2008 Premium and Market Share - LIFE ALL LINES

NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008 NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008
65978Metropolitan Life Ins CoNY$1,083,236,2236.26%66044Midland Natl Life Ins CoIA$47,579,7420.27%
65935Massachusetts Mut Life Ins CoMA$916,059,8605.29%66168Minnesota Life Ins CoMN$44,531,3010.26%
69345Teachers Ins & Ann Assoc Of AmerNY$823,776,0514.76%68381Reliance Standard Life Ins CoIL$44,423,1210.26%
65838John Hancock Life Ins Co (USA)MI$726,279,2364.20%65595Lincoln Benefit Life CoNE$44,027,7040.25%
65099John Hancock Life Ins CoMA$587,419,4233.39%97055Mega Life & Hlth Ins Co TheOK$43,717,8100.25%
79413UnitedHealthcare Ins CoCT$536,827,3293.10%69868United Of Omaha Life Ins CoNE$40,912,6480.24%
91596New York Life Ins & Ann CorpDE$532,279,9663.07%78778Guardian Ins & Ann Co IncDE$40,485,7270.23%
68241Prudential Ins Co Of AmerNJ$519,444,7143.00%62510Equitrust Life Ins CoIA$38,941,4190.22%
65676Lincoln Natl Life Ins CoIN$481,934,5392.78%67172Ohio Natl Life Ins CoOH$38,421,5190.22%
67466Pacific Life Ins CoNE$459,714,6602.66%63274OM Fin Life Ins CoMD$37,997,6660.22%
61689Aviva Life & Ann CoIA$406,100,3152.35%66141Health Net Life Ins CoCA$37,758,6620.22%
88072Hartford Life Ins CoCT$404,840,6172.34%67660Pennsylvania Life Ins CoPA$37,713,6430.22%
86509Ing Life Ins & Ann CoCT$395,930,5662.29%70211Reassure Amer Life Ins CoIN$37,048,4440.21%
65005RiverSource Life Ins CoMN$394,535,5762.28%66087Mid West Natl Life Ins Co Of TNTX$36,373,6790.21%
66915New York Life Ins CoNY$368,333,7182.13%65919Primerica Life Ins CoMA$36,180,9910.21%
80942ING USA Ann & LIfe Ins CoIA$340,318,2141.97%60895American United Life Ins CoIN$35,862,3740.21%
62944AXA Equitable Life Ins CoNY$327,630,0911.89%68136Protective Life Ins CoTN$34,955,3090.20%
66869Nationwide Life Ins CoOH$314,508,5221.82%88668Mutual Of Amer Life Ins CoNY$34,698,9160.20%
70025Genworth Life Ins CoDE$299,483,8861.73%62049Colonial Life & Accident Ins CoSC$32,649,6960.19%
67091Northwestern Mut Life Ins CoWI$275,755,0591.59%92738American Equity Invest Life Ins CoIA$30,974,1560.18%
61050MetLife Investors USA Ins CoDE$273,291,4281.58%60380American Family Life Assur Co of ColNE$30,880,3440.18%
86231Transamerica Life Ins CoIA$248,683,4341.44%69663USAA Life Ins CoTX$30,271,0570.17%
64246Guardian Life Ins Co Of AmerNY$248,262,6541.43%71129Fort Dearborn Life Ins CoIL$30,031,2030.17%
65056Jackson Natl Life Ins CoMI$242,440,4021.40%68195Provident Life & Accident Ins CoTN$29,076,1580.17%
79065Sun Life Assur Co Of Canada USDE$221,656,9631.28%90328First Hlth Life & Hlth Ins CoTX$29,015,6700.17%
61271Principal Life Ins CoIA$211,396,2221.22%62626Cuna Mut Ins SocietyIA$28,672,5580.17%
93696Fidelity Investments Life Ins CoUT$197,231,3621.14%60186Allstate Life Ins CoIL$27,537,6640.16%
91626New England Life Ins CoMA$193,068,6281.12%93513MetLIfe Investors Ins CoMO$26,678,5330.15%
