Appendix C - 2008 Direct Written Premium by Line of Insurance 2008 Premium and Market Share - ACCIDENT & HEALTH INSURANCE


Company Name


Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008

Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008


UnitedHealthcare Ins Co





Metropolitan Life Ins Co





Aetna Life Ins Co





Unum Life Ins Co Of Amer





Connecticut Gen Life Ins Co





Guardian Life Ins Co Of Amer





Unicare Life & Health Ins Co





Humana Ins Co





Hartford Life & Accident Ins Co





Genworth Life Ins Co





John Hancock Life Ins Co





Life Ins Co Of N Amer





Mega Life & Hlth Ins Co The





Health Net Life Ins Co





Pennsylvania Life Ins Co





Mid West Natl Life Ins Co Of TN





Prudential Ins Co Of Amer





Standard Ins Co





Bankers Life & Cas Co





US Br SunLife Assur Co Of Canada





Transamerica Life Ins Co





First Hlth Life & Hlth Ins Co





American Family Life Assur Co of Col





Liberty Life Assur Co Of Boston





Colonial Life & Accident Ins Co





Lincoln Natl Life Ins Co





Principal Life Ins Co





Provident Life & Accident Ins Co





Combined Ins Co Of Amer





Massachusetts Mut Life Ins Co





HCC Life Ins Co





Northwestern Mut Life Ins Co





Reliance Standard Life Ins Co





RiverSource Life Ins Co





Reliastar Life Ins Co





HM LIfe Ins Co





Nationwide Life Ins Co





Union Security Ins Co





Symetra Life Ins Co





Metlife Ins Co of CT





Paul Revere Life Ins Co





Monumental Life Ins Co





Berkshire Life Ins Co of Amer





Sun Life & Hlth Ins Co





United Of Omaha Life Ins Co





AIG Life Ins Co





New York Life Ins Co





Fort Dearborn Life Ins Co





Great W Life & Ann Ins Co





Cuna Mut Ins Society





United States Life Ins Co In NYC





Trustmark Ins Co





American Progressive L&H Ins Of NY





Boston Mut Life Ins Co





Fidelity Security Life Ins Co





John Alden Life Ins Co





Companion Life Ins Co





United American Ins Co





Ameritas Life Ins Corp





Mutual Of Omaha Ins Co





American United Life Ins Co





Allianz Life Ins Co Of N Amer





Hartford Life Ins Co





American Heritage Life Ins Co





Stonebridge Life Ins Co





Northwestern Long Term Care Ins Co





Kanawha Ins Co





Unimerica Ins Co





Minnesota Life Ins Co





American Fidelity Assur Co





Security Mut Life Ins Co Of NY





Teachers Ins & Ann Assoc Of Amer





Time Ins Co





New England Life Ins Co





Assurity Life Ins Co





Standard Security Life Ins Co Of NY





Lincoln Benefit Life Co





Union Central Life Ins Co





Senior Hlth Ins Co of PA





Reassure Amer Life Ins Co





Gerber Life Ins Co





Household Life Ins Co





Centre Life Ins Co





Oxford Life Ins Co





Washington Natl Ins Co





Guarantee Trust Life Ins Co





Trustmark Life Ins Co





American Republic Ins Co





BCS Life Ins Co





Madison Natl Life Ins Co Inc





AXA Equitable Life Ins Co





Concord Heritage Life Ins Co Inc





Mony Life Ins Co





Physicians Mut Ins Co





American Bankers Life Assur Co Of FL





Perico Life Ins Co





Sears Life Ins Co





TIAA Cref Life Ins Co





Monarch Life Ins Co





US Br Great West Life Assur Co





Illinois Mut Life Ins Co





Provident Life & Cas Ins Co




NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008 NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008
79413UnitedHealthcare Ins CoCT$536,045,67520.26%61425Trustmark Ins CoIL$8,116,2320.31%
65978Metropolitan Life Ins CoNY$169,307,2076.40%80624American Progressive L&H Ins Of NYNY$7,501,1060.28%
60054Aetna Life Ins CoCT$152,303,1165.76%61476Boston Mut Life Ins CoMA$6,958,4950.26%
62235Unum Life Ins Co Of AmerME$147,087,7235.56%71870Fidelity Security Life Ins CoMO$6,502,4960.25%
62308Connecticut Gen Life Ins CoCT$124,529,1764.71%65080John Alden Life Ins CoWI$6,149,0790.23%
64246Guardian Life Ins Co Of AmerNY$114,915,8334.34%77828Companion Life Ins CoSC$5,630,9560.21%
80314Unicare Life & Health Ins CoIN$89,584,7173.39%92916United American Ins CoNE$5,454,0340.21%
73288Humana Ins CoWI$71,984,3062.72%61301Ameritas Life Ins CorpNE$5,141,7820.19%
70815Hartford Life & Accident Ins CoCT$71,684,0422.71%71412Mutual Of Omaha Ins CoNE$5,001,1610.19%
70025Genworth Life Ins CoDE$56,471,7142.13%60895American United Life Ins CoIN$4,629,7670.18%
65099John Hancock Life Ins CoMA$54,801,3342.07%90611Allianz Life Ins Co Of N AmerMN$4,625,1490.17%
65498Life Ins Co Of N AmerPA$44,753,3981.69%88072Hartford Life Ins CoCT$4,251,5330.16%
97055Mega Life & Hlth Ins Co TheOK$43,123,2811.63%60534American Heritage Life Ins CoFL$3,979,5970.15%
66141Health Net Life Ins CoCA$37,758,6621.43%65021Stonebridge Life Ins CoVT$3,679,7910.14%
67660Pennsylvania Life Ins CoPA$37,211,4711.41%69000Northwestern Long Term Care Ins CoWI$3,514,9450.13%
66087Mid West Natl Life Ins Co Of TNTX$36,148,9741.37%65110Kanawha Ins CoSC$3,493,3250.13%
68241Prudential Ins Co Of AmerNJ$33,523,3861.27%91529Unimerica Ins CoWI$3,082,2660.12%
69019Standard Ins CoOR$32,739,7881.24%66168Minnesota Life Ins CoMN$3,049,1500.12%
61263Bankers Life & Cas CoIL$30,500,9161.15%60410American Fidelity Assur CoOK$3,044,0930.12%
80802US Br SunLife Assur Co Of CanadaMI$30,226,4161.14%68772Security Mut Life Ins Co Of NYNY$2,735,8350.10%
86231Transamerica Life Ins CoIA$29,873,2421.13%69345Teachers Ins & Ann Assoc Of AmerNY$2,557,9830.10%
90328First Hlth Life & Hlth Ins CoTX$28,970,9371.10%69477Time Ins CoWI$2,485,2540.09%
60380American Family Life Assur Co of ColNE$28,371,3361.07%91626New England Life Ins CoMA$2,379,3580.09%
65315Liberty Life Assur Co Of BostonMA$27,453,7101.04%71439Assurity Life Ins CoNE$2,317,3100.09%
62049Colonial Life & Accident Ins CoSC$27,374,7361.03%69078Standard Security Life Ins Co Of NYNY$2,122,6860.08%
65676Lincoln Natl Life Ins CoIN$26,379,0021.00%65595Lincoln Benefit Life CoNE$2,105,9530.08%
61271Principal Life Ins CoIA$26,288,8730.99%80837Union Central Life Ins CoOH$2,073,2010.08%
68195Provident Life & Accident Ins CoTN$25,373,5840.96%76325Senior Hlth Ins Co of PAPA$2,070,0140.08%
62146Combined Ins Co Of AmerIL$25,218,1210.95%70211Reassure Amer Life Ins CoIN$1,872,0120.07%
65935Massachusetts Mut Life Ins CoMA$23,790,0940.90%70939Gerber Life Ins CoNY$1,844,0330.07%
92711HCC Life Ins CoIN$22,951,4030.87%93777Household Life Ins CoMI$1,688,8300.06%
67091Northwestern Mut Life Ins CoWI$22,222,0290.84%80896Centre Life Ins CoMA$1,543,1980.06%
68381Reliance Standard Life Ins CoIL$20,616,1190.78%76112Oxford Life Ins CoAZ$1,502,7390.06%
65005RiverSource Life Ins CoMN$20,332,4760.77%70319Washington Natl Ins CoIL$1,464,4060.06%
67105Reliastar Life Ins CoMN$18,872,8960.71%64211Guarantee Trust Life Ins CoIL$1,360,6010.05%
93440HM LIfe Ins CoPA$17,318,6730.65%62863Trustmark Life Ins CoIL$1,347,8250.05%
66869Nationwide Life Ins CoOH$16,403,5440.62%60836American Republic Ins CoIA$1,333,1410.05%
70408Union Security Ins CoIA$15,741,4400.60%80985BCS Life Ins CoIL$1,326,3360.05%
68608Symetra Life Ins CoWA$14,181,5060.54%65781Madison Natl Life Ins Co IncWI$1,283,0230.05%
87726Metlife Ins Co of CTCT$13,312,4270.50%62944AXA Equitable Life Ins CoNY$1,280,3590.05%
67598Paul Revere Life Ins CoMA$12,710,5760.48%62251Concord Heritage Life Ins Co IncNH$1,198,1070.05%
66281Monumental Life Ins CoIA$12,114,1100.46%66370Mony Life Ins CoNY$1,186,4740.04%
71714Berkshire Life Ins Co of AmerMA$12,103,2310.46%80578Physicians Mut Ins CoNE$1,167,4290.04%
80926Sun Life & Hlth Ins CoCT$10,866,5450.41%60275American Bankers Life Assur Co Of FLFL$1,151,3500.04%
69868United Of Omaha Life Ins CoNE$9,815,7250.37%85561Perico Life Ins CoDE$1,112,9970.04%
66842AIG Life Ins CoDE$9,713,1570.37%69914Sears Life Ins CoTX$1,111,0290.04%
66915New York Life Ins CoNY$9,275,1470.35%60142TIAA Cref Life Ins CoNY$1,107,1700.04%
71129Fort Dearborn Life Ins CoIL$9,246,8260.35%66265Monarch Life Ins CoMA$1,099,9440.04%
68322Great W Life & Ann Ins CoCO$8,651,0480.33%80705US Br Great West Life Assur CoMI$1,082,7850.04%
62626Cuna Mut Ins SocietyIA$8,284,2290.31%64580Illinois Mut Life Ins CoIL$987,8310.04%
70106United States Life Ins Co In NYCNY$8,249,2510.31%68209Provident Life & Cas Ins CoTN$967,9720.04%
NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008 NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008
60518American Hlth & Life Ins CoTX$923,8420.03%76694London Life Reins CoPA$78,4410.00%
60186Allstate Life Ins CoIL$907,5870.03%63479United Teacher Assoc Ins CoTX$71,4930.00%
61492Liberty Life Ins CoSC$891,9830.03%81078American Ntwrk Ins CoPA$54,0960.00%
60526American Family Life Assur Co of NYNY$826,9590.03%70785Pacificare Life & Hlth Ins CoIN$48,3960.00%
61751Central States H & L Co Of OmahaNE$792,4100.03%72850United World Life Ins CoNE$45,8150.00%
71730Continental Amer Ins CoSC$783,7840.03%68284Pyramid Life Ins CoKS$45,4310.00%
66680National Life Ins CoVT$782,3310.03%88668Mutual Of Amer Life Ins CoNY$44,1000.00%
62286Golden Rule Ins CoIN$767,7980.03%65536Genworth Life & Ann Ins CoVA$41,6040.00%
71455Cardif Life Ins CoKS$738,0530.03%97764Idealife Ins CoCT$37,7320.00%
63126Farm Family Life Ins CoNY$720,1200.03%61883Central United Life Ins CoAR$37,5430.00%
84824Commonwealth Ann & Life Ins CoMA$718,5510.03%76023Columbian Life Ins CoIL$35,5880.00%
67172Ohio Natl Life Ins CoOH$717,6740.03%65722Loyal Amer Life Ins CoOH$34,3980.00%
69515Medamerica Ins CoPA$627,7210.02%69140First Allmerica Fin Life Ins CoMA$33,8170.00%
60577American Income Life Ins CoIN$604,9080.02%62359Constitution Life Ins CoTX$32,6060.00%
82538National Hlth Ins CoTX$590,1540.02%70435The Savings Bank Life Ins Co Of MAMA$32,0990.00%
66583National Guardian Life Ins CoWI$548,0950.02%61689Aviva Life & Ann CoIA$30,2170.00%
80659US Business of Canada Life Assur CoMI$543,0810.02%60607American Intl Life Assur Co of NYNY$29,9070.00%
64327Harleysville Life Ins CoPA$530,5210.02%61239Bankers Fidelity Life Ins CoGA$29,4160.00%
68136Protective Life Ins CoTN$527,0000.02%90212Great Southern Life Ins CoTX$28,2320.00%
69744Union Labor Life Ins CoMD$507,6350.02%11121Unified Life Ins CoTX$26,7790.00%
69663USAA Life Ins CoTX$501,7360.02%60801American Public Life Ins CoOK$22,6770.00%
61360Reliastar Life Ins Co Of NYNY$446,9970.02%68225Nationwide Life Ins Co of AmerPA$22,4750.00%
61832Chesapeake Life Ins CoOK$435,8030.02%65900Conseco Life Ins CoIN$22,3310.00%
62596Union Fidelity Life Ins CoIL$434,0080.02%77968Family Heritage Life Ins Co Of AmerOH$20,8810.00%
69116State Life Ins CoIN$432,2850.02%61409National Benefit Life Ins CoNY$20,3180.00%
71854AAA Life Ins CoMI$398,4450.02%86509Ing Life Ins & Ann CoCT$18,4640.00%
81426Commercial Travelers Mut Ins CoNY$397,4800.02%65951Merit Life Ins CoIN$18,4250.00%
63312Great Amer Life Ins CoOH$391,9840.01%62952Equitable Life & Cas Ins CoUT$18,3020.00%
68160Balboa Life Ins CoCA$341,8850.01%65919Primerica Life Ins CoMA$18,2190.00%
60488American Gen Life Ins CoTX$298,4600.01%62065Colonial Penn Life Ins CoPA$15,8960.00%
67539Pan Amer Life Ins CoLA$290,7620.01%81434First Rehab Life Ins Co Of AmerNY$15,2370.00%
68047Professional Ins CoTX$284,7160.01%62634Delaware Amer Life Ins CoDE$13,2330.00%
63665General Amer Life Ins CoMO$276,0350.01%66672American Gen Life & Acc Ins CoTN$12,7830.00%
91472Globe Life & Accident Ins CoNE$269,9960.01%67199Old Amer Ins CoMO$12,4350.00%
63258Federated Life Ins CoMN$230,0770.01%65331Liberty Natl Life Ins CoNE$12,1840.00%
70688Transamerica Financial Life Ins CoNY$229,9520.01%63967Government Personnel Mut Life Ins CoTX$11,8680.00%
67644Penn Mut Life Ins CoPA$229,1140.01%65927Lincoln Heritage Life Ins CoIL$11,0630.00%
94358USAble LifeAR$223,1300.01%66427MTL Ins CoIL$10,9720.00%
68373American Gen Assur CoIL$199,7590.01%62057Lincoln Life & Ann Co of NYNY$10,8510.00%
70580Humanadental Ins CoWI$195,2130.01%67784Philadelphia Amer Life Ins CoTX$10,4940.00%
61069Anthem Life Ins CoIN$194,4670.01%67903Provident Amer Life & Hlth Ins CoOH$6,8180.00%
67814Phoenix Life Ins CoNY$191,2620.01%62383Centurion Life Ins CoIA$5,8790.00%
89206Ohio Natl Life Assur CorpOH$191,2270.01%31119Medico Ins CoNE$5,0600.00%
68721Security Life Ins Co Of AmerMN$185,9960.01%64017Jefferson Natl Life Ins CoTX$5,0060.00%
65129Kansas City Life Ins CoMO$185,5130.01%60739American Natl Ins CoTX$4,5180.00%
71404Continental Gen Ins CoOH$170,2520.01%93742Securian Life Ins CoMN$4,4780.00%
71773American Natl Life Ins Co Of TXTX$158,8930.01%84786Colorado Bankers Life Ins CoCO$4,4140.00%
67369Alta Hlth & Life Ins CoIN$143,7190.01%99937Columbus Life Ins CoOH$4,2560.00%
62553Country Life Ins CoIL$136,8510.01%69256Sunamerica Life Ins CoAZ$3,7910.00%
61212Baltimore Life Ins CoMD$133,5230.01%69310Surety Life Ins CoNE$3,1370.00%
80675US Business of Crown Life Ins CoMI$127,1700.00%76236Cincinnati Life Ins CoOH$3,0050.00%
80799Celtic Ins CoIL$121,6220.00%89184Sterling Investors Life Ins CoGA$2,7680.00%
86355Standard Life & Accident Ins CoOK$110,4180.00%72125Physicians Life Ins CoNE$1,7240.00%
60682Conseco Ins CoIL$96,0840.00%66974North Amer Co Life & Hlth InsIA$1,6360.00%
65242Lafayette Life Ins CoIN$84,8100.00%61727Central Reserve Life Ins CoOH$1,6290.00%
64513Horace Mann Life Ins CoIL$83,2330.00%62103Columbian Mut Life Ins CoNY$1,4490.00%

NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008 NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008
62928EMC Natl Life CoIA$1,3070.00%67261Old Republic Life Ins CoIL$360.00%
65870Manhattan Life Ins CoNY$1,1640.00%86126Members Life Ins CoIA$260.00%
63657Garden State Life Ins CoTX$1,1380.00%68357Reliable Life Ins CoMO$200.00%
71153Hartford Life & Ann Ins CoCT$1,1030.00%91693IA Amer Life Ins CoGA$90.00%
62413Continental Assur CoIL$1,0140.00%
60704Wilton Reassurance Life Co of NYNY$6970.00%Total Direct Written Premium $2,645,528,150 100.0%
70114Unity Mut Life Ins CoNY$5090.00%
60038Acacia Life Ins CoDC$5020.00%
84654US Branch Assumption Mut Life Ins CoMA$4550.00%
65056Jackson Natl Life Ins CoMI$3500.00%
65838John Hancock Life Ins Co (USA)MI$1860.00%
71323Zale Life Ins CoAZ$1550.00%
71471Medico Life Ins CoNE$1390.00%
67989American Memorial Life Ins CoSD$1260.00%
69930United Ins Co Of AmerIL$1190.00%
88536Protective Life And Annuity Ins CoAL$1180.00%
66044Midland Natl Life Ins CoIA$880.00%
64831Intramerica Life Ins CoNY$760.00%
61735Central Security Life Ins CoTX$730.00%

2008 Premium and Market Share - AIRCRAFT (ALL PERILS)
NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008
23817Illinois Natl Ins CoIL$7,105,47931.96%
37885XL Specialty Ins CoDE$1,676,6317.54%
34274Central States Ind Co Of OmahaNE$1,627,4917.32%
24147Old Republic Ins CoPA$1,620,4157.29%
35300Allianz Global Risks US Ins CoCA$1,304,1765.87%
23043Liberty Mut Ins CoMA$1,286,6815.79%
22039General Reins CorpDE$1,247,0415.61%
22667Ace Amer Ins CoPA$1,246,6655.61%
29599US Specialty Ins CoTX$966,5164.35%
19720American Alt Ins CorpDE$830,5693.74%
40045Starnet Ins CoDE$679,3833.06%
12904Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Ins CoNY$551,9402.48%
10367Avemco Ins CoMD$551,7822.48%
11150Arch Ins CoMO$476,3912.14%
20281Federal Ins CoIN$424,8751.91%
20362Mitsui Sumitomo Ins Co of AmerNY$187,7100.84%
20699Ace Prop & Cas Ins CoPA$145,6120.65%
33022AXA Ins CoNY$127,5790.57%
34037Hallmark Ins CoAZ$112,8470.51%
24767St Paul Fire & Marine Ins CoMN$27,2200.12%
21121Westchester Fire Ins CoNY$25,7050.12%
20532Clarendon Natl Ins CoNJ$8,3170.04%
22730Allied World Reins CoNJ$3730.00%
Total Direct Written Premium $22,231,398 100.00%

