Spec2009 Premium and Market Share - LIFE \ OTHER FUNDS

NAIC#Company NameStatePremium Written in MA
as of 12/31/2009
Market Share in MA
as of 12/31/2009
65935Massachusetts Mut Life Ins CoMA$624,763,45825.10%
65838John Hancock Life Ins Co (USA)MI$561,187,12422.54%
66915New York Life Ins CoNY$251,816,19010.12%
65978Metropolitan Life Ins CoNY$238,631,4309.59%
66869Nationwide Life Ins CoOH$216,979,5598.72%
88072Hartford Life Ins CoCT$115,493,8654.64%
68241Prudential Ins Co Of AmerNJ$112,269,9734.51%
86231Transamerica Life Ins CoIA$76,804,6663.09%
70688Transamerica Financial Life Ins CoNY$60,648,0642.44%
67466Pacific Life Ins CoNE$52,500,0002.11%
71153Hartford Life & Ann Ins CoCT$49,544,6301.99%
66281Monumental Life Ins CoIA$37,068,4951.49%
67644Penn Mut Life Ins CoPA$28,999,0911.16%
88668Mutual Of Amer Life Ins CoNY$24,978,4031.00%
66168Minnesota Life Ins CoMN$11,821,5010.47%
93610John Hancock Life & Hlth Ins CoMA$9,000,0000.36%
86509Ing Life Ins & Ann CoCT$7,905,3390.32%
62944AXA Equitable Life Ins CoNY$3,139,8770.13%
69019Standard Ins CoOR$2,096,1560.08%
91626New England Life Ins CoMA$917,8920.04%
93629Prudential Retirement Ins & Ann CoCT$916,5800.04%
92657Nationwide Life & Ann Ins CoOH$580,0820.02%
65129Kansas City Life Ins CoMO$577,2180.02%
67172Ohio Natl Life Ins CoOH$252,1890.01%
61271Principal Life Ins CoIA$234,6690.01%
69868United Of Omaha Life Ins CoNE$120,3920.00%
81213American Maturity Life Ins CoCT$21,8000.00%
93262Penn Ins & Ann CoDE$10,0000.00%
78778Guardian Ins & Ann Co IncDE$8,0000.00%
62553Country Life Ins CoIL$3,2010.00%
70815Hartford Life & Accident Ins CoCT$2,4830.00%
 Total Direct Written Premium $2,489,292,327100.00%

2009 Premium and Market Share - MEDICAL MALPRACTICE
NAIC#Company NameStatePremium Written in MA as of 12/31/2009Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2009
10206Medical Professional Mut Ins CoMA$135,419,57078.19%
11843Medical Protective CoIN$13,872,0008.01%
20427American Cas Co Of Reading PAPA$6,376,3583.68%
15890Connecticut Medical Ins CoCT$6,015,2933.47%
14460Podiatry Ins Co Of AmerIL$2,123,6811.23%
22810Chicago Ins CoIL$1,946,8531.12%
10638Proselect Ins CoMA$1,939,6851.12%
15865NCMIC Ins CoIA$1,447,8790.84%
22667Ace Amer Ins CoPA$1,430,1520.83%
19445National Union Fire Ins Co Of PittsPA$836,8820.48%
20443Continental Cas CoIL$407,3480.24%
16624Darwin Natl Assur CoDE$323,2840.19%
21970OneBeacon Ins CoPA$212,4280.12%
10801Fortress Ins CoIL$182,4250.11%
36234Preferred Professional Ins CoNE$177,7530.10%
34495Doctors Co An Interins ExchCA$140,3760.08%
23809Granite State Ins CoPA$122,0320.07%
13714Pharmacists Mut Ins CoIA$87,1890.05%
19720American Alt Ins CorpDE$56,8190.03%
10222PACO Assur Co IncIL$27,7530.02%
19380American Home Assur CoNY$24,8880.01%
11127Professional Solutions Ins CoIA$11,5450.01%
18767Church Mut Ins CoWI$6,9980.00%
21857American Ins CoOH$6,7090.00%
11991National Cas CoWI$4,5500.00%
24732General Ins Co Of AmerWA$2,9390.00%
25143State Farm Fire & Cas CoIL$6330.00%
 Total Direct Written Premium $173,204,022100.00%

2009 Premium and Market Share - MORTGAGE & FINANCIAL GUARANTY
NAIC#Company NameStatePremium Written in MA
as of 12/31/2009
Market Share in MA
as of 12/31/2009
29858Mortgage Guar Ins CorpWI$32,282,19526.88%
38458Genworth Mortgage Ins CorpNC$15,688,63813.06%
27251PMI Mortgage Ins CoAZ$13,663,43811.38%
15873United Guar Residential Ins CoNC$13,636,73811.35%
33790Radian Guar IncPA$12,763,50510.63%
18708Ambac Assur CorpWI$12,192,64710.15%
28452Republic Mortgage Ins CoNC$9,177,9237.64%
40266CMG Mortgage Ins CoWI$3,459,0732.88%
30180Assured Guar CorpMD$2,682,9542.23%
18287Assured Guar Municipal CorpNY$1,602,9111.33%
24350Triad Guar Ins CorpIL$1,012,4710.84%
12041MBIA Ins CorpNY$617,5750.51%
29823Genworth Residential Mortgage Ins CoNC$459,8340.38%
20311Syncora Guar IncNY$457,3240.38%
36250Radian Asset Assur IncNY$299,6000.25%
29114CMG Mortgage Assur CoWI$51,0900.04%
26999United Guar Mortgage Ind CoNC$42,7800.04%
19038Travelers Cas & Surety CoCT$7,7220.01%
25658Travelers Ind CoCT$3,5100.00%
18759Genworth Residential Mortgage AssurNC$2,4730.00%
35289Continental Ins CoPA$2,3400.00%
18740MGIC Ind CorpWI$1,3610.00%
10682MGIC Credit Assur CorpWI$8920.00%
16675Genworth Mortgage Ins Corp Of NCNC$110.00%
 Total Direct Written Premium $120,109,005100.00%

2009 Premium and Market Share - OCEAN & INLAND MARINE
NAIC#Company NameStatePremium Written in MA as of 12/31/2009Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2009
23043Liberty Mut Ins CoMA$43,566,42612.75%
20443Continental Cas CoIL$21,812,4716.38%
20281Federal Ins CoIN$19,054,1165.58%
19445National Union Fire Ins Co Of PittsPA$13,146,3013.85%
25674Travelers Prop Cas Co Of AmerCT$9,966,6012.92%
38369Northern Assur Co Of AmerMA$9,703,6032.84%
21482Factory Mut Ins CoRI$9,561,1142.80%
20346Pacific Ind CoWI$9,124,6202.67%
22292Hanover Ins CoNH$7,442,5682.18%
19070Standard Fire Ins CoCT$6,815,8241.99%
22136Great Amer Ins Co of NYNY$5,918,9301.73%