90611Allianz Life Ins Co Of N AmerMN$192,774,4741.11%62146Combined Ins Co Of AmerIL$26,643,6840.15%
87726Metlife Ins Co of CTCT$191,126,7241.10%67814Phoenix Life Ins CoNY$26,641,1250.15%
60054Aetna Life Ins CoCT$182,767,7571.06%63312Great Amer Life Ins CoOH$25,111,0520.15%
62235Unum Life Ins Co Of AmerME$180,427,8631.04%80837Union Central Life Ins CoOH$24,902,1940.14%
70435The Savings Bank Life Ins Co Of MAMA$170,087,4720.98%68608Symetra Life Ins CoWA$24,204,5040.14%
71153Hartford Life & Ann Ins CoCT$164,972,9590.95%70335West Coast Life Ins CoNE$23,437,4750.14%
62308Connecticut Gen Life Ins CoCT$144,042,2180.83%92711HCC Life Ins CoIN$22,960,6250.13%
70688Transamerica Financial Life Ins CoNY$137,882,0440.80%93548PHL Variable Ins CoCT$22,759,7200.13%
68322Great W Life & Ann Ins CoCO$135,389,4460.78%63665General Amer Life Ins CoMO$22,430,8570.13%
70815Hartford Life & Accident Ins CoCT$133,823,8200.77%91413Western Reserve Life Assur Co of OHOH$20,113,3720.12%
65536Genworth Life & Ann Ins CoVA$131,623,3000.76%61425Trustmark Ins CoIL$19,950,6310.12%
60631American Investors Life Ins CoKS$127,929,4750.74%70408Union Security Ins CoIA$19,871,1840.11%
70432AIG Ann Ins CoTX$112,365,5290.65%79022Merrill Lynch Life Ins CoAR$18,744,5460.11%
80314Unicare Life & Health Ins CoIN$110,378,0430.64%67644Penn Mut Life Ins CoPA$18,254,4930.11%
86630Prudential Ann Life Assur CorpCT$101,911,2630.59%93440HM LIfe Ins CoPA$17,318,6730.10%
79227Pruco Life Ins CoAZ$93,328,4470.54%94250Banner Life Ins CoMD$17,015,1560.10%
60488American Gen Life Ins CoTX$85,305,2700.49%68713Security Life Of Denver Ins CoCO$16,912,0130.10%
80802US Br SunLife Assur Co Of CanadaMI$79,937,0200.46%66842AIG Life Ins CoDE$16,147,3880.09%
61263Bankers Life & Cas CoIL$73,493,5910.42%65528Life Ins Co Of The SouthwestTX$16,132,5050.09%
93432CM Life Ins CoCT$72,343,6070.42%68675Security Benefit Life Ins CoKS$15,619,7600.09%
73288Humana Ins CoWI$72,004,1070.42%80926Sun Life & Hlth Ins CoCT$15,540,8890.09%
67105Reliastar Life Ins CoMN$69,030,6130.40%91642Forethought Life Ins CoIN$14,730,6210.09%
66281Monumental Life Ins CoIA$67,992,3280.39%74780Integrity Life Ins CoOH$14,448,5620.08%
60739American Natl Ins CoTX$64,913,1150.37%67598Paul Revere Life Ins CoMA$13,791,1280.08%
69019Standard Ins CoOR$64,209,1230.37%71714Berkshire Life Ins Co of AmerMA$13,778,2200.08%
60941AIG SunAmerica Life Assur CoAZ$62,220,2940.36%60142TIAA Cref Life Ins CoNY$13,503,6880.08%
65315Liberty Life Assur Co Of BostonMA$59,164,6540.34%70106United States Life Ins Co In NYCNY$12,425,2870.07%
66974North Amer Co Life & Hlth InsIA$57,837,5840.33%76023Columbian Life Ins CoIL$11,538,2550.07%
70238Variable Annuity Life Ins CoTX$57,013,4850.33%61301Ameritas Life Ins CorpNE$11,338,9140.07%
65498Life Ins Co Of N AmerPA$55,482,6460.32%64513Horace Mann Life Ins CoIL$10,689,9840.06%