2008 Premium and Market Share - ANNUITIES
NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008 NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008
69345Teachers Ins & Ann Assoc Of AmerNY$801,543,66210.70%74780Integrity Life Ins CoOH$14,448,1430.19%
91596New York Life Ins & Ann CorpDE$462,480,0876.17%66281Monumental Life Ins CoIA$13,867,1300.19%
61689Aviva Life & Ann CoIA$396,498,1695.29%62626Cuna Mut Ins SocietyIA$11,848,9800.16%
86509Ing Life Ins & Ann CoCT$379,834,4905.07%68381Reliance Standard Life Ins CoIL$11,721,4210.16%
65935Massachusetts Mut Life Ins CoMA$356,470,2764.76%65315Liberty Life Assur Co Of BostonMA$11,629,3310.16%
80942ING USA Ann & LIfe Ins CoIA$340,175,1874.54%60142TIAA Cref Life Ins CoNY$10,144,7040.14%
65676Lincoln Natl Life Ins CoIN$336,806,5064.49%68608Symetra Life Ins CoWA$9,700,3470.13%
65005RiverSource Life Ins CoMN$321,794,8844.29%91413Western Reserve Life Assur Co of OHOH$9,214,3750.12%
62944AXA Equitable Life Ins CoNY$293,535,2953.92%68241Prudential Ins Co Of AmerNJ$9,040,5320.12%
65056Jackson Natl Life Ins CoMI$238,920,1983.19%68136Protective Life Ins CoTN$8,907,4160.12%
61050MetLife Investors USA Ins CoDE$232,150,3343.10%64513Horace Mann Life Ins CoIL$7,815,3830.10%
65978Metropolitan Life Ins CoNY$215,686,9632.88%93661Annuity Investors Life Ins CoOH$7,261,1510.10%
79065Sun Life Assur Co Of Canada USDE$206,539,4902.76%69868United Of Omaha Life Ins CoNE$6,994,5520.09%
93696Fidelity Investments Life Ins CoUT$190,744,6662.55%61999Americo Fin Life & Ann Ins CoTX$6,335,0300.08%
90611Allianz Life Ins Co Of N AmerMN$182,765,5502.44%66168Minnesota Life Ins CoMN$6,283,1980.08%
61271Principal Life Ins CoIA$163,279,4172.18%64017Jefferson Natl Life Ins CoTX$5,905,2350.08%
87726Metlife Ins Co of CTCT$157,885,3542.11%91642Forethought Life Ins CoIN$5,236,5370.07%
67466Pacific Life Ins CoNE$150,828,2972.01%68810Sentry Life Ins CoWI$4,835,9260.06%
91626New England Life Ins CoMA$148,408,3431.98%63932Aviva Life & Ann Co of NYNY$4,733,5660.06%
60631American Investors Life Ins CoKS$127,929,3961.71%67105Reliastar Life Ins CoMN$4,392,9210.06%
70432AIG Ann Ins CoTX$112,312,1721.50%61301Ameritas Life Ins CorpNE$4,127,9210.06%
86630Prudential Ann Life Assur CorpCT$101,896,6731.36%65242Lafayette Life Ins CoIN$3,887,6540.05%
70688Transamerica Financial Life Ins CoNY$99,633,0981.33%63126Farm Family Life Ins CoNY$3,365,8610.04%
68322Great W Life & Ann Ins CoCO$93,821,1791.25%61492Liberty Life Ins CoSC$3,162,9730.04%
65536Genworth Life & Ann Ins CoVA$82,042,5831.09%90557Kemper Investors Life Ins CoIL$2,938,4900.04%
60739American Natl Ins CoTX$63,647,1280.85%70335West Coast Life Ins CoNE$2,765,7440.04%
93432CM Life Ins CoCT$62,929,5650.84%65722Loyal Amer Life Ins CoOH$2,375,1740.03%
60941AIG SunAmerica Life Assur CoAZ$61,377,6420.82%67644Penn Mut Life Ins CoPA$2,210,3940.03%
70238Variable Annuity Life Ins CoTX$57,013,4850.76%64246Guardian Life Ins Co Of AmerNY$2,151,1260.03%
86231Transamerica Life Ins CoIA$54,324,5190.73%66915New York Life Ins CoNY$1,787,8900.02%
65099John Hancock Life Ins CoMA$43,072,8950.57%62057Lincoln Life & Ann Co of NYNY$1,783,7860.02%
79227Pruco Life Ins CoAZ$42,640,7130.57%66842AIG Life Ins CoDE$1,781,1590.02%
66974North Amer Co Life & Hlth InsIA$40,238,1800.54%60232AGL Life Assur CoPA$1,708,9130.02%
62510Equitrust Life Ins CoIA$38,936,1920.52%71153Hartford Life & Ann Ins CoCT$1,639,2440.02%
61263Bankers Life & Cas CoIL$38,223,0850.51%72222Amica Life Ins CoRI$1,623,9140.02%
78778Guardian Ins & Ann Co IncDE$37,778,7480.50%84824Commonwealth Ann & Life Ins CoMA$1,445,6930.02%
60488American Gen Life Ins CoTX$37,727,6220.50%68039Presidential Life Ins CoNY$1,417,1480.02%
67172Ohio Natl Life Ins CoOH$36,596,7900.49%92916United American Ins CoNE$1,372,2100.02%
66044Midland Natl Life Ins CoIA$32,858,3940.44%92622Western Southern Life Assur CoOH$1,174,7580.02%
92738American Equity Invest Life Ins CoIA$30,892,3410.41%64327Harleysville Life Ins CoPA$1,087,1610.01%
60895American United Life Ins CoIN$30,756,6060.41%66850National Western Life Ins CoCO$1,057,3930.01%
67091Northwestern Mut Life Ins CoWI$29,365,7330.39%78077Mony Life Ins Co Of AmerAZ$931,1530.01%
70025Genworth Life Ins CoDE$28,229,7660.38%66680National Life Ins CoVT$922,1010.01%
93513MetLIfe Investors Ins CoMO$26,559,2730.35%68772Security Mut Life Ins Co Of NYNY$885,6720.01%
70435The Savings Bank Life Ins Co Of MAMA$23,408,1720.31%63665General Amer Life Ins CoMO$635,4810.01%
63312Great Amer Life Ins CoOH$23,399,2690.31%60682Conseco Ins CoIL$557,0790.01%
60186Allstate Life Ins CoIL$23,134,8200.31%69051Standard Life Ins Co Of ININ$515,2670.01%
63274OM Fin Life Ins CoMD$21,352,0140.28%67814Phoenix Life Ins CoNY$469,9860.01%
79022Merrill Lynch Life Ins CoAR$18,513,4710.25%69140First Allmerica Fin Life Ins CoMA$430,4760.01%
69663USAA Life Ins CoTX$18,039,5910.24%93629Prudential Retirement Ins & Anuty CoCT$253,1740.00%
71129Fort Dearborn Life Ins CoIL$16,274,9620.22%62345Berkshire Hathaway Life Ins Co NENE$229,8440.00%
65595Lincoln Benefit Life CoNE$16,111,6930.22%97268Pacific Life & Ann CoAZ$212,8430.00%
80837Union Central Life Ins CoOH$15,950,8090.21%65838John Hancock Life Ins Co (USA)MI$208,8590.00%
93548PHL Variable Ins CoCT$15,939,2880.21%69256Sunamerica Life Ins CoAZ$170,0280.00%
60054Aetna Life Ins CoCT$15,797,1800.21%63967Government Personnel Mut Life Ins CoTX$152,2740.00%
88072Hartford Life Ins CoCT$15,240,5040.20%99937Columbus Life Ins CoOH$145,5770.00%
65528Life Ins Co Of The SouthwestTX$15,114,1300.20%70408Union Security Ins CoIA$139,3060.00%
68675Security Benefit Life Ins CoKS$14,801,8400.20%64939Investors Ins CorpDE$126,3200.00%
69019Standard Ins CoOR$14,549,9090.19%71439Assurity Life Ins CoNE$110,0000.00%
66869Nationwide Life Ins CoOH$14,456,8530.19%71870Fidelity Security Life Ins CoMO$98,9000.00%
NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008 NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008
60038Acacia Life Ins CoDC$95,2860.00%65080John Alden Life Ins CoWI$2400.00%
63495First Investors Life Ins CoNY$88,5270.00%70130Universal Guaranty Life Ins CoOH$1600.00%
68632VantisLife Ins CoCT$70,0580.00%65927Lincoln Heritage Life Ins CoIL$1530.00%
70319Washington Natl Ins CoIL$69,8560.00%61832Chesapeake Life Ins CoOK$1300.00%
66427MTL Ins CoIL$68,0890.00%69566Trans World Assur CoCA$1200.00%
61360Reliastar Life Ins Co Of NYNY$67,0990.00%76325Senior Hlth Ins Co of PAPA$590.00%
65129Kansas City Life Ins CoMO$66,6190.00%67083Manhattan Natl Life Ins CoIL$150.00%
70580Humanadental Ins CoWI$63,6040.00%
60445Sagicor Life Ins CoTX$56,2500.00%Total Direct Written Premium $7,492,918,055 100.00%
70114Unity Mut Life Ins CoNY$53,6580.00%
62308Connecticut Gen Life Ins CoCT$44,0420.00%
60429American Fidelity Life Ins CoFL$35,7720.00%
62286Golden Rule Ins CoIN$35,0000.00%
65900Conseco Life Ins CoIN$31,6210.00%
80659US Business of Canada Life Assur CoMI$31,4820.00%
60607American Intl Life Assur Co of NYNY$31,1730.00%
84786Colorado Bankers Life Ins CoCO$30,3110.00%
66087Mid West Natl Life Ins Co Of TNTX$28,2610.00%
60704Wilton Reassurance Life Co of NYNY$27,0930.00%
65781Madison Natl Life Ins Co IncWI$25,9030.00%
65919Primerica Life Ins CoMA$24,7090.00%
62103Columbian Mut Life Ins CoNY$22,4620.00%
61808Charter Natl Life Ins CoIL$21,5500.00%
70750Nationwide Life & Ann Co of AmerDE$20,2350.00%
67989American Memorial Life Ins CoSD$15,6200.00%
64505Homesteaders Life CoIA$15,4100.00%
71773American Natl Life Ins Co Of TXTX$13,9760.00%
81060Canada Life Ins Co Of AmerMI$13,0010.00%
70211Reassure Amer Life Ins CoIN$12,3470.00%
84654US Branch Assumption Mut Life Ins CoMA$12,0880.00%
81213American Maturity Life Ins CoCT$11,7030.00%
68225Nationwide Life Ins Co of AmerPA$9,6280.00%
62235Unum Life Ins Co Of AmerME$9,5240.00%
62928EMC Natl Life CoIA$8,3710.00%
64580Illinois Mut Life Ins CoIL$8,1060.00%
61883Central United Life Ins CoAR$7,8860.00%
97136Metropolitan Tower Life Ins CoDE$6,2000.00%
62413Continental Assur CoIL$6,0000.00%
97055Mega Life & Hlth Ins Co TheOK$5,9350.00%
63177Farmers New World Life Ins CoWA$5,7920.00%
67148Occidental Life Ins Co Of NCTX$5,3190.00%
63487Investors Life Ins Co N AmerTX$4,5790.00%
60275American Bankers Life Assur Co Of FLFL$3,0410.00%
66583National Guardian Life Ins CoWI$2,6220.00%
61395Beneficial Life Ins CoUT$2,4000.00%
66672American Gen Life & Acc Ins CoTN$2,2070.00%
64211Guarantee Trust Life Ins CoIL$2,1920.00%
61425Trustmark Ins CoIL$2,1000.00%
87645United Fidelity Life Ins CoTX$1,7660.00%
94099United Investors Life Ins CoMO$1,5800.00%
90212Great Southern Life Ins CoTX$1,5550.00%
70866Allstate Assur CoIL$1,5000.00%
60534American Heritage Life Ins CoFL$1,2000.00%
63258Federated Life Ins CoMN$1,0500.00%
71404Continental Gen Ins CoOH$1,0000.00%
62049Colonial Life & Accident Ins CoSC$9210.00%
70106United States Life Ins Co In NYCNY$6730.00%
80624American Progressive L&H Ins Of NYNY$4000.00%
69116State Life Ins CoIN$3000.00%
61476Boston Mut Life Ins CoMA$2510.00%