21873Firemans Fund Ins CoCA$5,774,5381.69%
29874North Amer Specialty Ins CoNH$5,681,7301.66%
31325Acadia Ins CoNH$5,587,0201.64%
10014Affiliated Fm Ins CoRI$5,429,3921.59%
24767St Paul Fire & Marine Ins CoMN$5,424,3071.59%
11630Jefferson Ins CoNY$5,279,5911.55%
10952Stonebridge Cas Ins CoOH$4,666,6051.37%
20621OneBeacon Amer Ins CoMA$4,593,2141.34%
27928Amex Assur CoIL$4,323,0581.27%
19682Hartford Fire In CoCT$4,320,6991.26%
40274Citation Ins CoMA$4,316,1941.26%
19798Merrimack Mut Fire Ins CoMA$4,174,0981.22%
25623Phoenix Ins CoCT$4,167,2631.22%
23035Liberty Mut Fire Ins CoWI$3,998,6961.17%
17000Arbella Mut Ins CoMA$3,604,4941.05%
20052National Liab & Fire Ins CoCT$3,427,5421.00%
19305Assurance Co Of AmerNY$3,292,1360.96%
22667Ace Amer Ins CoPA$3,200,9700.94%
38318Starr Ind & Liab CoTX$3,021,2180.88%
20303Great Northern Ins CoIN$3,016,1650.88%
24198Peerless Ins CoNH$2,632,1230.77%
23469American Modern Home Ins CoOH$2,473,8090.72%
29530AXA Art Ins CorpNY$2,308,6000.68%
32220American Intl Ins CoNY$2,166,7350.63%
33618Safety Ind Ins CoMA$2,100,9390.61%
23841New Hampshire Ins CoPA$2,087,2160.61%
26298Metropolitan Prop & Cas Ins CoRI$2,080,1820.61%
19976Amica Mut Ins CoRI$2,079,2860.61%
14354Jewelers Mut Ins CoWI$1,971,7610.58%
26565Ohio Ind CoOH$1,967,3430.58%
11185Foremost Ins Co Grand Rapids MIMI$1,906,5610.56%
21113United States Fire Ins CoDE$1,883,5420.55%
25968USAA Cas Ins CoTX$1,841,6800.54%
35289Continental Ins CoPA$1,820,3190.53%
28932Markel Amer Ins CoVA$1,769,6300.52%
34754Commerce Ins CoMA$1,767,9480.52%
36145Travelers Personal Security Ins CoCT$1,744,9740.51%
43575Indemnity Ins Co Of North AmerPA$1,744,5060.51%
20397Vigilant Ins CoNY$1,720,0340.50%
21857American Ins CoOH$1,711,2230.50%
37885XL Specialty Ins CoDE$1,696,7160.50%
25658Travelers Ind CoCT$1,691,2540.49%
26182Harleysville Worcester Ins CoPA$1,689,8800.49%
16691Great Amer Ins CoOH$1,682,2740.49%
26018Vermont Mut Ins CoVT$1,667,4070.49%
40320Massachusetts Homeland Ins CoMA$1,532,6790.45%
41360Arbella Protection Ins CoMA$1,458,9480.43%
31534Citizens Ins Co Of AmerMI$1,455,9740.43%
16535Zurich Amer Ins CoNY$1,283,6870.38%
10111American Bankers Ins Co Of FLFL$1,281,9900.38%
23248Occidental Fire & Cas Co Of NCNC$1,259,9080.37%
37273Axis Ins CoIL$1,128,8000.33%
13803Farm Family Cas Ins CoNY$1,113,5110.33%
42307Navigators Ins CoNY$1,106,7380.32%
21865Associated Ind CorpCA$1,094,4790.32%
19402Chartis Prop Cas CoPA$998,3750.29%
11150Arch Ins CoMO$978,2530.29%
20370AXIS Reins CoNY$975,2660.29%
15024Preferred Mut Ins CoNY$932,1800.27%
39454Safety Ins CoMA$927,7820.27%
19771Cambridge Mut Fire Ins CoMA$879,9540.26%
24147Old Republic Ins CoPA$854,6590.25%
19259Selective Ins Co Of SCIN$821,5620.24%
19372Northern Ins Co Of NYNY$755,5600.22%
14206Holyoke Mut Ins Co In SalemMA$726,9920.21%
38970Markel Ins CoIL$713,1520.21%
22306Massachusetts Bay Ins CoNH$712,3460.21%
40045Starnet Ins CoDE$641,7430.19%
21105North River Ins CoNJ$633,3360.19%
20494Transportation Ins CoIL$621,9580.18%
37257Praetorian Ins CoPA$608,5980.18%
19410Commerce & Industry Ins CoNY$603,0060.18%
19615American Reliable Ins CoAZ$595,4760.17%
23965Norfolk & Dedham Mut Fire Ins CoMA$582,4090.17%
12831State Natl Ins Co IncTX$577,6270.17%
25615Charter Oak Fire Ins CoCT$575,3040.17%
20702Ace Fire Underwriters Ins CoPA$542,7060.16%
12808Safety Prop & Cas Ins CoMA$482,4140.14%
19380American Home Assur CoNY$471,0600.14%
22713Insurance Co of N AmerPA$462,1550.14%
34789AIG Centennial Ins CoPA$460,3660.13%
11991National Cas CoWI$454,8190.13%
33600LM Ins CorpIL$453,6870.13%
13706Dorchester Mut Ins CoMA$442,2360.13%
18058Philadelphia Ind Ins CoPA$434,3560.13%
31089Republic Western Ins CoAZ$425,6370.12%
25143State Farm Fire & Cas CoIL$423,1100.12%
42048Diamond State Ins CoIN$420,1510.12%
14192Hingham Mut Fire Ins CoMA$412,4450.12%
14788NGM Ins CoFL$392,6300.11%
12154Encompass Ins Co of MAMA$377,3800.11%
15067Quincy Mut Fire Ins CoMA$364,6880.11%
16608New York Marine & Gen Ins CoNY$357,5940.10%
12262Pennsylvania Manufacturers Assoc InsPA$343,1610.10%
13056RLI Ins CoIL$343,1570.10%
15040Providence Mut Fire Ins CoRI$314,5030.09%
25852New England Guar Ins Co IncVT$297,1950.09%
23809Granite State Ins CoPA$293,0580.09%
14923Patrons Mut Ins Co Of CtCT$290,5830.09%
23647Ironshore Ind IncMN$270,2310.08%
16322Progressive Direct Ins CoOH$267,8630.08%
22578Horace Mann Ins CoIL$267,5210.08%
25976Utica Mut Ins CoNY$266,2960.08%
25682Travelers Ind Co Of CTCT$258,0060.08%
39926Selective Ins Co Of The SoutheastIN$256,7590.08%
13943Fitchburg Mut Ins CoMA$253,7210.07%
14168Harleysville Mut Ins CoPA$253,0250.07%
25844Union Ins CoIA$249,6290.07%
24414General Cas Co Of WIWI$248,6360.07%
11255Caterpillar Ins CoMO$240,5890.07%
37915Essentia Ins CoMO$238,9070.07%
10936Seneca Ins Co IncNY$234,1470.07%
35300Allianz Global Risks US Ins CoCA$219,5880.06%
21261Electric Ins CoMA$212,7270.06%
21180Sentry Select Ins CoWI$200,6770.06%
20680Green Mountain Ins Co IncVT$198,8670.06%