90204John Hancock Variable Life Ins CoMA$53,089,6900.31%66680National Life Ins CoVT$10,435,8290.06%
61476Boston Mut Life Ins CoMA$48,444,2320.28%61999Americo Fin Life & Ann Ins CoTX$9,674,6310.06%
NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008 NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008
72222Amica Life Ins CoRI$9,257,5650.05%80985BCS Life Ins CoIL$1,848,9390.01%
91472Globe Life & Accident Ins CoNE$8,958,9980.05%69744Union Labor Life Ins CoMD$1,836,4680.01%
89206Ohio Natl Life Assur CorpOH$8,734,8340.05%68039Presidential Life Ins CoNY$1,718,1760.01%
84824Commonwealth Ann & Life Ins CoMA$8,272,0570.05%60232AGL Life Assur CoPA$1,709,7840.01%
65242Lafayette Life Ins CoIN$8,183,7330.05%69116State Life Ins CoIN$1,663,0790.01%
80624American Progressive L&H Ins Of NYNY$7,669,4970.04%60518American Hlth & Life Ins CoTX$1,629,6670.01%
84530US Financial Life Ins CoOH$7,503,9970.04%65781Madison Natl Life Ins Co IncWI$1,570,5370.01%
60577American Income Life Ins CoIN$7,410,8470.04%69140First Allmerica Fin Life Ins CoMA$1,549,0730.01%
93661Annuity Investors Life Ins CoOH$7,261,1510.04%80896Centre Life Ins CoMA$1,543,1980.01%
63126Farm Family Life Ins CoNY$7,175,8880.04%76112Oxford Life Ins CoAZ$1,503,6310.01%
66370Mony Life Ins CoNY$7,079,4980.04%64580Illinois Mut Life Ins CoIL$1,412,5210.01%
68772Security Mut Life Ins Co Of NYNY$7,074,3680.04%61182Aurora Natl Life Assur CoCA$1,396,3050.01%
68810Sentry Life Ins CoWI$7,045,8200.04%94099United Investors Life Ins CoMO$1,376,4370.01%
92916United American Ins CoNE$6,989,7070.04%60836American Republic Ins CoIA$1,373,7570.01%
68225Nationwide Life Ins Co of AmerPA$6,914,2050.04%62863Trustmark Life Ins CoIL$1,349,1300.01%
71870Fidelity Security Life Ins CoMO$6,744,7390.04%80705US Br Great West Life Assur CoMI$1,329,6140.01%
65080John Alden Life Ins CoWI$6,337,5490.04%62286Golden Rule Ins CoIN$1,314,1270.01%
67652First Penn Pacific Life Ins CoIN$6,311,7830.04%61751Central States H & L Co Of OmahaNE$1,295,2970.01%
64017Jefferson Natl Life Ins CoTX$6,160,1020.04%93629Prudential Retirement Ins & Anuty CoCT$1,281,0610.01%
78077Mony Life Ins Co Of AmerAZ$5,858,1830.03%92622Western Southern Life Assur CoOH$1,231,9090.01%
77828Companion Life Ins CoSC$5,698,1660.03%71455Cardif Life Ins CoKS$1,211,2100.01%
70939Gerber Life Ins CoNY$5,649,2750.03%66265Monarch Life Ins CoMA$1,210,2850.01%
61492Liberty Life Ins CoSC$5,286,8470.03%60607American Intl Life Assur Co of NYNY$1,204,7270.01%
60534American Heritage Life Ins CoFL$5,148,9140.03%80578Physicians Mut Ins CoNE$1,167,4290.01%
71412Mutual Of Omaha Ins CoNE$5,001,1610.03%62413Continental Assur CoIL$1,134,6620.01%
63932Aviva Life & Ann Co of NYNY$4,935,7100.03%85561Perico Life Ins CoDE$1,112,9970.01%
67989American Memorial Life Ins CoSD$4,355,8990.03%66850National Western Life Ins CoCO$1,106,4000.01%
97136Metropolitan Tower Life Ins CoDE$4,348,5860.03%62596Union Fidelity Life Ins CoIL$1,105,3250.01%