2008 Premium and Market Share - BOILER & MACHINERY
NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008 NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008
21482Factory Mut Ins CoRI$5,780,95722.30%39306Fidelity & Deposit Co Of MDMD$16,4190.06%
20281Federal Ins CoIN$2,996,55011.56%40142American Zurich Ins CoIL$16,0440.06%
11452Hartford Steam Boil Inspec & Ins CoCT$2,466,5849.52%23108Lumbermens Underwriting AllianceMO$13,8520.05%
20443Continental Cas CoIL$1,652,9146.38%22667Ace Amer Ins CoPA$13,5140.05%
25674Travelers Property Cas Co Of AmerCT$1,325,8335.11%21857American Ins CoOH$9,8490.04%
19445National Union Fire Ins Co Of PittsPA$1,219,0214.70%24775St Paul Guardian Ins CoMN$9,0810.04%
41181Universal Underwriters Ins CoKS$942,2533.64%37052Regis Ins CoPA$8,3400.03%
10014Affiliated Fm Ins CoRI$920,0753.55%21784Firemens Ins Co Of Washington DCDE$7,9580.03%
16535Zurich American Ins CoNY$826,9203.19%22322Greenwich Ins CoDE$7,5860.03%
26247American Guar & Liab InsNY$718,7352.77%37540Beazley Ins Co IncCT$7,0170.03%
25623Phoenix Ins CoCT$549,6112.12%23043Liberty Mut Ins CoMA$6,6730.03%
25658Travelers Ind CoCT$424,6061.64%20370AXIS Reins CoNY$4,6270.02%
24767St Paul Fire & Marine Ins CoMN$385,0231.49%27740North Pointe Ins CoMI$4,0900.02%
20397Vigilant Ins CoNY$359,3871.39%20478National Fire Ins Co Of HartfordIL$4,0640.02%
23841New Hampshire Ins CoPA$312,3121.20%20508Valley Forge Ins CoPA$3,8230.01%
20621OneBeacon Amer Ins CoMA$307,8141.19%22306Massachusetts Bay Ins CoNH$3,6640.01%
20303Great Northern Ins CoIN$302,0721.17%20702Ace Fire Underwriters Ins CoPA$2,9670.01%
20230Central Mut Ins CoOH$295,7341.14%11991National Cas CoWI$2,0610.01%
35300Allianz Global Risks US Ins CoCA$292,9251.13%29459Twin City Fire Ins Co CoIN$1,7840.01%
19259Selective Ins Co Of SCIN$225,9360.87%10677Cincinnati Ins CoOH$1,6260.01%
20222All Amer Ins CoOH$225,4860.87%10340Stonington Ins CoTX$1,3260.01%
19402AIG Cas CoPA$217,1030.84%19704American States Ins CoIN$1,3060.01%
25682Travelers Ind Co Of CTCT$203,4770.78%24732General Ins Co Of AmerWA$1,1640.00%
39845Westport Ins CorpMO$188,0710.73%19690American Economy Ins CoIN$8050.00%
14974Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mut InsPA$175,7280.68%10499DaimlerChrysler Ins CoMI$7550.00%
21881National Surety CorpIL$158,7350.61%35289Continental Ins CoPA$5390.00%
19429Insurance Co Of The State Of PAPA$155,4080.60%20427American Cas Co Of Reading PAPA$4560.00%
10069Housing Authority Prop A Mut CoVT$148,7940.57%24198Peerless Ins CoNH$2850.00%
20648Employers Fire Ins CoMA$142,8820.55%24724First Natl Ins Co Of AmerWA$2650.00%
23809Granite State Ins CoPA$130,5230.50%24074Ohio Cas Ins CoOH$260.00%
24554XL Ins Amer IncDE$122,3110.47%10936Seneca Ins Co IncNY$70.00%
12904Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Ins CoNY$115,8160.45%
22136Great Amer Ins Co of NYNY$113,6530.44%Total Direct Written Premium $25,921,399 100.00%
19682Hartford Fire In CoCT$107,2840.41%
25615Charter Oak Fire Ins CoCT$103,5190.40%
22292Hanover Ins CoNH$90,3350.35%
25844Union Ins CoIA$86,8160.33%
13935Federated Mut Ins CoMN$86,6160.33%
14982Penn Millers Ins CoPA$84,8080.33%
21415Employers Mut Cas CoIA$64,5150.25%
31325Acadia Ins CoNH$64,0640.25%
10815Verlan Fire Ins Co MDMD$63,6030.25%
26344Great Amer Assur CoOH$59,8940.23%
20346Pacific Ind CoWI$58,9470.23%
25666Travelers Ind Co Of AmerCT$58,4500.23%
37273Axis Ins CoIL$42,2590.16%
24791St Paul Mercury Ins CoMN$42,1300.16%
31534Citizens Ins Co Of AmerMI$38,0670.15%
11126Sompo Japan Ins Co of AmerNY$34,1390.13%
16691Great Amer Ins CoOH$33,7760.13%
37257Praetorian Ins CoIL$29,3740.11%
39926Selective Ins Co Of The SoutheastIN$25,8570.10%
15067Quincy Mut Fire Ins CoMA$25,2070.10%
10804Continental Western Ins CoIA$24,8600.10%
10205Mountain Valley Ind CoNH$24,1690.09%
13331American Hardware Mut Ins CoOH$23,9870.09%
21873Firemans Fund Ins CoCA$19,9220.08%
19380American Home Assur CoNY$19,0750.07%
26832Great Amer Alliance Ins CoOH$18,5430.07%
19224St Paul Protective Ins CoIL$18,3850.07%
13978Florists Mut Ins CoIL$17,5760.07%

2008 Premium and Market Share - BURGLARY & THEFT
NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008 NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008
31194Travelers Cas & Surety Co Of AmerCT$820,35121.63%20621OneBeacon Amer Ins CoMA$7400.02%
20281Federal Ins CoIN$694,99018.33%24414General Cas Co Of WIWI$7320.02%
19445National Union Fire Ins Co Of PittsPA$399,10410.52%24198Peerless Ins CoNH$7030.02%
29424Hartford Cas Ins CoIN$257,4126.79%31534Citizens Ins Co Of AmerMI$6930.02%
29459Twin City Fire Ins Co CoIN$169,4884.47%36463Discover Prop & Cas Ins CoIL$6410.02%
24767St Paul Fire & Marine Ins CoMN$163,8384.32%39926Selective Ins Co Of The SoutheastIN$6390.02%
26182Harleysville Worcester Ins CoPA$145,1393.83%20494Transportation Ins CoIL$4980.01%
41181Universal Underwriters Ins CoKS$133,6723.52%26522Mount Vernon Fire Ins CoPA$3890.01%
21121Westchester Fire Ins CoNY$101,0592.66%25658Travelers Ind CoCT$3610.01%
22292Hanover Ins CoNH$100,9562.66%21857American Ins CoOH$3470.01%
19917Liberty Ins Underwriters IncNY$92,8282.45%26247American Guar & Liab InsNY$3110.01%
20346Pacific Ind CoWI$92,8152.45%40142American Zurich Ins CoIL$2810.01%
37273Axis Ins CoIL$76,6742.02%25984Graphic Arts Mut Ins CoNY$2260.01%
16535Zurich American Ins CoNY$65,1681.72%25666Travelers Ind Co Of AmerCT$1910.01%
20303Great Northern Ins CoIN$49,8881.32%25674Travelers Property Cas Co Of AmerCT$1810.00%
25224Great Divide Ins CoND$49,3211.30%19690American Economy Ins CoIN$1500.00%
29580Berkley Regional Ins CoDE$39,9231.05%11045Excelsior Ins CoNH$1480.00%
20443Continental Cas CoIL$36,5340.96%27073Nipponkoa Ins Co Ltd US BrNY$1410.00%
24791St Paul Mercury Ins CoMN$35,1640.93%24775St Paul Guardian Ins CoMN$780.00%
39306Fidelity & Deposit Co Of MDMD$29,5440.78%20230Central Mut Ins CoOH$710.00%
35181Executive Risk Ind IncDE$28,3590.75%18767Church Mut Ins CoWI$700.00%
20397Vigilant Ins CoNY$15,9090.42%12866T.H.E. Ins CoLA$530.00%
22306Massachusetts Bay Ins CoNH$13,0980.35%25623Phoenix Ins CoCT$530.00%
23043Liberty Mut Ins CoMA$12,6260.33%20427American Cas Co Of Reading PAPA$500.00%
24554XL Ins Amer IncDE$12,3530.33%37257Praetorian Ins CoIL$40.00%
19682Hartford Fire In CoCT$11,3040.30%
21180Sentry Select Ins CoWI$10,1820.27%Total Direct Written Premium $3,792,507 100.00%
26344Great Amer Assur CoOH$10,1140.27%
12904Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Ins CoNY$9,8050.26%
42404Liberty Ins CorpIL$9,2630.24%
13935Federated Mut Ins CoMN$8,8890.23%
18058Philadelphia Ind Ins CoPA$8,0640.21%
16691Great Amer Ins CoOH$6,4300.17%
24988Sentry Ins A Mut CoWI$4,8890.13%
26433Harco Natl Ins CoIL$4,4350.12%
15024Preferred Mut Ins CoNY$4,1330.11%
29874North Amer Specialty Ins CoNH$3,7850.10%
21326Empire Fire & Marine Ins CoNE$3,6840.10%
13331American Hardware Mut Ins CoOH$3,6690.10%
22136Great Amer Ins Co of NYNY$3,5780.09%
33588First Liberty Ins CorpIA$3,5520.09%
19259Selective Ins Co Of SCIN$3,5440.09%
25615Charter Oak Fire Ins CoCT$3,2820.09%
41483Farmington Cas CoCT$3,2000.08%
14982Penn Millers Ins CoPA$3,1020.08%
10205Mountain Valley Ind CoNH$3,0850.08%
23035Liberty Mut Fire Ins CoWI$2,9440.08%
25976Utica Mut Ins CoNY$2,3820.06%
19038Travelers Cas & Surety CoCT$2,3210.06%
20370AXIS Reins CoNY$2,0570.05%
27740North Pointe Ins CoMI$2,0570.05%
24449Regent Ins CoWI$1,9530.05%
25682Travelers Ind Co Of CTCT$1,9410.05%
26832Great Amer Alliance Ins CoOH$1,6850.04%
20648Employers Fire Ins CoMA$1,5860.04%
14788NGM Ins CoFL$1,5210.04%
10677Cincinnati Ins CoOH$1,5090.04%
21415Employers Mut Cas CoIA$1,4100.04%
21458Employers Ins of WausauWI$1,2190.03%
31325Acadia Ins CoNH$1,2100.03%
14974Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mut InsPA$7590.02%