13935Federated Mut Ins CoMN$198,4140.06%
20230Central Mut Ins CoOH$196,8640.06%
19720American Alt Ins CorpDE$187,5710.05%
10052Chubb Natl Ins CoIN$179,2930.05%
20648Employers Fire Ins CoMA$178,7410.05%
27740North Pointe Ins CoMI$167,2010.05%
37923Seaworthy Ins CoMD$165,6290.05%
37060Old United Cas CoKS$163,5140.05%
21970OneBeacon Ins CoPA$161,3250.05%
25860Union Mut Fire Ins CoVT$160,8520.05%
43001Narragansett Bay Ins CoRI$143,7650.04%
21326Empire Fire & Marine Ins CoNE$138,5020.04%
14974Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mut InsPA$132,2310.04%
10054Securian Cas CoMN$132,0610.04%
21415Employers Mut Cas CoIA$131,8950.04%
25666Travelers Ind Co Of AmerCT$131,7050.04%
33588First Liberty Ins CorpIL$129,5560.04%
36153Aetna Ins Co of CTCT$128,7590.04%
26344Great Amer Assur CoOH$125,3780.04%
29700North Amer Elite Ins CoNH$121,7480.04%
21296Max Amer Ins CoIN$111,7080.03%
29939Main St Amer Assur CoFL$110,8210.03%
11045Excelsior Ins CoNH$108,2330.03%
26166Windsor Mount Joy Mut Ins CoPA$106,8630.03%
19356Maryland Cas CoMD$97,8670.03%
34711Computer Ins CoRI$97,8330.03%
24074Ohio Cas Ins CoOH$95,8650.03%
10847Cumis Ins Society IncIA$95,0770.03%
40827Virginia Surety Co IncIL$92,6820.03%
10205Mountain Valley Ind CoNH$89,6130.03%
18279Bankers Standard Ins CoPA$85,5360.03%
41459Armed Forces Ins ExchKS$85,5040.03%
23175Phenix Mut Fire Ins CoNH$77,1440.02%
20362Mitsui Sumitomo Ins Co of AmerNY$74,7900.02%
24988Sentry Ins A Mut CoWI$71,1730.02%
19631American Road Ins CoMI$65,5370.02%
12866T H E Ins CoLA$61,0210.02%
22683Teachers Ins CoIL$58,4020.02%
21849American Automobile Ins CoMO$57,1600.02%
25984Graphic Arts Mut Ins CoNY$55,5440.02%
13331American Hardware Mut Ins CoOH$55,2750.02%
35696Harleysville Preferred Ins CoPA$50,2260.01%
12190American Pet Ins CoNY$48,5550.01%
21121Westchester Fire Ins CoNY$46,0900.01%
23817Illinois Natl Ins CoIL$45,2910.01%
23450American Family Home Ins CoFL$45,0830.01%
24791St Paul Mercury Ins CoMN$43,2820.01%
24449Regent Ins CoWI$42,6410.01%
23787Nationwide Mut Ins CoOH$39,4120.01%
11770United Financial Cas CoOH$38,6240.01%
19429Insurance Co Of The State Of PAPA$37,4440.01%
10243National Continental Ins CoNY$37,3340.01%
24813Balboa Ins CoCA$36,7360.01%
36137Travelers Commercial Ins CoCT$33,4790.01%
32620National Interstate Ins CoOH$33,2910.01%
25224Great Divide Ins CoND$31,8810.01%
19704American States Ins CoIN$31,2830.01%
21172Vanliner Ins CoMO$30,9050.01%
12157Companion Prop & Cas Ins CoSC$29,7720.01%
14982Penn Millers Ins CoPA$29,0440.01%
21423Union Ins Co Of ProvidenceIA$28,9120.01%
12904Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Ins CoNY$28,6750.01%
24260Progressive Cas Ins CoOH$27,3920.01%
30104Hartford Underwriters Ins CoCT$27,1270.01%
26832Great Amer Alliance Ins CoOH$25,5700.01%
11452Hartford Steam Boil Inspec & Ins CoCT$23,3970.01%
38245BCS Ins CoOH$22,6840.01%
12901Merchants Preferred Ins CoNY$22,6470.01%
24554XL Ins Amer IncDE$22,1270.01%
42404Liberty Ins CorpIL$21,8970.01%
30325Zale Ind CoTX$21,3830.01%
22314RSUI Ind CoNH$21,1650.01%
23329Merchants Mut Ins CoNY$20,2900.01%
24775St Paul Guardian Ins CoMN$18,6010.01%
37303Redland Ins CoPA$18,4030.01%
12777Chubb Ind Ins CoNY$16,9530.00%
21784Firemens Ins Co Of Washington DCDE$16,6180.00%
16578Fidelity Natl Prop & Cas Ins CoNY$16,0250.00%
24171Netherlands Ins Co TheNH$15,4500.00%
20508Valley Forge Ins CoPA$13,4070.00%
19518Catlin Ins CoTX$12,1100.00%
19224St Paul Protective Ins CoIL$11,2040.00%
14826New London Cnty Mut Ins CoCT$10,8800.00%
39217QBE Ins CorpPA$10,7360.00%
20427American Cas Co Of Reading PAPA$10,4650.00%
26247American Guar & Liab InsNY$10,4630.00%
26433Harco Natl Ins CoIL$10,0350.00%
29459Twin City Fire Ins Co CoIN$9,8090.00%
42978American Security Ins CoDE$9,5710.00%
41181Universal Underwriters Ins CoKS$9,4330.00%
21903Procentury Ins CoTX$9,3230.00%
27120Trumbull Ins CoCT$9,2240.00%
13714Pharmacists Mut Ins CoIA$8,8240.00%
36463Discover Prop & Cas Ins CoIL$8,7060.00%
22748Pacific Employers Ins CoPA$8,7020.00%
22322Greenwich Ins CoDE$8,4250.00%
20222All Amer Ins CoOH$7,8590.00%
10200Hiscox Ins Co IncIL$7,6950.00%
10815Verlan Fire Ins Co MDNH$7,2880.00%
33022AXA Ins CoNY$7,0000.00%
25992Northern Security Ins Co IncVT$6,9000.00%
35769Lyndon Prop Ins CoMO$6,8660.00%
26042Wausau Underwriters Ins CoWI$6,0820.00%
37710First Amer Prop & Cas Ins CoCA$5,6500.00%
10499Chrysler Ins CoMI$4,9770.00%
18333Peerless Ind Ins CoIL$4,7430.00%
24031Northland Cas CoMN$4,5680.00%
19801Argonaut Ins CoIL$4,4910.00%
19062Automobile Ins Co Of Hartford CTCT$4,0100.00%
21458Employers Ins of WausauWI$4,0000.00%
32077Heritage Cas Ins CoIL$3,6440.00%
29424Hartford Cas Ins CoIN$3,5880.00%
26069Wausau Business Ins CoWI$3,2130.00%
37540Beazley Ins Co IncCT$3,1490.00%
14532Middlesex Mut Assur CoCT$3,1410.00%
39306Fidelity & Deposit Co Of MDMD$2,2980.00%
10677Cincinnati Ins CoOH$2,2450.00%
23108Lumbermens Underwriting AllianceMO$2,1810.00%
40142American Zurich Ins CoIL$2,1270.00%
