty Ins CoB-type
Netherlands Ins CoA-type
New England Ins CoA-type
New Hampshire Ins CoB-type
Ngm Insurance CompanyA-type
Niagara Fire Ins CoA-type
Nipponkoa Ins Co LtdA-type
Nipponkoa Ins Co Of AmericaA-type
Norfolk & Dedham Mutual Fire Ins CoA-type
Norguard Insurance CompanyA-type
North American Elite Ins CoA-type
North American Specialty Ins CoA-type
North River Ins CoA-type
Northern Assurance Co Of AmericaA-type
Northern Ins Co Of New YorkA-type
Ohio Casualty Ins CoA-type
Ohio Security Ins CoA-type
Old Republic Ins CoA-type
Onebeacon America Insurance CompanyA-type
Onebeacon Insurance CompanyA-type
Pacific Employers Ins CoA-type
Pacific Indemnity CoA-type
Paramount Ins CoA-type
Patriot General Ins CoA-type
Peerless Indemnity Ins CoA-type
Peerless Ins CoA-type
Penn Millers Ins CompanyA-type
Pennsylvania General Insurance CompanyA-type
Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Ins CoA-type
Pennsylvania Manufacturers Assoc Ins CoA-type
Pennsylvania National Mutual Cas Ins CoB-type
Petroleum Casualty CoA-type
Pharmacist Mutual InsA-type
Phoenix Assurance Co Of NyA-type
Phoenix Ins CoA-type
Pilgrim Ins CoB-type
Plymouth Rock Assurance CorpB-type
Preferred Professional Ins CoA-type
Professional Liability Ins Co Of AmericaA-type
Property & Casualty Ins Co Of HartfordA-type
Protective Ins CoA-type
Providence Washington Ins CoA-type
Public Service Mutual Ins CoA-type
Quincy Mutual Fire Ins CoA-type
Redland Ins CoA-type
Regent Ins CoA-type
Republic Western Ins CoA-type
Republic-Franklin Ins CoA-type
Royal Indemnity CoA-type
Royal Ins Co Of AmericaA-type
Safeguard Ins CoA-type
Safety First Insurance CompanyA-type
Safety National Casualty CorpA-type
Savers Property & Casualty Ins CoA-type
Security Ins Co Of HartfordA-type
Selective Ins Co Of New YorkA-type
Selective Insurance Co Of South CarolinaA-type
Selective Insurance Co Of The SoutheastA-type
Selective Insurance Company Of AmericaA-type
Sentry Ins A Mutual CoA-type
Sentry Select Insurance Co.A-type
Sirius America Ins CoB-type
Sompo Japan Ins Co Of AmericaA-type
St Paul Fire & Marine Ins CoA-type
St Paul Guardian Ins CoA-type
St Paul Medical Liability Ins CoA-type
St Paul Mercury Ins CoA-type
Standard Fire Ins CoA-type
Star Insurance CompanyA-type
State Farm Fire & Casualty CoA-type
State National Insurance Company IncA-type
Stonington Insurance CoB-type
T.H.E. Insurance CompanyB-type
Tig Indemnity CompanyA-type
Tig Ins CoA-type
Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Ins Co LtdA-type
Trans Pacific Ins CoA-type
Transcontinental Ins CoA-type
Transport Ins CoA-type
Transportation Ins CoB-type
Travelers Casualty & Surety CoB-type
Travelers Casualty & Surety Co Of AmericA-type
Travelers Casualty Co Of ConnecticutA-type
Travelers Casualty Ins Co Of AmericaA-type
Travelers Commercial Casualty CoB-type
Travelers Commercial Ins CoA-type
Travelers Indemnity CoA-type
Travelers Indemnity Co Of AmericaA-type
Travelers Indemnity Co Of CtB-type
Travelers Ins CoA-type
Travelers Property Casualty Co Of AmericaB-type
Truck Ins ExchangeA-type
Trumbull Ins CoA-type
Twin City Fire Ins CoB-type
Ulico Casualty CoA-type
Union Ins Co Of ProvidenceA-type
United States Fidelity & Guaranty CoA-type
United States Fire Ins CoA-type
Universal Underwriters Ins CoA-type
Utica Mutual Ins CoA-type
Valley Forge Ins CoB-type
Vanliner Ins CoA-type
Vigilant Ins CoA-type
Virginia Surety Company IncA-type
Warner Ins CoA-type
Wausau Business Ins CoA-type
Wausau General Insurance CoA-type
Wausau Underwriters Ins CoA-type
West American Ins CoA-type
Westchester Fire Ins CoB-type
Westport Ins CorpA-type
Xl Insurance America IncA-type
Xl Specialty Ins CoA-type
York Ins CoA-type
Zenith Ins CoA-type
Zurich American Ins CoA-type

Guidelines for Filing Workers' Compensation Rate Deviations and Schedule Credit Plans pdf format of Module_4_Rate.pdf

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