65021Stonebridge Life Ins CoVT$4,011,0410.02%61409National Benefit Life Ins CoNY$1,072,1380.01%
92657Nationwide Life & Ann Ins CoOH$3,700,1120.02%80675US Business of Crown Life Ins CoMI$1,032,0700.01%
93777Household Life Ins CoMI$3,645,1160.02%63290Fidelity Life Assn A Legal Reserve LIL$1,022,3420.01%
62065Colonial Penn Life Ins CoPA$3,590,0600.02%68209Provident Life & Cas Ins CoTN$1,016,4220.01%
64327Harleysville Life Ins CoPA$3,578,2400.02%67180Ohio State Life Ins CoTX$974,0620.01%
65110Kanawha Ins CoSC$3,542,9560.02%93262Penn Ins & Ann CoDE$937,9750.01%
69000Northwestern Long Term Care Ins CoWI$3,514,9450.02%62103Columbian Mut Life Ins CoNY$916,2400.01%
60410American Fidelity Assur CoOK$3,310,8050.02%65331Liberty Natl Life Ins CoNE$895,4510.01%
65900Conseco Life Ins CoIN$3,253,3530.02%67083Manhattan Natl Life Ins CoIL$855,0370.00%
69477Time Ins CoWI$3,163,5860.02%60526American Family Life Assur Co of NYNY$826,9590.00%
90557Kemper Investors Life Ins CoIL$3,099,9390.02%61832Chesapeake Life Ins CoOK$821,3130.00%
91529Unimerica Ins CoWI$3,082,2660.02%69310Surety Life Ins CoNE$801,5430.00%
71439Assurity Life Ins CoNE$2,986,4130.02%68373American Gen Assur CoIL$786,1150.00%
61360Reliastar Life Ins Co Of NYNY$2,948,2020.02%71730Continental Amer Ins CoSC$783,7840.00%
99937Columbus Life Ins CoOH$2,869,5860.02%81353NYLife Ins Co Of AZAZ$760,0210.00%
80659US Business of Canada Life Assur CoMI$2,763,1270.02%60682Conseco Ins CoIL$753,6030.00%
70319Washington Natl Ins CoIL$2,737,4970.02%778795 Star Life Ins CoLA$744,2030.00%
71854AAA Life Ins CoMI$2,569,1380.01%64505Homesteaders Life CoIA$732,3400.00%
62251Concord Heritage Life Ins Co IncNH$2,566,5710.01%65129Kansas City Life Ins CoMO$705,6680.00%
66583National Guardian Life Ins CoWI$2,510,8010.01%63967Government Personnel Mut Life Ins CoTX$680,7870.00%
65722Loyal Amer Life Ins CoOH$2,509,3460.01%62880AXA Equitable Life & Ann CoCO$647,2000.00%
63495First Investors Life Ins CoNY$2,458,0350.01%69515Medamerica Ins CoPA$627,7210.00%
60038Acacia Life Ins CoDC$2,194,7840.01%63657Garden State Life Ins CoTX$621,6810.00%
65927Lincoln Heritage Life Ins CoIL$2,165,9600.01%63258Federated Life Ins CoMN$612,5810.00%
69078Standard Security Life Ins Co Of NYNY$2,133,9070.01%82538National Hlth Ins CoTX$590,2620.00%
64211Guarantee Trust Life Ins CoIL$2,103,5650.01%60704Wilton Reassurance Life Co of NYNY$551,2450.00%
76325Senior Hlth Ins Co of PAPA$2,103,5290.01%69051Standard Life Ins Co Of ININ$516,0000.00%
60275American Bankers Life Assur Co Of FLFL$2,097,2220.01%70580Humanadental Ins CoWI$486,7260.00%
72125Physicians Life Ins CoNE$2,095,2980.01%63487Investors Life Ins Co N AmerTX$480,5210.00%
66427MTL Ins CoIL$2,081,2860.01%68160Balboa Life Ins CoCA$466,9090.00%
62057Lincoln Life & Ann Co of NYNY$2,059,9740.01%61069Anthem Life Ins CoIN$428,8450.00%
70416MML Bay State Life Ins CoCT$2,034,4520.01%61212Baltimore Life Ins CoMD$415,9520.00%