10472Capitol Ind CorpWI$2,0900.00%
37850Pacific Specialty Ins CoCA$2,0300.00%
11967General Star Natl Ins CoOH$1,7150.00%
22187Greater NY Mut Ins CoNY$1,6580.00%
13463Barnstable Cnty Mut Ins CoMA$1,5800.00%
19690American Economy Ins CoIN$1,1990.00%
27847Insurance Co Of The WestCA$1,1290.00%
24732General Ins Co Of AmerWA$9830.00%
34274Central States Ind Co Of OmahaNE$9130.00%
11024Strathmore Ins CoNY$5990.00%
33723Great Amer Spirit Ins CoOH$5690.00%
20478National Fire Ins Co Of HartfordIL$4020.00%
22195Insurance Co Of Greater NYNY$3250.00%
10804Continental Western Ins CoIA$3200.00%
31267York Ins Co of MEME$1690.00%
12725New England Mut Ins CoMA$850.00%
19895Atlantic Mut Ins CoNY$740.00%
20796AIG Premier Ins CoPA$590.00%
19909Centennial Ins CoNY$570.00%
39845Westport Ins CorpMO$480.00%
27073Nipponkoa Ins Co Ltd US BrNY$370.00%
11126Sompo Japan Ins Co of AmerNY$110.00%
 Total Direct Written Premium $341,694,119100.00%

2009 Premium and Market Share - PRIVATE PASSENGER AUTO

NAIC#Company NameStatePremium Written in MA
as of 12/31/2009
Market Share in MA
as of 12/31/2009
34754Commerce Ins CoMA$1,025,235,53428.83%
39454Safety Ins CoMA$386,974,54710.88%
23043Liberty Mut Ins CoMA$323,630,6249.10%
17000Arbella Mut Ins CoMA$318,507,2518.96%
14737Plymouth Rock Assur CorpMA$210,836,4875.93%
12850Premier Ins Co Of MAMA$205,400,9805.78%
26298Metropolitan Prop & Cas Ins CoRI$201,618,1825.67%
31534Citizens Ins Co Of AmerMI$134,462,0633.78%
19976Amica Mut Ins CoRI$125,659,0633.53%
16322Progressive Direct Ins CoOH$118,928,4753.34%
40320Massachusetts Homeland Ins CoMA$79,729,0422.24%
15067Quincy Mut Fire Ins CoMA$65,860,2171.85%
12154Encompass Ins Co of MAMA$53,351,9341.50%
25968USAA Cas Ins CoTX$42,169,9201.19%
14788NGM Ins CoFL$41,317,0111.16%
23965Norfolk & Dedham Mut Fire Ins CoMA$41,293,8191.16%
22063Government Employees Ins CoMD$19,201,7310.54%
24198Peerless Ins CoNH$19,057,1700.54%
26018Vermont Mut Ins CoVT$16,373,0160.46%
23248Occidental Fire & Cas Co Of NCNC$15,183,1760.43%
25178State Farm Mut Auto Ins CoIL$14,960,3180.42%
21750Pilgrim Ins CoMA$14,124,1330.40%
21849American Automobile Ins CoMO$12,636,8180.36%
21261Electric Ins CoMA$11,685,2400.33%
13803Farm Family Cas Ins CoNY$5,197,6880.15%
35882Geico Gen Ins CoMD$3,708,8350.10%
15024Preferred Mut Ins CoNY$3,242,1210.09%
26522Mount Vernon Fire Ins CoPA$2,583,2770.07%
29068IDS Prop Cas Ins CoWI$1,545,7920.04%
37915Essentia Ins CoMO$1,495,8450.04%
26182Harleysville Worcester Ins CoPA$1,311,4160.04%
32220American Intl Ins CoNY$796,3210.02%
11185Foremost Ins Co Grand Rapids MIMI$519,4950.01%
19232Allstate Ins CoIL$397,7350.01%
10111American Bankers Ins Co Of FLFL$346,4450.01%
19402Chartis Prop Cas CoPA$202,2840.01%
24260Progressive Cas Ins CoOH$184,6990.01%
28932Markel Amer Ins CoVA$126,9810.00%
22292Hanover Ins CoNH$94,6630.00%
11150Arch Ins CoMO$93,8420.00%
31267York Ins Co of MEME$14,4410.00%
20648Employers Fire Ins CoMA$10,4090.00%
21962Pennsylvania Gen Ins CoPA$7,7830.00%
38369Northern Assur Co Of AmerMA$9500.00%
16691Great Amer Ins CoOH$5640.00%
21873Firemans Fund Ins CoCA$800.00%
20621OneBeacon Amer Ins CoMA$340.00%
23841New Hampshire Ins CoPA$110.00%
 Total Direct Written Premium $3,556,451,884100.00%

2008 Premium and Market Share - PROPERTY & CASUALTY TOTAL
NAIC#Company NameStatePremium Written in MA as of 12/31/2009Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2009
34754Commerce Ins CoMA$1,200,920,33611.98%
39454Safety Ins CoMA$472,390,3034.71%
17000Arbella Mut Ins CoMA$436,763,8564.36%
23043Liberty Mut Ins CoMA$422,443,3384.21%
26298Metropolitan Prop & Cas Ins CoRI$263,417,3492.63%
20281Federal Ins CoIN$226,154,8342.26%
19445National Union Fire Ins Co Of PittsPA$217,455,1402.17%
14737Plymouth Rock Assur CorpMA$211,425,9182.11%
12850Premier Ins Co Of MAMA$205,400,9802.05%
19976Amica Mut Ins CoRI$188,184,1301.88%
31534Citizens Ins Co Of AmerMI$187,157,2201.87%
15067Quincy Mut Fire Ins CoMA$174,106,5101.74%
23035Liberty Mut Fire Ins CoWI$173,173,9801.73%
19798Merrimack Mut Fire Ins CoMA$143,637,0711.43%
10206Medical Professional Mut Ins CoMA$136,783,8721.36%
40274Citation Ins CoMA$126,312,8111.26%
40320Massachusetts Homeland Ins CoMA$126,168,4401.26%
16322Progressive Direct Ins CoOH$119,318,7821.19%
26018Vermont Mut Ins CoVT$115,553,6521.15%
25658Travelers Ind CoCT$110,324,4441.10%
41360Arbella Protection Ins CoMA$107,936,2431.08%
20443Continental Cas CoIL$101,621,5561.01%
14788NGM Ins CoFL$97,957,9280.98%
25623Phoenix Ins CoCT$97,577,4170.97%
23965Norfolk & Dedham Mut Fire Ins CoMA$92,644,2750.92%
22667Ace Amer Ins CoPA$87,995,2750.88%
25674Travelers Prop Cas Co Of AmerCT$86,933,7720.87%
18058Philadelphia Ind Ins CoPA$83,327,4840.83%
33618Safety Ind Ins CoMA$81,937,1060.82%
22292Hanover Ins CoNH$75,363,4610.75%
25615Charter Oak Fire Ins CoCT$74,507,8850.74%
20648Employers Fire Ins CoMA$73,498,5800.73%
25968USAA Cas Ins CoTX$65,481,8700.65%
12154Encompass Ins Co of MAMA$64,282,8840.64%