2008 Premium and Market Share: COMMERCIAL AUTO
NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008 NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008
34754Commerce Ins CoMA$75,687,94910.47%13331American Hardware Mut Ins CoOH$2,071,3790.29%
41360Arbella Protection Ins CoMA$62,650,0458.67%16691Great Amer Ins CoOH$1,956,4490.27%
39454Safety Ins CoMA$48,367,2756.69%23043Liberty Mut Ins CoMA$1,942,1710.27%
25615Charter Oak Fire Ins CoCT$36,331,1655.03%13935Federated Mut Ins CoMN$1,845,5570.26%
21750Pilgrim Ins CoMA$35,313,6854.89%42404Liberty Ins CorpIL$1,790,0580.25%
22292Hanover Ins CoNH$31,705,8914.39%20230Central Mut Ins CoOH$1,732,1330.24%
33618Safety Ind Ins CoMA$27,440,9043.80%36463Discover Prop & Cas Ins CoIL$1,716,6000.24%
20648Employers Fire Ins CoMA$22,613,2303.13%20508Valley Forge Ins CoPA$1,697,5300.23%
18058Philadelphia Ind Ins CoPA$18,990,5602.63%26069Wausau Business Ins CoWI$1,689,4670.23%
16535Zurich American Ins CoNY$13,939,0151.93%20443Continental Cas CoIL$1,588,0210.22%
25658Travelers Ind CoCT$13,867,5301.92%21261Electric Ins CoMA$1,568,0260.22%
19445National Union Fire Ins Co Of PittsPA$12,925,2901.79%19356Maryland Cas CoMD$1,506,0590.21%
31325Acadia Ins CoNH$12,733,6191.76%21180Sentry Select Ins CoWI$1,410,5360.20%
40274Citation Ins CoMA$12,288,4661.70%12904Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Ins CoNY$1,274,7560.18%
19801Argonaut Ins CoIL$11,756,7261.63%26077Lancer Ins CoIL$1,266,6400.18%
23035Liberty Mut Fire Ins CoWI$11,526,4951.60%10847Cumis Ins Society IncIA$1,256,3590.17%
10243National Continental Ins CoNY$10,909,9731.51%19429Insurance Co Of The State Of PAPA$1,196,0260.17%
26182Harleysville Worcester Ins CoPA$10,652,0301.47%10804Continental Western Ins CoIA$1,176,9630.16%
32620National Interstate Ins CoOH$10,145,8581.40%14206Holyoke Mut Ins Co In SalemMA$1,172,5040.16%
14788NGM Ins CoFL$9,401,1171.30%10499DaimlerChrysler Ins CoMI$1,097,8910.15%
25674Travelers Property Cas Co Of AmerCT$9,158,1061.27%11150Arch Ins CoMO$1,096,2840.15%
41181Universal Underwriters Ins CoKS$8,572,1191.19%15067Quincy Mut Fire Ins CoMA$1,054,3870.15%
25623Phoenix Ins CoCT$8,460,2431.17%35696Harleysville Preferred Ins CoPA$1,037,4160.14%
25666Travelers Ind Co Of AmerCT$8,028,3551.11%26344Great Amer Assur CoOH$979,8410.14%
19682Hartford Fire In CoCT$7,686,9731.06%44393West American Ins CoIN$944,3650.13%
21326Empire Fire & Marine Ins CoNE$7,315,6751.01%24988Sentry Ins A Mut CoWI$931,6420.13%
13803Farm Family Cas Ins CoNY$7,277,3781.01%14168Harleysville Mut Ins CoPA$876,2080.12%
24198Peerless Ins CoNH$7,147,4730.99%26042Wausau Underwriters Ins CoWI$800,8170.11%
31534Citizens Ins Co Of AmerMI$6,346,6420.88%21415Employers Mut Cas CoIA$770,8160.11%
11045Excelsior Ins CoNH$6,287,3700.87%24074Ohio Cas Ins CoOH$757,7560.10%
22306Massachusetts Bay Ins CoNH$5,963,0000.83%31348Crum & Forster Ind CoDE$724,9080.10%
21172Vanliner Ins CoMO$5,249,0490.73%20222All Amer Ins CoOH$719,6230.10%
24767St Paul Fire & Marine Ins CoMN$5,185,7880.72%33600LM Ins CorpIA$707,2240.10%
20478National Fire Ins Co Of HartfordIL$5,032,6610.70%24066American Fire & Cas CoOH$700,3060.10%
20494Transportation Ins CoIL$4,503,8040.62%24147Old Republic Ins CoPA$684,2990.09%
25682Travelers Ind Co Of CTCT$4,418,8460.61%21105North River Ins CoNJ$654,4690.09%
23841New Hampshire Ins CoPA$4,359,8830.60%20621OneBeacon Amer Ins CoMA$642,2400.09%
29424Hartford Cas Ins CoIN$4,282,1010.59%19976Amica Mut Ins CoRI$621,6890.09%
22667Ace Amer Ins CoPA$4,139,4350.57%23809Granite State Ins CoPA$576,1630.08%
25976Utica Mut Ins CoNY$4,051,5740.56%10205Mountain Valley Ind CoNH$575,0390.08%
19410Commerce & Industry Ins CoNY$3,910,4170.54%22012Motors Ins CorpMI$568,9160.08%
21113United States Fire Ins CoDE$3,765,2980.52%19720American Alt Ins CorpDE$547,1400.08%
25984Graphic Arts Mut Ins CoNY$3,764,4380.52%39926Selective Ins Co Of The SoutheastIN$521,6620.07%
23965Norfolk & Dedham Mut Fire Ins CoMA$3,648,5340.50%18767Church Mut Ins CoWI$483,7860.07%
10120Everest Natl Ins CoDE$3,549,0400.49%11126Sompo Japan Ins Co of AmerNY$405,2690.06%
25844Union Ins CoIA$3,519,1240.49%26433Harco Natl Ins CoIL$368,0480.05%
21784Firemens Ins Co Of Washington DCDE$3,222,2910.45%33588First Liberty Ins CorpIA$340,2240.05%
19259Selective Ins Co Of SCIN$3,097,3130.43%21458Employers Ins of WausauWI$332,2210.05%
19380American Home Assur CoNY$2,973,4130.41%20303Great Northern Ins CoIN$304,7170.04%
11770United Fncl Cas CoOH$2,796,9870.39%21962Pennsylvania Gen Ins CoPA$287,5050.04%
23329Merchants Mut Ins CoNY$2,543,1680.35%14737Plymouth Rock Assur CorpMA$235,8950.03%
24171Netherlands Ins Co TheNH$2,447,1750.34%21857American Ins CoOH$229,8270.03%
10017Arbella Ind Ins CoMA$2,416,0450.33%19704American States Ins CoIN$226,6840.03%
24260Progressive Cas Ins CoOH$2,344,9220.32%22322Greenwich Ins CoDE$215,9780.03%
12475Republic-Franklin Ins CoOH$2,325,5780.32%24139Old Republic Gen Ins CorpIL$200,2090.03%
20281Federal Ins CoIN$2,310,2430.32%20362Mitsui Sumitomo Ins Co of AmerNY$199,3010.03%
24414General Cas Co Of WIWI$2,303,1170.32%12262Pennsylvania Manufacturers Assoc InsPA$196,6510.03%
29459Twin City Fire Ins Co CoIN$2,247,1240.31%21121Westchester Fire Ins CoNY$189,5510.03%
41840Allmerica Fin Benefit Ins CoMI$2,200,9460.30%37885XL Specialty Ins CoDE$180,6430.03%
NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008 NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008
21881National Surety CorpIL$165,0780.02%37273Axis Ins CoIL$2,4610.00%
22136Great Amer Ins Co of NYNY$154,4440.02%20613Sparta Ins CoMA$2,1220.00%
11991National Cas CoWI$133,4080.02%23779Nationwide Mut Fire Ins CoOH$1,1460.00%
19402AIG Cas CoPA$122,4850.02%24732General Ins Co Of AmerWA$1,0800.00%
10677Cincinnati Ins CoOH$113,3970.02%12154Encompass Ins Co of MAMA$5320.00%
12866T.H.E. Ins CoLA$107,2320.01%22357Hartford Accident & Ind CoCT$2520.00%
25178State Farm Mut Auto Ins CoIL$93,1850.01%
26247American Guar & Liab InsNY$91,1420.01%Total Direct Written Premium $722,574,027 100.00%
26832Great Amer Alliance Ins CoOH$87,4270.01%
25054Hudson Ins CoDE$60,5140.01%
37257Praetorian Ins CoIL$55,7380.01%
15032Guideone Mut Ins CoIA$52,5500.01%
40142American Zurich Ins CoIL$46,9670.01%
24449Regent Ins CoWI$45,8870.01%
19305Assurance Co Of AmerNY$44,0590.01%
21873Firemans Fund Ins CoCA$42,8670.01%
12831State Natl Ins Co IncTX$42,6920.01%
18333Peerless Ind Ins CoIL$33,5420.00%
28460Sentry Cas CoWI$32,2640.00%
20427American Cas Co Of Reading PAPA$21,1700.00%
20702Ace Fire Underwriters Ins CoPA$18,7330.00%
13056RLI Ins CoIL$13,4180.00%
19372Northern Ins Co Of NYNY$11,7370.00%
20699Ace Prop & Cas Ins CoPA$9,1710.00%
25224Great Divide Ins CoND$8,6050.00%
27073Nipponkoa Ins Co Ltd US BrNY$5,1580.00%
36684Riverport Ins CoMN$3,7300.00%
24554XL Ins Amer IncDE$3,7200.00%
40827Virginia Surety Co IncIL$2,7990.00%

