2009 Premium and Market Share - AIRCRAFT (ALL PERILS)
NAIC# Company Name State Premium Written in MA
as of 12/31/2009
Market Share in MA
as of 12/31/2009
19720American Alt Ins CorpDE$2,706,07714.16%
23817Illinois Natl Ins CoIL$2,021,61810.58%
35300Allianz Global Risks US Ins CoCA$1,836,6029.61%
24147Old Republic Ins CoPA$1,548,9548.11%
23043Liberty Mut Ins CoMA$1,319,1906.90%
22039General Reins CorpDE$1,232,9766.45%
22667Ace Amer Ins CoPA$1,232,6076.45%
20281Federal Ins CoIN$1,154,4166.04%
37885XL Specialty Ins CoDE$1,103,5325.78%
34274Central States Ind Co Of OmahaNE$727,4653.81%
29599US Specialty Ins CoTX$680,0093.56%
20362Mitsui Sumitomo Ins Co of AmerNY$666,0443.49%
10367Avemco Ins CoMD$527,8382.76%
11150Arch Ins CoMO$471,1062.47%
12904Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Ins CoNY$389,0332.04%
19518Catlin Ins CoTX$286,2371.50%
19941American Commerce Ins CoOH$276,8861.45%
20699Ace Prop & Cas Ins CoPA$212,2631.11%
40045Starnet Ins CoDE$208,8791.09%
33022AXA Ins CoNY$207,8581.09%
34037Hallmark Ins CoAZ$150,0340.79%
24767St Paul Fire & Marine Ins CoMN$146,2790.77%
Total Direct Written Premium $19,105,903 100.00%

2009 Premium and Market Share - ANNUITIES
NAIC# Company Name State Premium Written in MA as of 12/31/2009 Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2009
69345Teachers Ins & Ann Assoc Of AmerNY$592,588,0088.92%
91596New York Life Ins & Ann CorpDE$511,616,4927.70%
65056Jackson Natl Life Ins CoMI$390,921,4315.89%
65005RiverSource Life Ins CoMN$372,999,8935.62%
65676Lincoln Natl Life Ins CoIN$302,524,8194.56%
65978Metropolitan Life Ins CoNY$300,531,8104.53%
86509Ing Life Ins & Ann CoCT$278,601,1364.20%
61050MetLife Investors USA Ins CoDE$258,714,2553.90%
65838John Hancock Life Ins Co (USA)MI$256,715,3503.87%
79065Sun Life Assur Co Of Canada USDE$219,560,6123.31%
86630Prudential Ann Life Assur CorpCT$201,292,2153.03%
65935Massachusetts Mut Life Ins CoMA$190,408,9782.87%
61689Aviva Life & Ann CoIA$181,573,8952.73%
67466Pacific Life Ins CoNE$171,801,6602.59%
62944AXA Equitable Life Ins CoNY$170,474,4522.57%
90611Allianz Life Ins Co Of N AmerMN$168,500,8542.54%
80942ING USA Ann & LIfe Ins CoIA$167,753,2512.53%
87726Metlife Ins Co of CTCT$137,662,1992.07%
68322Great W Life & Ann Ins CoCO$116,493,1601.75%
79227Pruco Life Ins CoAZ$109,025,5071.64%
93696Fidelity Investments Life Ins CoUT$107,699,9281.62%
86231Transamerica Life Ins CoIA$93,230,5371.40%
70435The Savings Bank Life Ins Co Of MAMA$79,179,2531.19%
91626New England Life Ins CoMA$73,570,5981.11%
60739American Natl Ins CoTX$68,022,8771.02%
70432Western Natl Life Ins CoTX$65,724,3440.99%
93432CM Life Ins CoCT$61,087,8200.92%
92738American Equity Invest Life Ins CoIA$58,227,6630.88%
67172Ohio Natl Life Ins CoOH$56,684,9870.85%
78778Guardian Ins & Ann Co IncDE$54,643,7730.82%
60488American Gen Life Ins CoTX$49,642,6520.75%
61271Principal Life Ins CoIA$48,745,1340.73%
61492Liberty Life Ins CoSC$46,466,5040.70%
70238Variable Ann Life Ins CoTX$44,533,3040.67%
65528Life Ins Co Of The SouthwestTX$34,331,9740.52%
61263Bankers Life & Cas CoIL$31,666,0380.48%
62626Cuna Mut Ins SocietyIA$30,531,0740.46%
67091Northwestern Mut Life Ins CoWI$28,694,6990.43%
60895American United Life Ins CoIN$26,489,1520.40%