16535Zurich Amer Ins CoNY$63,781,8440.64%
21482Factory Mut Ins CoRI$63,283,3810.63%
20346Pacific Ind CoWI$60,193,8730.60%
29459Twin City Fire Ins Co CoIN$58,066,2350.58%
24198Peerless Ins CoNH$56,344,0010.56%
33758Associated Industries Of MA Mut InsMA$55,123,9150.55%
19682Hartford Fire In CoCT$53,535,3000.53%
19070Standard Fire Ins CoCT$52,692,8030.53%
26182Harleysville Worcester Ins CoPA$49,959,9970.50%
31325Acadia Ins CoNH$47,486,4630.47%
15024Preferred Mut Ins CoNY$47,378,7730.47%
25666Travelers Ind Co Of AmerCT$43,445,2930.43%
21750Pilgrim Ins CoMA$42,658,7110.43%
25682Travelers Ind Co Of CTCT$40,923,7720.41%
22306Massachusetts Bay Ins CoNH$40,254,5550.40%
20303Great Northern Ins CoIN$37,054,1260.37%
42404Liberty Ins CorpIL$36,243,9160.36%
31194Travelers Cas & Surety Co Of AmerCT$36,233,4150.36%
10394Bunker Hill Ins CoMA$35,476,5600.35%
13803Farm Family Cas Ins CoNY$35,133,1230.35%
32220American Intl Ins CoNY$33,608,3380.34%
19771Cambridge Mut Fire Ins CoMA$33,585,2350.34%
26247American Guar & Liab InsNY$32,751,7400.33%
29858Mortgage Guar Ins CorpWI$32,282,1950.32%
37885XL Specialty Ins CoDE$32,148,6700.32%
37273Axis Ins CoIL$31,792,2630.32%
29424Hartford Cas Ins CoIN$31,768,7440.32%
24767St Paul Fire & Marine Ins CoMN$31,261,2340.31%
20621OneBeacon Amer Ins CoMA$30,632,4160.31%
19801Argonaut Ins CoIL$29,934,8160.30%
13463Barnstable Cnty Mut Ins CoMA$29,578,6360.30%
20397Vigilant Ins CoNY$28,629,5570.29%
14192Hingham Mut Fire Ins CoMA$28,323,9790.28%
21857American Ins CoOH$27,637,7750.28%
19429Insurance Co Of The State Of PAPA$27,277,5410.27%
21261Electric Ins CoMA$27,163,7630.27%
14206Holyoke Mut Ins Co In SalemMA$26,462,1370.26%
37478Hartford Ins Co Of The MidwestIN$24,822,5470.25%
21873Firemans Fund Ins CoCA$24,747,4030.25%
23841New Hampshire Ins CoPA$23,658,1410.24%
23809Granite State Ins CoPA$23,571,0070.24%
24791St Paul Mercury Ins CoMN$22,747,0100.23%
11045Excelsior Ins CoNH$22,671,0870.23%
42978American Security Ins CoDE$22,447,6130.22%
19038Travelers Cas & Surety CoCT$22,346,7860.22%
44326Atlantic Charter Ins CoMA$22,298,3480.22%
15040Providence Mut Fire Ins CoRI$21,625,3970.22%
10014Affiliated Fm Ins CoRI$21,620,7970.22%
40142American Zurich Ins CoIL$21,558,2060.22%
25844Union Ins CoIA$21,403,1200.21%
13706Dorchester Mut Ins CoMA$20,750,5280.21%
25976Utica Mut Ins CoNY$20,481,4410.20%
24171Netherlands Ins Co TheNH$20,368,0490.20%
10120Everest Natl Ins CoDE$20,307,4880.20%
41181Universal Underwriters Ins CoKS$19,764,6520.20%
22063Government Employees Ins CoMD$19,201,9140.19%
20478National Fire Ins Co Of HartfordIL$18,791,8010.19%
20508Valley Forge Ins CoPA$18,138,6200.18%
11150Arch Ins CoMO$17,777,4150.18%
25992Northern Security Ins Co IncVT$17,571,6840.18%
42552Nova Cas CoNY$17,042,7280.17%
19259Selective Ins Co Of SCIN$16,706,1520.17%
29599US Specialty Ins CoTX$16,675,4770.17%
14923Patrons Mut Ins Co Of CtCT$16,459,0570.16%
23248Occidental Fire & Cas Co Of NCNC$16,443,0840.16%
30104Hartford Underwriters Ins CoCT$16,246,3480.16%
15059Public Serv Mut Ins CoNY$16,131,9770.16%
21113United States Fire Ins CoDE$15,862,3620.16%
33600LM Ins CorpIL$15,834,7910.16%
16691Great Amer Ins CoOH$15,816,9340.16%
38458Genworth Mortgage Ins CorpNC$15,688,6380.16%
39217QBE Ins CorpPA$15,441,3010.15%
12831State Natl Ins Co IncTX$15,366,8900.15%
21849American Automobile Ins CoMO$15,198,8330.15%
25178State Farm Mut Auto Ins CoIL$15,184,5850.15%
14532Middlesex Mut Assur CoCT$15,021,0760.15%
11984Independence Cas Ins CoMA$14,948,8990.15%
32620National Interstate Ins CoOH$14,884,0680.15%
11991National Cas CoWI$14,742,8820.15%
24147Old Republic Ins CoPA$14,727,2830.15%
19410Commerce & Industry Ins CoNY$14,678,3490.15%
12886Massachusetts Employers Ins CoMA$14,523,4900.14%
19356Maryland Cas CoMD$14,274,9910.14%
11104Associated Employers Ins CoMA$14,138,7990.14%
20427American Cas Co Of Reading PAPA$14,084,2340.14%
11843Medical Protective CoIN$13,872,0000.14%
20230Central Mut Ins CoOH$13,869,2800.14%
13188Western Surety CoSD$13,807,5490.14%
24813Balboa Ins CoCA$13,698,4210.14%
27251PMI Mortgage Ins CoAZ$13,663,4380.14%
15873United Guar Residential Ins CoNC$13,636,7380.14%
19046Travelers Cas Ins Co Of AmerCT$13,476,9830.13%
10243National Continental Ins CoNY$13,429,3500.13%
24740Safeco Ins Co Of AmerWA$13,084,9080.13%
33790Radian Guar IncPA$12,763,5050.13%
13943Fitchburg Mut Ins CoMA$12,626,3460.13%
20494Transportation Ins CoIL$12,391,9530.12%
14826New London Cnty Mut Ins CoCT$12,350,3440.12%
25860Union Mut Fire Ins CoVT$12,332,2670.12%
18708Ambac Assur CorpWI$12,192,6470.12%
43001Narragansett Bay Ins CoRI$12,119,5310.12%
25984Graphic Arts Mut Ins CoNY$11,983,0420.12%
18333Peerless Ind Ins CoIL$11,809,3370.12%
24414General Cas Co Of WIWI$11,570,4170.12%
12475Republic Franklin Ins CoOH$11,556,8540.12%
23469American Modern Home Ins CoOH$11,509,2720.11%
20699Ace Prop & Cas Ins CoPA$11,318,3430.11%
25852New England Guar Ins Co IncVT$11,010,5890.11%
23817Illinois Natl Ins CoIL$10,956,8100.11%