69914Sears Life Ins CoTX$2,012,1290.01%62553Country Life Ins CoIL$415,2880.00%

NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008 NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008
90212Great Southern Life Ins CoTX$406,6260.00%81060Canada Life Ins Co Of AmerMI$25,5480.00%
69396Texas Life Ins CoTX$399,8290.00%86371Ullico Life Ins CoTX$23,9570.00%
81426Commercial Travelers Mut Ins CoNY$397,4800.00%81213American Maturity Life Ins CoCT$23,0030.00%
63177Farmers New World Life Ins CoWA$392,9540.00%60801American Public Life Ins CoOK$22,7910.00%
68632VantisLife Ins CoCT$388,0270.00%61808Charter Natl Life Ins CoIL$21,5500.00%
67261Old Republic Life Ins CoIL$325,2340.00%77968Family Heritage Life Ins Co Of AmerOH$20,8810.00%
94358USAble LifeAR$310,8180.00%62952Equitable Life & Cas Ins CoUT$19,1570.00%
67539Pan Amer Life Ins CoLA$300,3760.00%81434First Rehab Life Ins Co Of AmerNY$15,2370.00%
70114Unity Mut Life Ins CoNY$297,7600.00%69272Sunset Life Ins Co Of AmerMO$13,2940.00%
68047Professional Ins CoTX$286,3710.00%67784Philadelphia Amer Life Ins CoTX$10,6070.00%
67601Paul Revere Variable Ann Ins CoMA$268,2630.00%70130Universal Guaranty Life Ins CoOH$10,0270.00%
69256Sunamerica Life Ins CoAZ$250,2160.00%67911Pioneer Mut Life Ins CoND$7,8410.00%
60003Park Avenue Life Ins CoDE$249,1900.00%97241Settlers Life Ins CoWI$6,9980.00%
63053Family Life Ins CoTX$248,4800.00%66109Midwestern United Life Ins CoIN$6,8680.00%
87645United Fidelity Life Ins CoTX$242,5640.00%67903Provident Amer Life & Hlth Ins CoOH$6,8180.00%
70173Universal Underwriters Life Ins CoKS$239,9930.00%63819Unity Financial Life Ins CoPA$6,7800.00%
62345Berkshire Hathaway Life Ins Co NENE$229,8440.00%62421Heritage Union Life Ins CoAZ$6,5100.00%
97268Pacific Life & Ann CoAZ$217,6930.00%69930United Ins Co Of AmerIL$5,8340.00%
65870Manhattan Life Ins CoNY$216,6880.00%64831Intramerica Life Ins CoNY$5,5250.00%
67199Old Amer Ins CoMO$215,6230.00%94218Country Investors Life Assur CoIL$5,1390.00%
93610John Hancock Life & Hlth Ins CoMA$215,5230.00%31119Medico Ins CoNE$5,0600.00%
60216Amalgamated Life Ins CoNY$208,8370.00%89184Sterling Investors Life Ins CoGA$3,6770.00%
76236Cincinnati Life Ins CoOH$206,7340.00%68357Reliable Life Ins CoMO$3,5300.00%
84654US Branch Assumption Mut Life Ins CoMA$199,1480.00%61727Central Reserve Life Ins CoOH$1,9510.00%
71773American Natl Life Ins Co Of TXTX$189,9540.00%61735Central Security Life Ins CoTX$1,7980.00%
68721Security Life Ins Co Of AmerMN$188,2640.00%86126Members Life Ins CoIA$1,7300.00%
71404Continental Gen Ins CoOH$179,8650.00%84514Industrial Alliance Pacific Ins & FiWA$1,5840.00%
60429American Fidelity Life Ins CoFL$161,5820.00%70866Allstate Assur CoIL$1,5000.00%
67369Alta Hlth & Life Ins CoIN$146,2970.00%71323Zale Life Ins CoAZ$2470.00%
66672American Gen Life & Acc Ins CoTN$145,7060.00%60305American Comm Mut Ins CoMI$2430.00%