66974North Amer Co Life & Hlth InsIA$23,258,6780.35%
66044Midland Natl Life Ins CoIA$22,835,9350.34%
69663USAA Life Ins CoTX$20,478,3440.31%
71129Fort Dearborn Life Ins CoIL$20,154,0370.30%
65536Genworth Life & Ann Ins CoVA$20,048,7680.30%
70025Genworth Life Ins CoDE$18,854,1130.28%
63312Great Amer Life Ins CoOH$17,100,8570.26%
74780Integrity Life Ins CoOH$14,914,2570.22%
68608Symetra Life Ins CoWA$14,353,9360.22%
68381Reliance Standard Life Ins CoIL$13,701,6430.21%
60142TIAA Cref Life Ins CoNY$13,385,9550.20%
66869Nationwide Life Ins CoOH$13,229,5020.20%
93513MetLIfe Investors Ins CoMO$13,057,1820.20%
62510Equitrust Life Ins CoIA$12,957,8450.20%
66281Monumental Life Ins CoIA$12,024,5330.18%
60941SunAmerica Ann & Life Assur CoAZ$11,711,7250.18%
69868United Of Omaha Life Ins CoNE$11,351,4140.17%
66168Minnesota Life Ins CoMN$10,782,4510.16%
93661Annuity Investors Life Ins CoOH$9,904,0780.15%
64513Horace Mann Life Ins CoIL$9,227,4030.14%
79022Merrill Lynch Life Ins CoAR$9,015,9980.14%
69019Standard Ins CoOR$8,963,5110.13%
65315Liberty Life Assur Co Of BostonMA$8,859,0650.13%
68136Protective Life Ins CoTN$8,131,1840.12%
68810Sentry Life Ins CoWI$7,734,6860.12%
60186Allstate Life Ins CoIL$7,653,0550.12%
80837Union Central Life Ins CoNE$7,594,2910.11%
65595Lincoln Benefit Life CoNE$7,427,3900.11%
68241Prudential Ins Co Of AmerNJ$6,822,9980.10%
64939Investors Ins CorpDE$6,355,3000.10%
68675Security Benefit Life Ins CoKS$5,422,9290.08%
60054Aetna Life Ins CoCT$5,212,4480.08%
65242Lafayette Life Ins CoIN$5,075,3870.08%
61999Americo Fin Life & Ann Ins CoTX$5,033,6050.08%
67644Penn Mut Life Ins CoPA$4,891,1710.07%
63126Farm Family Life Ins CoNY$4,547,9030.07%
66915New York Life Ins CoNY$4,491,3010.07%
61301Ameritas Life Ins CorpNE$4,410,6560.07%
88072Hartford Life Ins CoCT$4,284,8720.06%
67105Reliastar Life Ins CoMN$4,175,3030.06%
72222Amica Life Ins CoRI$3,767,4300.06%
64017Jefferson Natl Life Ins CoTX$3,706,8450.06%
66850National Western Life Ins CoCO$3,574,2580.05%
91413Western Reserve Life Assur Co of OHOH$2,681,5050.04%
93548PHL Variable Ins CoCT$2,673,2120.04%
64327Harleysville Life Ins CoPA$2,568,2840.04%
91642Forethought Life Ins CoIN$2,563,2560.04%
63274OM Fin Life Ins CoMD$2,543,5860.04%
64246Guardian Life Ins Co Of AmerNY$2,046,7050.03%
62057Lincoln Life & Ann Co of NYNY$2,039,6790.03%
78077Mony Life Ins Co Of AmerAZ$1,844,4690.03%
84824Commonwealth Ann & Life Ins CoMA$1,753,3190.03%
65331Liberty Natl Life Ins CoNE$1,554,5510.02%
60232AGL Life Assur CoPA$1,393,2750.02%
90557Kemper Investors Life Ins CoIL$1,282,3430.02%
88668Mutual Of Amer Life Ins CoNY$1,198,3060.02%
68039Presidential Life Ins CoNY$1,158,9460.02%
99937Columbus Life Ins CoOH$1,101,4400.02%
69116State Life Ins CoIN$1,046,2380.02%
66842American Gen Life Ins Co of DEDE$1,032,6060.02%
92916United Amer Ins CoNE$922,0740.01%
66680National Life Ins CoVT$845,9090.01%
68772Security Mut Life Ins Co Of NYNY$831,6080.01%
70335West Coast Life Ins CoNE$821,3050.01%
71153Hartford Life & Ann Ins CoCT$720,3420.01%
67989American Memorial Life Ins CoSD$558,8060.01%
92622Western Southern Life Assur CoOH$463,2350.01%
65129Kansas City Life Ins CoMO$382,8330.01%
71439Assurity Life Ins CoNE$367,2100.01%