21865Associated Ind CorpCA$10,819,1330.11%
22136Great Amer Ins Co of NYNY$10,813,0800.11%
43575Indemnity Ins Co Of North AmerPA$10,315,4470.10%
35181Executive Risk Ind IncDE$10,049,1930.10%
39845Westport Ins CorpMO$9,990,7110.10%
16578Fidelity Natl Prop & Cas Ins CoNY$9,979,2700.10%
21105North River Ins CoNJ$9,963,8290.10%
29874North Amer Specialty Ins CoNH$9,889,2260.10%
21326Empire Fire & Marine Ins CoNE$9,858,6480.10%
21970OneBeacon Ins CoPA$9,775,5340.10%
39306Fidelity & Deposit Co Of MDMD$9,742,1140.10%
10804Continental Western Ins CoIA$9,727,9760.10%
21121Westchester Fire Ins CoNY$9,712,8010.10%
38369Northern Assur Co Of AmerMA$9,704,5530.10%
31470Norguard Ins CoPA$9,610,3840.10%
22578Horace Mann Ins CoIL$9,448,4650.09%
28452Republic Mortgage Ins CoNC$9,177,9230.09%
33588First Liberty Ins CorpIL$9,125,6670.09%
35696Harleysville Preferred Ins CoPA$9,079,5060.09%
26522Mount Vernon Fire Ins CoPA$9,076,5150.09%
19917Liberty Ins Underwriters IncNY$8,957,5950.09%
11185Foremost Ins Co Grand Rapids MIMI$8,774,9880.09%
26042Wausau Underwriters Ins CoWI$8,298,3510.08%
22187Greater NY Mut Ins CoNY$8,120,7700.08%
26069Wausau Business Ins CoWI$8,103,3560.08%
29939Main St Amer Assur CoFL$8,023,4160.08%
24074Ohio Cas Ins CoOH$7,958,0980.08%
24260Progressive Cas Ins CoOH$7,932,5160.08%
23329Merchants Mut Ins CoNY$7,815,3370.08%
21458Employers Ins of WausauWI$7,814,1880.08%
22322Greenwich Ins CoDE$7,806,2590.08%
14168Harleysville Mut Ins CoPA$7,642,9540.08%
42376Technology Ins Co IncNH$7,586,0610.08%
27928Amex Assur CoIL$7,548,0440.08%
19380American Home Assur CoNY$7,514,5400.07%
23612Midwest Employers Cas CoDE$7,475,7640.07%
10111American Bankers Ins Co Of FLFL$7,399,4270.07%
35300Allianz Global Risks US Ins CoCA$7,228,1630.07%
22357Hartford Accident & Ind CoCT$7,205,2210.07%
13935Federated Mut Ins CoMN$7,168,9730.07%
42307Navigators Ins CoNY$7,167,3050.07%
10017Arbella Ind Ins CoMA$7,086,5360.07%
19720American Alt Ins CorpDE$6,974,5030.07%
22314RSUI Ind CoNH$6,935,1080.07%
21172Vanliner Ins CoMO$6,888,9010.07%
24554XL Ins Amer IncDE$6,804,9670.07%
43702Tower Natl Ins CoMA$6,781,4820.07%
13056RLI Ins CoIL$6,584,2980.07%
20222All Amer Ins CoOH$6,562,4200.07%
19305Assurance Co Of AmerNY$6,547,0740.07%
21881National Surety CorpIL$6,517,4680.07%
35289Continental Ins CoPA$6,427,6770.06%
10510Carolina Cas Ins CoIA$6,371,6820.06%
26344Great Amer Assur CoOH$6,188,2580.06%
18023Star Ins CoMI$6,097,8610.06%
15890Connecticut Medical Ins CoCT$6,015,2930.06%
15105Safety Natl Cas CorpMO$5,970,8460.06%
38970Markel Ins CoIL$5,741,2140.06%
24988Sentry Ins A Mut CoWI$5,712,9100.06%
39926Selective Ins Co Of The SoutheastIN$5,708,9110.06%
23175Phenix Mut Fire Ins CoNH$5,692,0540.06%
10847Cumis Ins Society IncIA$5,648,3510.06%
18767Church Mut Ins CoWI$5,639,8240.06%
20680Green Mountain Ins Co IncVT$5,608,4260.06%
11630Jefferson Ins CoNY$5,563,7960.06%
25143State Farm Fire & Cas CoIL$5,526,9900.06%
21784Firemens Ins Co Of Washington DCDE$5,208,5390.05%
12904Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Ins CoNY$5,177,0380.05%
11024Strathmore Ins CoNY$4,957,2320.05%
10952Stonebridge Cas Ins CoOH$4,870,8980.05%
19402Chartis Prop Cas CoPA$4,849,0370.05%
11770United Financial Cas CoOH$4,757,4290.05%
37540Beazley Ins Co IncCT$4,683,4710.05%
14702Eastguard Ins CoPA$4,548,7490.05%
36463Discover Prop & Cas Ins CoIL$4,546,9860.05%
20516Euler Hermes Amer Credit Ind CoMD$4,466,5670.04%
42390Amguard Ins CoPA$4,460,9170.04%
12808Safety Prop & Cas Ins CoMA$4,441,5930.04%
21415Employers Mut Cas CoIA$4,413,8440.04%
11030Memic Ind CoNH$4,116,2970.04%
41840Allmerica Fin Benefit Ins CoMI$3,944,0550.04%
41343HDI Gerling Amer Ins CoIL$3,942,1110.04%
37354Thames Ins Co IncCT$3,841,0910.04%
10690Allied World Natl Assur CoNH$3,800,3360.04%
35882Geico Gen Ins CoMD$3,708,8350.04%
13163Hospitality Mut Ins CoMA$3,706,3490.04%
38318Starr Ind & Liab CoTX$3,692,4320.04%
28258Continental Ind CoIA$3,690,4430.04%
13374Arrow Mut Liab Ins CoMA$3,661,7720.04%
13331American Hardware Mut Ins CoOH$3,614,2550.04%
10664Endeavour Ins CoMA$3,509,4320.04%
12262Pennsylvania Manufacturers Assoc InsPA$3,480,1670.03%
40266CMG Mortgage Ins CoWI$3,459,0730.03%
20052National Liab & Fire Ins CoCT$3,427,5420.03%
16624Darwin Natl Assur CoDE$3,360,4480.03%
39527Heritage Ind CoCA$3,305,0610.03%
21180Sentry Select Ins CoWI$3,290,0120.03%
13927Homesite Ins Co Of The MidwestND$3,287,9830.03%
24139Old Republic Gen Ins CorpIL$3,225,1260.03%
31887Coface N Amer Ins CoMA$3,170,1950.03%
44393West Amer Ins CoIN$3,139,4280.03%
44300Tower Ins Co Of NYNY$3,133,9770.03%
41955Barnstable Cnty Ins CoMA$3,129,6730.03%
10936Seneca Ins Co IncNY$3,037,5420.03%
22241Medmarc Cas Ins CoVT$3,005,6380.03%
19372Northern Ins Co Of NYNY$2,993,3550.03%
14974Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mut InsPA$2,918,6640.03%
25054Hudson Ins CoDE$2,896,5340.03%
36137Travelers Commercial Ins CoCT$2,794,3790.03%
14982Penn Millers Ins CoPA$2,784,8400.03%