2008 Premium and Market Share - COMMERCIAL MULTI-PERIL
NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008 NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008
18058Philadelphia Ind Ins CoPA$45,852,6534.96%20494Transportation Ins CoIL$3,479,5350.38%
20648Employers Fire Ins CoMA$44,622,2724.83%24414General Cas Co Of WIWI$3,428,3030.37%
20281Federal Ins CoIN$38,330,0684.15%23809Granite State Ins CoPA$3,374,1310.36%
25674Travelers Property Cas Co Of AmerCT$35,576,5853.85%15040Providence Mut Fire Ins CoRI$3,373,0670.36%
25615Charter Oak Fire Ins CoCT$28,594,7713.09%21857American Ins CoOH$3,342,4770.36%
19682Hartford Fire In CoCT$26,542,1912.87%44393West American Ins CoIN$3,318,1150.36%
25682Travelers Ind Co Of CTCT$25,408,1492.75%24074Ohio Cas Ins CoOH$3,238,7730.35%
26182Harleysville Worcester Ins CoPA$24,167,1862.61%22357Hartford Accident & Ind CoCT$3,190,4220.35%
14788NGM Ins CoFL$24,090,2302.61%37478Hartford Ins Co Of The MidwestIN$3,172,1080.34%
26018Vermont Mut Ins CoVT$23,971,9582.59%21784Firemens Ins Co Of Washington DCDE$3,116,8320.34%
23965Norfolk & Dedham Mut Fire Ins CoMA$23,118,1852.50%11024Strathmore Ins CoNY$3,113,2190.34%
25666Travelers Ind Co Of AmerCT$20,803,2062.25%44300Tower Ins Co Of NYNY$3,053,9190.33%
19798Merrimack Mut Fire Ins CoMA$20,569,6052.22%16535Zurich American Ins CoNY$3,017,2870.33%
34754Commerce Ins CoMA$19,380,9872.10%21881National Surety CorpIL$2,814,1540.30%
25658Travelers Ind CoCT$17,873,3371.93%20222All Amer Ins CoOH$2,781,7840.30%
15067Quincy Mut Fire Ins CoMA$16,057,4971.74%14192Hingham Mut Fire Ins CoMA$2,691,8580.29%
19356Maryland Cas CoMD$14,062,0871.52%43702Tower National Ins CoMA$2,655,4580.29%
31534Citizens Ins Co Of AmerMI$14,003,5041.51%25976Utica Mut Ins CoNY$2,642,0930.29%
25992Northern Security Ins Co IncVT$13,875,8891.50%19305Assurance Co Of AmerNY$2,633,2230.28%
31325Acadia Ins CoNH$13,771,9431.49%35696Harleysville Preferred Ins CoPA$2,545,2870.28%
22306Massachusetts Bay Ins CoNH$13,761,8571.49%10936Seneca Ins Co IncNY$2,506,1510.27%
14532Middlesex Mut Assur CoCT$13,593,3991.47%23329Merchants Mut Ins CoNY$2,393,4650.26%
25844Union Ins CoIA$13,155,5301.42%30104Hartford Underwriters Ins CoCT$2,271,0510.25%
25623Phoenix Ins CoCT$12,525,1021.35%22136Great Amer Ins Co of NYNY$2,183,5210.24%
22292Hanover Ins CoNH$12,100,0131.31%23841New Hampshire Ins CoPA$2,018,1380.22%
39454Safety Ins CoMA$11,870,9461.28%19690American Economy Ins CoIN$1,876,3500.20%
15059Public Service Mut Ins CoNY$11,356,0281.23%33618Safety Ind Ins CoMA$1,871,5420.20%
20621OneBeacon Amer Ins CoMA$11,076,0001.20%26344Great Amer Assur CoOH$1,819,5310.20%
21326Empire Fire & Marine Ins CoNE$10,734,1501.16%22195Insurance Co Of Greater NYNY$1,758,6040.19%
24198Peerless Ins CoNH$10,672,0141.15%24066American Fire & Cas CoOH$1,686,0290.18%
24171Netherlands Ins Co TheNH$10,164,1601.10%40142American Zurich Ins CoIL$1,674,1190.18%
29424Hartford Cas Ins CoIN$9,871,4841.07%38970Markel Ins CoIL$1,612,8920.17%
10120Everest Natl Ins CoDE$9,397,7221.02%14826New London Cnty Mut Ins CoCT$1,612,8600.17%
39217QBE Ins CorpPA$8,572,1110.93%23175Phenix Mut Fire Ins CoNH$1,540,9370.17%
41360Arbella Protection Ins CoMA$8,418,4020.91%29459Twin City Fire Ins Co CoIN$1,535,9340.17%
20478National Fire Ins Co Of HartfordIL$8,261,1060.89%11126Sompo Japan Ins Co of AmerNY$1,464,2740.16%
20508Valley Forge Ins CoPA$8,109,8770.88%14982Penn Millers Ins CoPA$1,411,0560.15%
22187Greater NY Mut Ins CoNY$7,786,9920.84%23043Liberty Mut Ins CoMA$1,399,0280.15%
11045Excelsior Ins CoNH$7,665,9110.83%19801Argonaut Ins CoIL$1,367,0530.15%
20303Great Northern Ins CoIN$6,957,3780.75%19372Northern Ins Co Of NYNY$1,160,0700.13%
20397Vigilant Ins CoNY$6,878,9680.74%13978Florists Mut Ins CoIL$1,087,9250.12%
14206Holyoke Mut Ins Co In SalemMA$6,748,7540.73%10069Housing Authority Prop A Mut CoVT$1,074,2710.12%
19046Travelers Cas Ins Co Of AmerCT$6,408,0360.69%10340Stonington Ins CoTX$1,034,0320.11%
20427American Cas Co Of Reading PAPA$6,321,2970.68%10847Cumis Ins Society IncIA$1,018,8780.11%
22667Ace Amer Ins CoPA$6,280,3620.68%20346Pacific Ind CoWI$1,005,2910.11%
25860Union Mut Fire Ins CoVT$5,500,1420.59%34690Property & Cas Ins Co Of HartfordIN$992,5260.11%
18333Peerless Ind Ins CoIL$5,277,2420.57%37257Praetorian Ins CoIL$989,4260.11%
20230Central Mut Ins CoOH$5,273,5590.57%26069Wausau Business Ins CoWI$984,2240.11%
14923Patrons Mut Ins Co Of CtCT$5,105,7050.55%24449Regent Ins CoWI$958,1940.10%
20443Continental Cas CoIL$4,991,8700.54%13935Federated Mut Ins CoMN$911,3560.10%
12475Republic-Franklin Ins CoOH$4,862,9090.53%24767St Paul Fire & Marine Ins CoMN$857,6130.09%
25984Graphic Arts Mut Ins CoNY$4,516,0490.49%21458Employers Ins of WausauWI$803,5770.09%
10804Continental Western Ins CoIA$4,501,5610.49%10205Mountain Valley Ind CoNH$783,0130.08%
19771Cambridge Mut Fire Ins CoMA$4,300,4660.47%19704American States Ins CoIN$731,9230.08%
15024Preferred Mut Ins CoNY$4,273,9710.46%39306Fidelity & Deposit Co Of MDMD$710,7830.08%
18767Church Mut Ins CoWI$4,055,7550.44%13331American Hardware Mut Ins CoOH$698,9410.08%
12831State Natl Ins Co IncTX$3,833,9370.41%19720American Alt Ins CorpDE$680,0100.07%
13803Farm Family Cas Ins CoNY$3,825,3450.41%39845Westport Ins CorpMO$676,7210.07%
35289Continental Ins CoPA$3,771,4690.41%13714Pharmacists Mut Ins CoIA$647,7720.07%
21873Firemans Fund Ins CoCA$3,755,2660.41%15032Guideone Mut Ins CoIA$631,9850.07%
NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008 NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008
14354Jewelers Mut Ins CoWI$628,1250.07%41335United Natl Specialty Ins CoWI$4,1470.00%
23035Liberty Mut Fire Ins CoWI$621,4450.07%12262Pennsylvania Manufacturers Assoc InsPA$4,1070.00%
21865Associated Ind CorpCA$615,7780.07%34347Colonial Amer Cas & Surety CoMD$1,8870.00%
16691Great Amer Ins CoOH$596,3950.06%24775St Paul Guardian Ins CoMN$1,2470.00%
19259Selective Ins Co Of SCIN$586,3990.06%23817Illinois Natl Ins CoIL$1,1560.00%
12901Merchants Preferred Ins CoNY$573,8160.06%21962Pennsylvania Gen Ins CoPA$1,0410.00%
24732General Ins Co Of AmerWA$568,2130.06%21970OneBeacon Ins CoPA$5360.00%
26832Great Amer Alliance Ins CoOH$544,9050.06%36064Hanover Amer Ins CoNH$5100.00%
20362Mitsui Sumitomo Ins Co of AmerNY$517,5570.06%11452Hartford Steam Boil Inspec & Ins CoCT$2900.00%
42404Liberty Ins CorpIL$505,2430.05%28932Markel Amer Ins CoVA$2580.00%
21849American Automobile Ins CoMO$502,8460.05%23787Nationwide Mut Ins CoOH$1710.00%
22551Mitsui Sumitomo Ins USA IncNY$492,8770.05%33600LM Ins CorpIA$1550.00%
26042Wausau Underwriters Ins CoWI$478,8880.05%12572Selective Ins Co Of AmerNJ$1150.00%
33588First Liberty Ins CorpIA$429,9230.05%
21415Employers Mut Cas CoIA$428,6910.05%Total Direct Written Premium $924,590,902 100.00%
24724First Natl Ins Co Of AmerWA$421,1960.05%
10014Affiliated Fm Ins CoRI$404,2760.04%
24740Safeco Ins Co Of AmerWA$388,6780.04%
20699Ace Prop & Cas Ins CoPA$373,0680.04%
25852New England Guar Ins Co IncVT$333,8270.04%
26247American Guar & Liab InsNY$301,9710.03%
19445National Union Fire Ins Co Of PittsPA$276,4920.03%
11150Arch Ins CoMO$235,5490.03%
42048Diamond State Ins CoIN$223,9220.02%
12904Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Ins CoNY$211,4470.02%
37052Regis Ins CoPA$196,6940.02%
23337American European Ins CoNH$186,5470.02%
43575Indemnity Ins Co Of North AmerPA$177,3700.02%
15679National Fire & Ind ExchMO$160,9980.02%
40045Starnet Ins CoDE$151,3180.02%
24031Northland Cas CoMN$141,6690.02%
21113United States Fire Ins CoDE$133,4110.01%
22322Greenwich Ins CoDE$131,6770.01%
11991National Cas CoWI$128,5830.01%
24988Sentry Ins A Mut CoWI$127,7250.01%
13056RLI Ins CoIL$127,5150.01%
10677Cincinnati Ins CoOH$118,4300.01%
19380American Home Assur CoNY$111,8450.01%
20702Ace Fire Underwriters Ins CoPA$103,9140.01%
19917Liberty Ins Underwriters IncNY$100,7980.01%
39926Selective Ins Co Of The SoutheastIN$88,5610.01%
21172Vanliner Ins CoMO$73,7500.01%
24791St Paul Mercury Ins CoMN$70,0110.01%
36463Discover Prop & Cas Ins CoIL$62,9700.01%
25143State Farm Fire And Cas CoIL$59,9860.01%
37710First Amer Prop & Cas Ins CoCA$45,6900.00%
21105North River Ins CoNJ$29,9920.00%
23396Amerisure Mut Ins CoMI$27,7040.00%
42307Navigators Ins CoNY$27,1530.00%
25224Great Divide Ins CoND$24,4740.00%
42552Nova Cas CoNY$18,8590.00%
19488Amerisure Ins CoMI$17,4760.00%
19224St Paul Protective Ins CoIL$16,1980.00%
12154Encompass Ins Co of MAMA$14,0930.00%
18023Star Ins CoMI$10,0850.00%

2008 Premium and Market Share - CREDIT
NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008
20648Employers Fire Ins CoMA$6,558,55021.06%
12831State Natl Ins Co IncTX$6,215,55019.95%
20516Euler Hermes Amer Credit Ind CoMD$4,843,59515.55%
31887Coface N Amer Ins CoMA$3,197,67710.27%
25422Atradius Trade Credit Ins CoMD$2,424,8107.78%
29980First Colonial Ins CoFL$2,179,1087.00%
16691Great Amer Ins CoOH$1,876,2896.02%
24813Balboa Ins CoCA$1,077,8083.46%
39217QBE Ins CorpPA$765,0002.46%
18538Bancinsure IncOK$517,2001.66%
24147Old Republic Ins CoPA$279,0780.90%
22667Ace Amer Ins CoPA$260,8890.84%
37885XL Specialty Ins CoDE$236,3300.76%
16667United Gty Residential Ins Co Of NCNC$219,9240.71%
10952Stonebridge Casualty Ins CoOH$186,9830.60%
11150Arch Ins CoMO$156,1000.50%
25011Wesco Ins CoDE$96,3310.31%
29599US Specialty Ins CoTX$47,3290.15%
19445National Union Fire Ins Co Of PittsPA$8,9340.03%
20443Continental Cas CoIL$5610.00%
30325Zale Ind CoTX$2640.00%
Total Direct Written Premium $31,148,310 100.00%

2008 Premium and Market Share - DEPOSIT FUNDS
NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008 NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008
65056Jackson Natl Life Ins CoMI$845,251,38528.86%66427MTL Ins CoIL$224,6490.01%
86231Transamerica Life Ins CoIA$723,371,13524.70%79022Merrill Lynch Life Ins CoAR$221,1940.01%
68713Security Life Of Denver Ins CoCO$420,000,00014.34%65935Massachusetts Mut Life Ins CoMA$212,3550.01%
61271Principal Life Ins CoIA$248,993,2478.50%64580Illinois Mut Life Ins CoIL$195,2740.01%
80942ING USA Ann & LIfe Ins CoIA$173,700,0005.93%80837Union Central Life Ins CoOH$154,1130.01%
65536Genworth Life & Ann Ins CoVA$89,045,0683.04%69663USAA Life Ins CoTX$150,0000.01%
70025Genworth Life Ins CoDE$73,310,7022.50%86630Prudential Ann Life Assur CorpCT$120,9060.00%
93629Prudential Retirement Ins & Anuty CoCT$49,406,9221.69%62235Unum Life Ins Co Of AmerME$115,9340.00%
65978Metropolitan Life Ins CoNY$46,585,3131.59%94099United Investors Life Ins CoMO$95,7960.00%
66281Monumental Life Ins CoIA$31,911,0231.09%71129Fort Dearborn Life Ins CoIL$93,1380.00%
88072Hartford Life Ins CoCT$31,724,1711.08%64327Harleysville Life Ins CoPA$90,0000.00%
69868United Of Omaha Life Ins CoNE$29,325,5081.00%67105Reliastar Life Ins CoMN$88,0000.00%
63274OM Fin Life Ins CoMD$20,396,0180.70%62626Cuna Mut Ins SocietyIA$75,2480.00%
67814Phoenix Life Ins CoNY$15,597,3590.53%65838John Hancock Life Ins Co (USA)MI$59,5170.00%
60488American Gen Life Ins CoTX$14,429,5450.49%88668Mutual Of Amer Life Ins CoNY$56,5670.00%
63932Aviva Life & Ann Co of NYNY$12,531,9880.43%79227Pruco Life Ins CoAZ$36,0090.00%
70435The Savings Bank Life Ins Co Of MAMA$12,298,9530.42%80985BCS Life Ins CoIL$35,1360.00%
86509Ing Life Ins & Ann CoCT$9,831,5330.34%66680National Life Ins CoVT$34,6760.00%
91596New York Life Ins & Ann CorpDE$8,629,2660.29%67172Ohio Natl Life Ins CoOH$31,7200.00%
69345Teachers Ins & Ann Assoc Of AmerNY$7,706,5910.26%61492Liberty Life Ins CoSC$24,0440.00%
69051Standard Life Ins Co Of ININ$7,544,8070.26%62928EMC Natl Life CoIA$4,8340.00%
61689Aviva Life & Ann CoIA$5,512,6350.19%71439Assurity Life Ins CoNE$3,5050.00%
68241Prudential Ins Co Of AmerNJ$4,250,4590.15%67180Ohio State Life Ins CoTX$2,5010.00%
62510Equitrust Life Ins CoIA$4,052,5600.14%67598Paul Revere Life Ins CoMA$2,4270.00%
60054Aetna Life Ins CoCT$3,792,0100.13%61999Americo Fin Life & Ann Ins CoTX$1,7170.00%
60631American Investors Life Ins CoKS$3,527,8470.12%63177Farmers New World Life Ins CoWA$1,6630.00%
65005RiverSource Life Ins CoMN$3,004,8780.10%90212Great Southern Life Ins CoTX$6080.00%
93696Fidelity Investments Life Ins CoUT$2,051,3100.07%91413Western Reserve Life Assur Co of OHOH$2880.00%
65315Liberty Life Assur Co Of BostonMA$1,942,3770.07%60518American Hlth & Life Ins CoTX$2400.00%
67644Penn Mut Life Ins CoPA$1,917,3450.07%87645United Fidelity Life Ins CoTX$1880.00%
68136Protective Life Ins CoTN$1,899,0940.06%61832Chesapeake Life Ins CoOK$1200.00%
63312Great Amer Life Ins CoOH$1,551,8110.05%84786Colorado Bankers Life Ins CoCO$1200.00%
68608Symetra Life Ins CoWA$1,543,1180.05%97055Mega Life & Hlth Ins Co TheOK$160.00%
63665General Amer Life Ins CoMO$1,458,3400.05%97764Idealife Ins CoCT$160.00%
68225Nationwide Life Ins Co of AmerPA$1,357,7070.05%
70432AIG Ann Ins CoTX$1,355,9470.05%Total Direct Written Premium $2,928,905,294 100.00%
65595Lincoln Benefit Life CoNE$1,251,8080.04%
66168Minnesota Life Ins CoMN$1,242,0460.04%
60739American Natl Ins CoTX$1,236,8030.04%
63126Farm Family Life Ins CoNY$1,179,7890.04%
70335West Coast Life Ins CoNE$1,151,2360.04%
61050MetLife Investors USA Ins CoDE$1,079,6420.04%
68322Great W Life & Ann Ins CoCO$1,014,3900.03%
68772Security Mut Life Ins Co Of NYNY$691,5320.02%
66044Midland Natl Life Ins CoIA$667,9280.02%
69019Standard Ins CoOR$666,8850.02%
66974North Amer Co Life & Hlth InsIA$597,0950.02%
67091Northwestern Mut Life Ins CoWI$567,2450.02%
61263Bankers Life & Cas CoIL$491,1890.02%
61301Ameritas Life Ins CorpNE$461,7590.02%
60038Acacia Life Ins CoDC$416,6560.01%
66842AIG Life Ins CoDE$398,6200.01%
93548PHL Variable Ins CoCT$379,0070.01%
65242Lafayette Life Ins CoIN$362,6100.01%
68039Presidential Life Ins CoNY$355,0000.01%
60142TIAA Cref Life Ins CoNY$327,8380.01%
67601Paul Revere Variable Ann Ins CoMA$313,2020.01%
72125Physicians Life Ins CoNE$310,9650.01%
90557Kemper Investors Life Ins CoIL$287,3550.01%
64246Guardian Life Ins Co Of AmerNY$281,4950.01%
80802US Br SunLife Assur Co Of CanadaMI$232,7080.01%