62359Constitution Life Ins CoTX$142,4860.00%71471Medico Life Ins CoNE$2050.00%
84786Colorado Bankers Life Ins CoCO$139,5580.00%91693IA Amer Life Ins CoGA$1130.00%
80799Celtic Ins CoIL$132,5640.00%
60183S USA Life Ins Co IncAZ$127,7440.00%Total Direct Written Premium $17,310,616,512 100.00%
64939Investors Ins CorpDE$126,3200.00%
93742Securian Life Ins CoMN$117,0400.00%
86355Standard Life & Accident Ins CoOK$116,4040.00%
69566Trans World Assur CoCA$114,8460.00%
61883Central United Life Ins CoAR$95,0260.00%
62634Delaware Amer Life Ins CoDE$93,2740.00%
62928EMC Natl Life CoIA$89,3860.00%
67148Occidental Life Ins Co Of NCTX$86,0570.00%
81442Monitor Life Ins Co Of NYNY$83,8410.00%
76694London Life Reins CoPA$78,4410.00%
63479United Teacher Assoc Ins CoTX$72,0080.00%
70750Nationwide Life & Ann Co of AmerDE$68,3520.00%
88536Protective Life And Annuity Ins CoAL$63,3210.00%
72850United World Life Ins CoNE$62,3270.00%
60445Sagicor Life Ins CoTX$60,2780.00%
67873Pioneer Amer Ins CoTX$56,2140.00%
97764Idealife Ins CoCT$55,6460.00%
81078American Ntwrk Ins CoPA$54,0960.00%
81264Nippon Life Ins Co Of AmerIA$52,7510.00%
68284Pyramid Life Ins CoKS$52,0990.00%
70785Pacificare Life & Hlth Ins CoIN$48,3960.00%
61395Beneficial Life Ins CoUT$33,4360.00%
65951Merit Life Ins CoIN$32,8670.00%
61239Bankers Fidelity Life Ins CoGA$30,7890.00%
11121Unified Life Ins CoTX$28,9880.00%
62383Centurion Life Ins CoIA$26,4160.00%

2008 Premium and Market Share - LIFE \ OTHER FUNDS

NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008
65838John Hancock Life Ins Co (USA)MI$631,029,65815.59%
65099John Hancock Life Ins CoMA$434,460,94710.73%
65978Metropolitan Life Ins CoNY$432,193,76210.68%
65935Massachusetts Mut Life Ins CoMA$414,916,04510.25%
88072Hartford Life Ins CoCT$379,001,2529.36%
68241Prudential Ins Co Of AmerNJ$370,608,7249.15%
66869Nationwide Life Ins CoOH$270,857,7186.69%
67466Pacific Life Ins CoNE$248,100,0006.13%
66915New York Life Ins CoNY$246,433,1166.09%
70025Genworth Life Ins CoDE$209,000,0005.16%
71153Hartford Life & Ann Ins CoCT$136,065,0433.36%
86231Transamerica Life Ins CoIA$121,460,2343.00%
70688Transamerica Financial Life Ins CoNY$37,812,9450.93%
66281Monumental Life Ins CoIA$35,825,8890.88%
88668Mutual Of Amer Life Ins CoNY$34,561,2860.85%
86509Ing Life Ins & Ann CoCT$11,539,0520.29%
66168Minnesota Life Ins CoMN$8,909,1930.22%
67644Penn Mut Life Ins CoPA$8,350,0650.21%
62944AXA Equitable Life Ins CoNY$6,637,5440.16%
91626New England Life Ins CoMA$3,502,2970.09%
69019Standard Ins CoOR$2,020,2860.05%
65536Genworth Life & Ann Ins CoVA$2,000,0000.05%
92657Nationwide Life & Ann Ins CoOH$1,246,5580.03%
93629Prudential Retirement Ins & Anuty CoCT$1,027,8870.03%
67172Ohio Natl Life Ins CoOH$339,7360.01%
93262Penn Ins & Ann CoDE$286,5890.01%
90204John Hancock Variable Life Ins CoMA$203,8390.01%
61271Principal Life Ins CoIA$122,6450.00%