16608New York Marine & Gen Ins CoNY$2,768,2640.03%
14354Jewelers Mut Ins CoWI$2,736,1970.03%
30180Assured Guar CorpMD$2,682,9540.03%
13722Knightbrook Ins CoDE$2,676,6690.03%
10205Mountain Valley Ind CoNH$2,644,1610.03%
36226United Cas & Surety Ins CoMA$2,597,6780.03%
16551Savers Prop & Cas Ins CoMO$2,587,9420.03%
20362Mitsui Sumitomo Ins Co of AmerNY$2,583,0500.03%
20702Ace Fire Underwriters Ins CoPA$2,561,4380.03%
22683Teachers Ins CoIL$2,558,6170.03%
11126Sompo Japan Ins Co of AmerNY$2,528,5060.03%
10638Proselect Ins CoMA$2,476,9060.02%
25224Great Divide Ins CoND$2,421,4540.02%
12901Merchants Preferred Ins CoNY$2,384,6850.02%
22810Chicago Ins CoIL$2,360,8110.02%
28932Markel Amer Ins CoVA$2,314,9460.02%
29530AXA Art Ins CorpNY$2,308,6000.02%
10069Housing Authority Prop A Mut CoVT$2,267,7070.02%
11592International Fidelity Ins CoNJ$2,220,7980.02%
13978Florists Mut Ins CoIL$2,190,6450.02%
26565Ohio Ind CoOH$2,186,6610.02%
14460Podiatry Ins Co Of AmerIL$2,128,1450.02%
40177Paramount Ins CoNY$2,114,2670.02%
26832Great Amer Alliance Ins CoOH$2,072,1780.02%
13730Selective Ins Co Of NYNY$2,052,9070.02%
29068IDS Prop Cas Ins CoWI$2,035,2700.02%
25011Wesco Ins CoDE$2,018,6180.02%
19704American States Ins CoIN$2,006,0500.02%
20370AXIS Reins CoNY$1,923,6170.02%
19518Catlin Ins CoTX$1,921,2140.02%
11255Caterpillar Ins CoMO$1,897,8130.02%
19631American Road Ins CoMI$1,889,7960.02%
12777Chubb Ind Ins CoNY$1,842,2880.02%
37257Praetorian Ins CoPA$1,823,8210.02%
24066American Fire & Cas CoOH$1,805,0210.02%
34738Arag Ins CoIA$1,795,5160.02%
33022AXA Ins CoNY$1,775,4150.02%
36145Travelers Personal Security Ins CoCT$1,744,9740.02%
37915Essentia Ins CoMO$1,734,7520.02%
13714Pharmacists Mut Ins CoIA$1,658,5850.02%
22195Insurance Co Of Greater NYNY$1,639,9780.02%
11452Hartford Steam Boil Inspec & Ins CoCT$1,625,5990.02%
24732General Ins Co Of AmerWA$1,624,8410.02%
18287Assured Guar Municipal CorpNY$1,602,9110.02%
31348Crum & Forster Ind CoDE$1,550,2300.02%
18279Bankers Standard Ins CoPA$1,535,1320.02%
19690American Economy Ins CoIN$1,491,4570.01%
15865NCMIC Ins CoIA$1,447,8790.01%
10815Verlan Fire Ins Co MDNH$1,373,4510.01%
29980First Colonial Ins CoFL$1,371,1440.01%
40045Starnet Ins CoDE$1,357,0280.01%
24449Regent Ins CoWI$1,346,2330.01%
28460Sentry Cas CoWI$1,285,1780.01%
34690Property & Cas Ins Co Of HartfordIN$1,277,8730.01%
26077Lancer Ins CoIL$1,274,9490.01%
22039General Reins CorpDE$1,232,9760.01%
29580Berkley Regional Ins CoDE$1,228,0180.01%
25887United States Fidelity & Guar CoCT$1,185,1800.01%
12750Evergreen Natl Ind CoOH$1,176,5800.01%
18600USAA Gen Ind CoTX$1,157,5950.01%
10340Stonington Ins CoTX$1,155,7580.01%
19615American Reliable Ins CoAZ$1,153,3040.01%
10656United States Surety CoMD$1,151,6960.01%
34274Central States Ind Co Of OmahaNE$1,130,3830.01%
20613Sparta Ins CoCT$1,084,0840.01%
10367Avemco Ins CoMD$1,053,5610.01%
22713Insurance Co of N AmerPA$1,044,4240.01%
11967General Star Natl Ins CoOH$1,043,1240.01%
25422Atradius Trade Credit Ins CoMD$1,040,5180.01%
38245BCS Ins CoOH$1,030,6010.01%
27120Trumbull Ins CoCT$1,027,3930.01%
24350Triad Guar Ins CorpIL$1,012,4710.01%
12416Protective Ins CoIN$975,2800.01%
32778Washington Intl Ins CoNH$967,6510.01%
24724First Natl Ins Co Of AmerWA$913,6100.01%
23787Nationwide Mut Ins CoOH$899,0230.01%
41459Armed Forces Ins ExchKS$875,8670.01%
36684Riverport Ins CoMN$873,7800.01%
36064Hanover Amer Ins CoNH$841,3370.01%
10677Cincinnati Ins CoOH$826,2990.01%
42048Diamond State Ins CoIN$794,9990.01%
15032Guideone Mut Ins CoIA$794,6850.01%
23108Lumbermens Underwriting AllianceMO$779,6090.01%
18619Platte River Ins CoNE$774,8810.01%
11000Sentinel Ins Co LtdCT$752,8970.01%
26425Wausau Gen Ins CoWI$720,9000.01%
25585Professionals Direct Ins CoMI$715,5680.01%
26492Courtesy Ins CoFL$712,8600.01%
12866T H E Ins CoLA$712,0210.01%
10641Endurance Amer Ins CoDE$697,9000.01%
37621Toyota Motor Ins CoIA$692,0290.01%
32077Heritage Cas Ins CoIL$686,1580.01%
37869Pre Paid Legal Cas IncOK$682,7640.01%
15563SeaBright Ins CoIL$652,9120.01%
12041MBIA Ins CorpNY$617,5750.01%
11800Foremost Prop & Cas Ins CoMI$608,7390.01%
28886Transguard Ins Co Of Amer IncIL$595,8120.01%
23450American Family Home Ins CoFL$581,9880.01%
37346Danbury Ins CoMA$573,7130.01%
36340Camico Mut Ins CoCA$565,2870.01%
28519First Sealord Surety IncPA$560,1940.01%
21423Union Ins Co Of ProvidenceIA$552,5790.01%
10665Ameritrust Ins CorpMI$540,4710.01%
20796AIG Premier Ins CoPA$531,2700.01%
37303Redland Ins CoPA$529,4830.01%
24775St Paul Guardian Ins CoMN$518,9450.01%
22551Mitsui Sumitomo Ins USA IncNY$517,7860.01%
12718Developers Surety & Ind CoIA$514,5120.01%
23442Patriot Gen Ins CoWI$504,7040.01%
37710First Amer Prop & Cas Ins CoCA$497,0470.00%
36455Northbrook Ind CoIL$493,8580.00%
37206Contractors Bonding & Ins CoWA$492,0900.00%
13083Employers Security Assur CoMA$472,1050.00%
23434Middlesex Ins CoWI$469,8460.00%
42234Minnesota Lawyers Mut Ins CoMN$468,4310.00%