2008 Premium and Market Share - FIDELITY & SURETY
NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008 NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008
31194Travelers Cas & Surety Co Of AmerCT$22,809,59415.50%14494Merchants Bonding Co a MutIA$120,0420.08%
24740Safeco Ins Co Of AmerWA$19,225,42413.07%21970OneBeacon Ins CoPA$117,4630.08%
13188Western Surety CoSD$12,966,7548.81%26565Ohio Ind CoOH$101,8960.07%
20281Federal Ins CoIN$11,505,6847.82%37885XL Specialty Ins CoDE$94,3550.06%
39306Fidelity & Deposit Co Of MDMD$9,170,2026.23%12572Selective Ins Co Of AmerNJ$86,3820.06%
22292Hanover Ins CoNH$7,381,0225.02%19038Travelers Cas & Surety CoCT$80,6850.05%
23043Liberty Mut Ins CoMA$5,686,4903.87%13935Federated Mut Ins CoMN$79,3760.05%
29424Hartford Cas Ins CoIN$4,782,5993.25%20427American Cas Co Of Reading PAPA$78,9390.05%
14788NGM Ins CoFL$4,427,1163.01%25658Travelers Ind CoCT$76,6350.05%
21121Westchester Fire Ins CoNY$3,376,7302.30%24104Ohio Farmers Ins CoOH$72,6770.05%
19445National Union Fire Ins Co Of PittsPA$3,200,2732.18%21415Employers Mut Cas CoIA$71,1910.05%
36226United Cas & Surety Ins CoMA$2,936,3592.00%37273Axis Ins CoIL$63,4010.04%
19429Insurance Co Of The State Of PAPA$2,839,7891.93%21180Sentry Select Ins CoWI$50,1060.03%
16691Great Amer Ins CoOH$2,794,2351.90%25054Hudson Ins CoDE$46,5420.03%
19682Hartford Fire In CoCT$2,464,8721.68%18058Philadelphia Ind Ins CoPA$44,0920.03%
29874North Amer Specialty Ins CoNH$2,213,1311.50%24066American Fire & Cas CoOH$43,0850.03%
10847Cumis Ins Society IncIA$1,871,9801.27%20648Employers Fire Ins CoMA$41,7500.03%
11592International Fidelity Ins CoNJ$1,869,8871.27%19380American Home Assur CoNY$40,8610.03%
24767St Paul Fire & Marine Ins CoMN$1,657,2901.13%20303Great Northern Ins CoIN$40,6640.03%
20443Continental Cas CoIL$1,437,8910.98%20478National Fire Ins Co Of HartfordIL$40,4420.03%
12750Evergreen Natl Ind CoOH$1,405,8240.96%15067Quincy Mut Fire Ins CoMA$37,6410.03%
11150Arch Ins CoMO$1,391,6070.95%41483Farmington Cas CoCT$32,3090.02%
32778Washington Intl Ins CoNH$1,272,6340.87%42307Navigators Ins CoNY$31,1240.02%
24074Ohio Cas Ins CoOH$1,166,4750.79%12416Protective Ins CoIN$28,6130.02%
24791St Paul Mercury Ins CoMN$1,113,8860.76%24147Old Republic Ins CoPA$26,4380.02%
10656United States Surety CoMD$1,040,1520.71%35769Lyndon Prop Ins CoMO$26,3000.02%
24724First Natl Ins Co Of AmerWA$971,3970.66%42404Liberty Ins CorpIL$25,8670.02%
16535Zurich American Ins CoNY$900,6030.61%30562American Manufacturers Mut Ins CoIL$24,1580.02%
22306Massachusetts Bay Ins CoNH$894,9650.61%36650Guarantee Co Of N Amer USAMI$23,6280.02%
22950Acstar Ins CoIL$805,1440.55%26379Accredited Surety & Cas Co IncFL$22,6710.02%
35289Continental Ins CoPA$699,3370.48%23035Liberty Mut Fire Ins CoWI$22,5870.02%
29459Twin City Fire Ins Co CoIN$566,2800.38%29599US Specialty Ins CoTX$21,2080.01%
24260Progressive Cas Ins CoOH$544,5050.37%40142American Zurich Ins CoIL$20,3050.01%
18619Platte River Ins CoNE$536,8950.36%22136Great Amer Ins Co of NYNY$19,2880.01%
27081Bond Safeguard Ins CoIL$485,9710.33%21105North River Ins CoNJ$18,6260.01%
20397Vigilant Ins CoNY$477,7050.32%20621OneBeacon Amer Ins CoMA$18,4970.01%
10510Carolina Cas Ins CoIA$461,9520.31%24988Sentry Ins A Mut CoWI$17,4960.01%
12718Developers Surety & Ind CoIA$444,7170.30%25615Charter Oak Fire Ins CoCT$17,3890.01%
28519First Sealord Surety IncPA$430,9560.29%33855Lincoln Gen Ins CoPA$16,7000.01%
37206Contractors Bonding & Ins CoWA$396,0830.27%25674Travelers Property Cas Co Of AmerCT$15,4140.01%
23841New Hampshire Ins CoPA$380,6270.26%20346Pacific Ind CoWI$13,9500.01%
22667Ace Amer Ins CoPA$325,5000.22%26344Great Amer Assur CoOH$13,1460.01%
13056RLI Ins CoIL$321,0740.22%14974Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mut InsPA$13,0250.01%
24732General Ins Co Of AmerWA$317,3760.22%19704American States Ins CoIN$12,7760.01%
25887US Fidelity & Guaranty CoMD$295,3770.20%22977Lumbermens Mut Cas CoIL$12,6090.01%
31325Acadia Ins CoNH$289,1600.20%19259Selective Ins Co Of SCIN$12,5510.01%
33898Aegis Security Ins CoPA$253,8740.17%22322Greenwich Ins CoDE$12,0000.01%
26247American Guar & Liab InsNY$253,1960.17%14168Harleysville Mut Ins CoPA$10,0400.01%
16578Fidelity Natl Prop & Cas Ins CoNY$219,1800.15%21458Employers Ins of WausauWI$10,0350.01%
10758Colonial Surety CoPA$215,3770.15%33588First Liberty Ins CorpIA$9,6110.01%
13307Lexon Ins CoTX$198,9950.14%24449Regent Ins CoWI$9,4970.01%
41181Universal Underwriters Ins CoKS$194,4070.13%27847Insurance Co Of The WestCA$9,3650.01%
25976Utica Mut Ins CoNY$187,0020.13%25143State Farm Fire And Cas CoIL$9,2560.01%
35181Executive Risk Ind IncDE$178,3530.12%14990Pennsylvania Natl Mut Cas Ins CoPA$8,6770.01%
15105Safety Natl Cas CorpMO$168,1610.11%26832Great Amer Alliance Ins CoOH$8,5540.01%
10677Cincinnati Ins CoOH$160,5430.11%24198Peerless Ins CoNH$8,0060.01%
21113United States Fire Ins CoDE$154,1870.10%25682Travelers Ind Co Of CTCT$7,6370.01%
23612Midwest Employers Cas CoDE$144,9690.10%22713Insurance Co of N AmerPA$7,3230.00%
33162Bankers Ins CoFL$121,6950.08%20370AXIS Reins CoNY$7,2000.00%
NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008 NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008
29580Berkley Regional Ins CoDE$6,4080.00%29513The Bar Plan Mut Ins CoMO$3780.00%
34347Colonial Amer Cas & Surety CoMD$6,3430.00%26433Harco Natl Ins CoIL$3200.00%
22918American Motorists Ins CoIL$6,1310.00%10111American Bankers Ins Co Of FLFL$2500.00%
31534Citizens Ins Co Of AmerMI$5,7420.00%19356Maryland Cas CoMD$2390.00%
22357Hartford Accident & Ind CoCT$5,7300.00%32620National Interstate Ins CoOH$1000.00%
24414General Cas Co Of WIWI$5,6330.00%20699Ace Prop & Cas Ins CoPA$690.00%
36463Discover Prop & Cas Ins CoIL$5,1030.00%23434Middlesex Ins CoWI$600.00%
10205Mountain Valley Ind CoNH$4,2370.00%
24775St Paul Guardian Ins CoMN$2,9080.00%Total Direct Written Premium $147,124,303 100.00%
43575Indemnity Ins Co Of North AmerPA$2,6850.00%
25623Phoenix Ins CoCT$1,9610.00%
39926Selective Ins Co Of The SoutheastIN$1,9090.00%
22012Motors Ins CorpMI$1,8280.00%
12904Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Ins CoNY$1,7640.00%
25666Travelers Ind Co Of AmerCT$1,5010.00%
19690American Economy Ins CoIN$1,3410.00%
12866T.H.E. Ins CoLA$9000.00%
10499DaimlerChrysler Ins CoMI$8730.00%
20508Valley Forge Ins CoPA$7690.00%
21962Pennsylvania Gen Ins CoPA$6940.00%
18538Bancinsure IncOK$6810.00%
20230Central Mut Ins CoOH$5980.00%
20494Transportation Ins CoIL$5500.00%
31089Republic Western Ins CoAZ$5250.00%
13331American Hardware Mut Ins CoOH$5090.00%