70408Union Security Ins CoKS$364,3280.01%
60038Acacia Life Ins CoDC$319,4240.00%
69140First Allmerica Fin Life Ins CoMA$300,0770.00%
63967Government Personnel Mut Life Ins CoTX$280,3390.00%
66427MTL Ins CoIL$276,4530.00%
69256Sunamerica Life Ins CoAZ$236,6560.00%
67814Phoenix Life Ins CoNY$213,8960.00%
63177Farmers New World Life Ins CoWA$190,8200.00%
92657Nationwide Life & Ann Ins CoOH$184,9180.00%
97268Pacific Life & Ann CoAZ$178,0420.00%
63495First Investors Life Ins CoNY$162,1650.00%
70688Transamerica Financial Life Ins CoNY$159,3960.00%
81213American Maturity Life Ins CoCT$159,2630.00%
66370Mony Life Ins CoNY$117,8060.00%
69310Surety Life Ins CoNE$113,7310.00%
93629Prudential Retirement Ins & Ann CoCT$98,1420.00%
97136Metropolitan Tower Life Ins CoDE$86,2000.00%
60682Conseco Ins CoIL$69,8090.00%
65900Conseco Life Ins CoIN$62,5570.00%
80802US Br SunLife Assur Co Of CanadaMI$61,0990.00%
70580Humanadental Ins CoWI$54,9350.00%
65722Loyal Amer Life Ins CoOH$54,7120.00%
66672American Gen Life & Acc Ins CoTN$51,8250.00%
65927Lincoln Heritage Life Ins CoIL$47,2140.00%
84786Colorado Bankers Life Ins CoCO$46,2420.00%
63665General Amer Life Ins CoMO$40,9900.00%
80659US Business of Canada Life Assur CoMI$38,0400.00%
69477Time Ins CoWI$33,9100.00%
62928EMC Natl Life CoIA$33,6280.00%
63932Aviva Life & Ann Co of NYNY$29,3130.00%
62413Continental Assur CoIL$28,7980.00%
70319Washington Natl Ins CoIL$26,1170.00%
60704Wilton Reassur Life Co of NYNY$24,0670.00%
65919Primerica Life Ins CoMA$24,0250.00%
65781Madison Natl Life Ins Co IncWI$23,6280.00%
69566Trans World Assur CoCA$23,1100.00%
61808Charter Natl Life Ins CoIL$20,9210.00%
66087Mid West Natl Life Ins Co Of TNTX$20,6380.00%
70211Reassure Amer Life Ins CoIN$15,4950.00%
71773American Natl Life Ins Co Of TXTX$15,0830.00%
60429American Fidelity Life Ins CoFL$14,1310.00%
76236Cincinnati Life Ins CoOH$13,8380.00%
61360Reliastar Life Ins Co Of NYNY$10,4500.00%
70114Unity Mut Life Ins CoNY$8,4080.00%
62235Unum Life Ins Co Of AmerME$7,4120.00%
71870Fidelity Security Life Ins CoMO$6,5000.00%
62103Columbian Mut Life Ins CoNY$6,0330.00%
60607American Intl Life Assur Co of NYNY$5,8130.00%
63487Investors Life Ins Co N AmerTX$5,6180.00%
97055Mega Life & Hlth Ins Co TheOK$5,2030.00%
63258Federated Life Ins CoMN$5,0000.00%
67148Occidental Life Ins Co Of NCTX$4,7500.00%
66583National Guardian Life Ins CoWI$4,6700.00%
61883Central United Life Ins CoAR$4,4080.00%
60445Sagicor Life Ins CoTX$3,0000.00%
60275American Bankers Life Assur Co Of FLFL$2,4430.00%
71854AAA Life Ins CoMI$2,4340.00%
61395Beneficial Life Ins CoUT$2,4000.00%
61425Trustmark Ins CoIL$2,3450.00%
64211Guarantee Trust Life Ins CoIL$2,1400.00%
87645United Fidelity Life Ins CoTX$1,7910.00%
70866Allstate Assur CoIL$1,5000.00%
84654US Branch Assumption Mut Life Ins CoMA$1,4340.00%
90212Great Southern Life Ins CoTX$1,4300.00%
60534American Heritage Life Ins CoFL$1,3800.00%
61476Boston Mut Life Ins CoMA$2610.00%
70106United States Life Ins Co In NYCNY$2530.00%
70130Universal Guar Life Ins CoOH$1600.00%
61832Chesapeake Life Ins CoOK$1200.00%
62049Colonial Life & Accident Ins CoSC$1080.00%
67083Manhattan Natl Life Ins CoIL$150.00%
Total Direct Written Premium $6,640,224,832 100.00%