78778Guardian Ins & Ann Co IncDE$56,1980.00%
65129Kansas City Life Ins CoMO$30,0000.00%
69868United Of Omaha Life Ins CoNE$20,7470.00%
65781Madison Natl Life Ins Co IncWI$11,5160.00%
81213American Maturity Life Ins CoCT$11,3000.00%
62553Country Life Ins CoIL$2,8140.00%
70815Hartford Life & Accident Ins CoCT$1,3690.00%
Total Direct Written Premium $4,048,646,254 100.00%

2008 Premium and Market Share - MEDICAL MALPRACTICE

NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008
10206Medical Professional Mut Ins CoMA$135,565,35880.31%
11843Medical Protective CoIN$12,254,3627.26%
20427American Cas Co Of Reading PAPA$6,153,9113.65%
15890Connecticut Medical Ins CoCT$3,619,5952.14%
14460Podiatry Ins Co Of Amer A Mut CoIL$2,173,2901.29%
22810Chicago Ins CoIL$1,971,6281.17%
10638Proselect Ins CoMA$1,867,5181.11%
15865NCMIC Ins CoIA$1,459,0330.86%
22667Ace Amer Ins CoPA$1,448,9170.86%
19445National Union Fire Ins Co Of PittsPA$896,1630.53%
21970OneBeacon Ins CoPA$345,7120.20%
19380American Home Assur CoNY$304,3030.18%
10801Fortress Ins CoIL$146,8480.09%
23809Granite State Ins CoPA$118,8300.07%
19720American Alt Ins CorpDE$92,9240.06%
20443Continental Cas CoIL$91,4630.05%
21857American Ins CoOH$84,7420.05%
16624Darwin Natl Assur CoDE$62,1920.04%
13714Pharmacists Mut Ins CoIA$50,9600.03%
34495Doctors Co An Interins ExchCA$43,1220.03%
18619Platte River Ins CoNE$34,0270.02%
11991National Cas CoWI$6,4360.00%
18767Church Mut Ins CoWI$5,9190.00%
24732General Ins Co Of AmerWA$4,0630.00%
11127Professional Solutions Ins CoIA$3,6610.00%
10677Cincinnati Ins CoOH$7380.00%
25143State Farm Fire And Cas CoIL$6470.00%
Total Direct Written Premium $168,806,362 100.00%

2008 Premium and Market Share - MORTGAGE & FINANCIAL GUARANTY

NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008
29858Mortgage Guar Ins CorpWI$37,345,50825.77%
38458Genworth Mortgage Ins CorpNC$18,633,71412.86%
18708Ambac Assur CorpWI$15,008,26710.36%
33790Radian Guaranty IncPA$14,530,56610.03%
15873United Gty Residential Ins CoNC$14,507,29210.01%
27251PMI Mortgage Ins CoAZ$13,332,5569.20%
28452Republic Mortgage Ins CoNC$10,341,9797.14%
30180Assured Guar CorpMD$7,858,2005.42%
18287Financial Security Assur IncNY$5,878,0724.06%
40266CMG Mortgage Ins CoWI$3,089,8882.13%
24350Triad Guaranty Ins CorpIL$1,413,9880.98%
20311Syncora Guarantee IncNY$927,4860.64%
29823Genworth Residential Mortgage Ins CoNC$626,4060.43%
12041MBIA Ins CorpNY$522,2860.36%
36250Radian Asset Assur IncNY$307,3000.21%
19038Travelers Cas & Surety CoCT$221,1000.15%
26999United Guaranty Mtg Indem CoNC$117,8960.08%
25658Travelers Ind CoCT$100,5000.07%
35289Continental Ins CoPA$67,0000.05%
29114CMG Mortgage Assur CoWI$63,2710.04%
18759Verex Assure IncWI$2,2640.00%
18740MGIC Ind CorpWI$1,5430.00%
10682MGIC Credit Assur CorpWI$1,3200.00%
16675Genworth Mortgage Ins Corp Of NCNC$80.00%
Total Direct Written Premium $144,898,410 100.00%