2008 Premium and Market Share - FIRE
NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008 NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008
21482Factory Mut Ins CoRI$18,009,7228.42%14788NGM Ins CoFL$593,4550.28%
42978American Security Ins CoDE$16,270,0467.61%10936Seneca Ins Co IncNY$573,5430.27%
41360Arbella Protection Ins CoMA$14,683,4476.87%25682Travelers Ind Co Of CTCT$534,5900.25%
19798Merrimack Mut Fire Ins CoMA$11,790,9315.52%21261Electric Ins CoMA$494,9050.23%
23035Liberty Mut Fire Ins CoWI$11,565,1455.41%41343Gerling Amer Ins CoNY$494,4050.23%
42552Nova Cas CoNY$10,795,4965.05%20346Pacific Ind CoWI$468,8910.22%
37273Axis Ins CoIL$10,148,8104.75%13706Dorchester Mut Ins CoMA$434,9080.20%
34754Commerce Ins CoMA$9,852,8684.61%25860Union Mut Fire Ins CoVT$428,5720.20%
25658Travelers Ind CoCT$8,049,3153.77%22306Massachusetts Bay Ins CoNH$422,7100.20%
10014Affiliated Fm Ins CoRI$7,601,3783.56%40320Massachusetts Homeland Ins CoMA$392,8710.18%
26018Vermont Mut Ins CoVT$6,047,4902.83%21873Firemans Fund Ins CoCA$386,6730.18%
26298Metropolitan Prop & Cas Ins CoRI$4,431,5142.07%24988Sentry Ins A Mut CoWI$376,4390.18%
15067Quincy Mut Fire Ins CoMA$4,371,3712.04%24198Peerless Ins CoNH$366,6160.17%
24767St Paul Fire & Marine Ins CoMN$3,882,1101.82%19402AIG Cas CoPA$364,6030.17%
21113United States Fire Ins CoDE$3,836,6961.79%19682Hartford Fire In CoCT$337,0530.16%
13803Farm Family Cas Ins CoNY$3,682,1551.72%11150Arch Ins CoMO$320,2970.15%
26247American Guar & Liab InsNY$3,311,7551.55%14982Penn Millers Ins CoPA$315,1600.15%
17000Arbella Mut Ins CoMA$3,273,7731.53%20303Great Northern Ins CoIN$311,9340.15%
19771Cambridge Mut Fire Ins CoMA$3,261,7771.53%25615Charter Oak Fire Ins CoCT$309,5900.14%
25674Travelers Property Cas Co Of AmerCT$3,117,2261.46%22578Horace Mann Ins CoIL$292,1610.14%
24813Balboa Ins CoCA$3,021,9341.41%10205Mountain Valley Ind CoNH$292,0780.14%
23469American Modern Home Ins CoOH$2,429,7031.14%43702Tower National Ins CoMA$280,3280.13%
20621OneBeacon Amer Ins CoMA$2,356,0951.10%24791St Paul Mercury Ins CoMN$268,1590.13%
41181Universal Underwriters Ins CoKS$2,348,2331.10%21857American Ins CoOH$237,2000.11%
19429Insurance Co Of The State Of PAPA$2,093,9460.98%44300Tower Ins Co Of NYNY$234,1440.11%
35300Allianz Global Risks US Ins CoCA$2,033,9360.95%25992Northern Security Ins Co IncVT$225,0300.11%
16535Zurich American Ins CoNY$1,974,9590.92%20397Vigilant Ins CoNY$203,5670.10%
15024Preferred Mut Ins CoNY$1,802,6570.84%21415Employers Mut Cas CoIA$176,2180.08%
19356Maryland Cas CoMD$1,574,0800.74%13935Federated Mut Ins CoMN$172,0380.08%
25941USAATX$1,571,4710.74%25976Utica Mut Ins CoNY$169,3100.08%
39454Safety Ins CoMA$1,391,2100.65%29874North Amer Specialty Ins CoNH$169,2420.08%
24554XL Ins Amer IncDE$1,375,7360.64%21180Sentry Select Ins CoWI$165,7870.08%
22292Hanover Ins CoNH$1,303,3400.61%24414General Cas Co Of WIWI$159,3990.07%
23809Granite State Ins CoPA$1,210,2400.57%23175Phenix Mut Fire Ins CoNH$133,9420.06%
14974Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mut InsPA$1,184,3800.55%14354Jewelers Mut Ins CoWI$130,6940.06%
13463Barnstable Cnty Mut Ins CoMA$1,161,5440.54%22136Great Amer Ins Co of NYNY$125,6480.06%
19038Travelers Cas & Surety CoCT$1,106,4370.52%11126Sompo Japan Ins Co of AmerNY$123,7160.06%
21881National Surety CorpIL$1,106,1440.52%39926Selective Ins Co Of The SoutheastIN$114,7760.05%
23965Norfolk & Dedham Mut Fire Ins CoMA$1,085,9200.51%24775St Paul Guardian Ins CoMN$112,3930.05%
10069Housing Authority Prop A Mut CoVT$1,058,1240.49%19224St Paul Protective Ins CoIL$109,4610.05%
12904Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Ins CoNY$1,026,0250.48%31325Acadia Ins CoNH$108,9820.05%
26182Harleysville Worcester Ins CoPA$994,9430.47%42048Diamond State Ins CoIN$98,9720.05%
19070Standard Fire Ins CoCT$933,1910.44%25666Travelers Ind Co Of AmerCT$98,8890.05%
14826New London Cnty Mut Ins CoCT$930,9650.44%39306Fidelity & Deposit Co Of MDMD$93,6600.04%
23043Liberty Mut Ins CoMA$922,5300.43%19445National Union Fire Ins Co Of PittsPA$91,3820.04%
14192Hingham Mut Fire Ins CoMA$895,1460.42%33618Safety Ind Ins CoMA$91,3440.04%
10815Verlan Fire Ins Co MDMD$864,9500.40%36463Discover Prop & Cas Ins CoIL$88,3470.04%
14923Patrons Mut Ins Co Of CtCT$864,1410.40%20230Central Mut Ins CoOH$83,8380.04%
14206Holyoke Mut Ins Co In SalemMA$832,8390.39%43001Narragansett Bay Ins CoRI$81,3700.04%
15040Providence Mut Fire Ins CoRI$794,7580.37%14532Middlesex Mut Assur CoCT$72,2380.03%
12154Encompass Ins Co of MAMA$779,3770.36%37257Praetorian Ins CoIL$70,1840.03%
22314RSUI Ind CoNH$759,4870.36%26344Great Amer Assur CoOH$61,8980.03%
20370AXIS Reins CoNY$746,9600.35%22713Insurance Co of N AmerPA$56,8600.03%
19259Selective Ins Co Of SCIN$736,3440.34%37540Beazley Ins Co IncCT$56,6170.03%
39845Westport Ins CorpMO$732,3700.34%42404Liberty Ins CorpIL$56,5290.03%
20281Federal Ins CoIN$693,5230.32%15059Public Service Mut Ins CoNY$54,0390.03%
25968USAA Cas Ins CoTX$681,4170.32%11185Foremost Ins CoMI$54,0130.03%
13943Fitchburg Mut Ins CoMA$658,1250.31%24171Netherlands Ins Co TheNH$51,0750.02%
20648Employers Fire Ins CoMA$640,3750.30%41459Armed Forces Ins ExchKS$48,0390.02%
19976Amica Mut Ins CoRI$636,6980.30%24031Northland Cas CoMN$47,6090.02%
NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008 NAIC # Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2008 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2008
22187Greater NY Mut Ins CoNY$46,9350.02%10499DaimlerChrysler Ins CoMI$2,2620.00%
21784Firemens Ins Co Of Washington DCDE$46,2000.02%20494Transportation Ins CoIL$1,6730.00%
35289Continental Ins CoPA$45,2360.02%44393West American Ins CoIN$1,4290.00%
14168Harleysville Mut Ins CoPA$44,9140.02%10472Capitol Ind CorpWI$1,4050.00%
20362Mitsui Sumitomo Ins Co of AmerNY$44,0080.02%26522Mount Vernon Fire Ins CoPA$9530.00%
25143State Farm Fire And Cas CoIL$43,8370.02%26042Wausau Underwriters Ins CoWI$6730.00%
19380American Home Assur CoNY$43,2350.02%12777Chubb Ind Ins CoNY$6240.00%
31534Citizens Ins Co Of AmerMI$42,8870.02%26069Wausau Business Ins CoWI$5760.00%
35696Harleysville Preferred Ins CoPA$36,4270.02%18023Star Ins CoMI$3480.00%
23108Lumbermens Underwriting AllianceMO$36,3260.02%10677Cincinnati Ins CoOH$3150.00%
16217National Farmers Union Prop & CasCO$33,4970.02%31135Great Amer Security Ins CoOH$2170.00%
23329Merchants Mut Ins CoNY$29,0280.01%25011Wesco Ins CoDE$2080.00%
30104Hartford Underwriters Ins CoCT$27,3830.01%13714Pharmacists Mut Ins CoIA$1700.00%
12866T.H.E. Ins CoLA$25,5690.01%10804Continental Western Ins CoIA$540.00%
33588First Liberty Ins CorpIA$20,1600.01%38970Markel Ins CoIL$530.00%
21849American Automobile Ins CoMO$19,5640.01%15032Guideone Mut Ins CoIA$410.00%
25844Union Ins CoIA$17,6900.01%
25623Phoenix Ins CoCT$17,1290.01%Total Direct Written Premium $213,785,189 100.00%
18333Peerless Ind Ins CoIL$15,5970.01%
26433Harco Natl Ins CoIL$15,5750.01%
10340Stonington Ins CoTX$15,2480.01%
24074Ohio Cas Ins CoOH$13,9320.01%
11045Excelsior Ins CoNH$12,4160.01%
21326Empire Fire & Marine Ins CoNE$10,7060.01%
11024Strathmore Ins CoNY$10,2450.00%
25054Hudson Ins CoDE$10,1750.00%
19704American States Ins CoIN$9,7380.00%
21458Employers Ins of WausauWI$9,5510.00%
25984Graphic Arts Mut Ins CoNY$9,4070.00%
22195Insurance Co Of Greater NYNY$9,1600.00%
23337American European Ins CoNH$8,7950.00%
20427American Cas Co Of Reading PAPA$8,6200.00%
41955Barnstable Cnty Ins CoMA$8,5760.00%
19690American Economy Ins CoIN$8,5650.00%
20222All Amer Ins CoOH$8,5440.00%
16691Great Amer Ins CoOH$7,3810.00%
24732General Ins Co Of AmerWA$6,7390.00%
20508Valley Forge Ins CoPA$6,3580.00%
11231Generali Us BranchNY$6,1050.00%
19895Atlantic Mut Ins CoNY$5,5510.00%
26832Great Amer Alliance Ins CoOH$5,2040.00%
24066American Fire & Cas CoOH$4,7880.00%
13331American Hardware Mut Ins CoOH$4,6050.00%
20443Continental Cas CoIL$4,1380.00%
23841New Hampshire Ins CoPA$3,9590.00%
24724First Natl Ins Co Of AmerWA$3,8860.00%
21970OneBeacon Ins CoPA$3,6680.00%
10111American Bankers Ins Co Of FLFL$3,6150.00%
27073Nipponkoa Ins Co Ltd US BrNY$3,4880.00%
12475Republic-Franklin Ins CoOH$3,4690.00%
29939Main St Amer Assur CoFL$3,2910.00%
11991National Cas CoWI$3,1090.00%
22551Mitsui Sumitomo Ins USA IncNY$2,7080.00%