34789AIG Centennial Ins CoPA$460,3520.00%
29823Genworth Residential Mortgage Ins CoNC$459,8340.00%
20311Syncora Guar IncNY$457,3240.00%
19941American Commerce Ins CoOH$452,1500.00%
23647Ironshore Ind IncMN$451,6940.00%
22012Motors Ins CorpMI$450,8040.00%
27081Bond Safeguard Ins CoIL$448,9220.00%
40827Virginia Surety Co IncIL$429,9520.00%
31089Republic Western Ins CoAZ$425,7370.00%
10054Securian Cas CoMN$425,3030.00%
19224St Paul Protective Ins CoIL$420,8310.00%
24031Northland Cas CoMN$417,3990.00%
19232Allstate Ins CoIL$397,8150.00%
35769Lyndon Prop Ins CoMO$396,7310.00%
22748Pacific Employers Ins CoPA$393,1250.00%
18538Bancinsure IncOK$383,5400.00%
23582Harleysville Ins CoPA$370,7440.00%
33898Aegis Security Ins CoPA$358,5660.00%
14990Pennsylvania Natl Mut Cas Ins CoPA$348,2030.00%
13307Lexon Ins CoTX$347,1630.00%
10800Premier Grp Ins Co IncTN$339,7470.00%
26433Harco Natl Ins CoIL$334,2230.00%
42757Agri Gen Ins CoIA$328,1210.00%
14494Merchants Bonding Co a MutIA$326,3820.00%
36250Radian Asset Assur IncNY$299,6000.00%
11149Maine Employers Mut Ins CoME$294,8580.00%
27740North Pointe Ins CoMI$293,9040.00%
10758Colonial Surety CoPA$290,4430.00%
10687Utica Natl Assur CoNY$279,4680.00%
10499Chrysler Ins CoMI$276,8950.00%
36234Preferred Professional Ins CoNE$274,3860.00%
21962Pennsylvania Gen Ins CoPA$253,9900.00%
13604Starr Surplus Lines Ins CoIL$252,0030.00%
19399AIU Ins CoNY$245,8830.00%
41394Benchmark Ins CoKS$241,0630.00%
22950Acstar Ins CoIL$226,9160.00%
21296Max Amer Ins CoIN$225,8920.00%
37052Regis Ins CoPA$219,5800.00%
36153Aetna Ins Co of CTCT$208,5600.00%
10200Hiscox Ins Co IncIL$198,7670.00%
10801Fortress Ins CoIL$182,4250.00%
10052Chubb Natl Ins CoIN$182,2610.00%
37060Old United Cas CoKS$181,9290.00%
22977Lumbermens Mut Cas CoIL$175,2200.00%
34037Hallmark Ins CoAZ$170,5340.00%
34347Colonial Amer Cas & Surety CoMD$169,8250.00%
33162Bankers Ins CoFL$166,8050.00%
37923Seaworthy Ins CoMD$165,6290.00%
37893Ullico Cas CoDE$149,1260.00%
16705Dealers Assur CoOH$142,6050.00%
15679National Fire & Ind ExchMO$140,7840.00%
34495Doctors Co An Interins ExchCA$140,3760.00%
33855Lincoln Gen Ins CoPA$139,7240.00%
28497Usplate Glass Ins CoIL$139,6940.00%
12572Selective Ins Co Of AmerNJ$130,7180.00%
16667United Guar Residential Ins Co of NCNC$124,8830.00%
29700North Amer Elite Ins CoNH$121,7480.00%
35408Delos Ins CoDE$118,6120.00%
26166Windsor Mount Joy Mut Ins CoPA$106,8630.00%
19909Centennial Ins CoNY$105,8480.00%
10642Cherokee Ins CoMI$103,6680.00%
34711Computer Ins CoRI$97,8330.00%
38962Genesis Ins CoCT$90,8720.00%
10166Accident Fund Ins Co of AmerMI$89,1390.00%
38601MIC Prop & Cas Ins CorpMI$83,3360.00%
41211Triton Ins CoTX$81,8400.00%
10472Capitol Ind CorpWI$74,8980.00%
41238Trans Pacific Ins CoNY$69,7230.00%
25879Fidelity & Guar Ins Underwriters IncWI$58,9530.00%
32271Dallas Natl Ins CoTX$53,4310.00%
29114CMG Mortgage Assur CoWI$51,0900.00%
36650Guarantee Co Of N Amer USAMI$50,6030.00%
12190American Pet Ins CoNY$48,5550.00%
12157Companion Prop & Cas Ins CoSC$47,6480.00%
10022Countryway Ins CoNY$45,7510.00%
26999United Guar Mortgage Ind CoNC$42,7800.00%
24678Arrowood Ind CoDE$38,8040.00%
30325Zale Ind CoTX$36,1660.00%
26379Accredited Surety & Cas Co IncFL$34,0380.00%
27073Nipponkoa Ins Co Ltd US BrNY$32,8300.00%
28304Federated Serv Ins CoMN$32,3210.00%
41769Athena Assur CoMN$30,0000.00%
11371Great West Cas CoNE$29,4650.00%
19895Atlantic Mut Ins CoNY$29,1570.00%
21709Truck Ins ExchCA$28,9190.00%
35386Fidelity & Guar Ins CoIA$27,9290.00%
12297Petroleum Cas CoTX$27,7900.00%
10222PACO Assur Co IncIL$27,7530.00%
13269Zenith Ins CoCA$23,4050.00%
23337American European Ins CoNH$22,6720.00%
30562American Manufacturers Mut Ins CoIL$19,0830.00%
19488Amerisure Ins CoMI$17,5380.00%
41483Farmington Cas CoCT$17,4860.00%
23396Amerisure Mut Ins CoMI$17,4230.00%
27847Insurance Co Of The WestCA$17,1100.00%
11123Safety First Ins CoIL$15,2760.00%
23620Burlington Ins CoNC$14,5890.00%
11127Professional Solutions Ins CoIA$11,5450.00%
40517Advantage Workers Comp Ins CoIN$11,4530.00%
21903Procentury Ins CoTX$9,3230.00%
31895American Interstate Ins CoLA$9,2140.00%
12304Accident Fund Gen Ins CoMI$5,8380.00%
19062Automobile Ins Co Of Hartford CTCT$4,0100.00%
22918American Motorists Ins CoIL$3,9500.00%
29513The Bar Plan Mut Ins CoMO$2,5740.00%
18759Genworth Residential Mortgage AssurNC$2,4730.00%
40231Old Dominion Ins CoFL$2,4600.00%
37850Pacific Specialty Ins CoCA$2,0300.00%
20710Century Ind CoPA$1,7320.00%
33723Great Amer Spirit Ins CoOH$1,5830.00%
12305Accident Fund Natl Ins CoMI$1,4940.00%
41335United Natl Specialty Ins CoWI$1,4670.00%
18740MGIC Ind CorpWI$1,3610.00%
20095Bituminous Cas CorpIL$1,2650.00%
31135Great Amer Security Ins CoOH$1,0910.00%
10682MGIC Credit Assur CorpWI$8920.00%
23779Nationwide Mut Fire Ins CoOH$6230.00%
24112Westfield Ins CoOH$4380.00%
15586Preserver Ins CoNJ$2280.00%
25180Fidelity Natl Ins CoCA$2190.00%
12725New England Mut Ins CoMA$850.00%
16675Genworth Mortgage Ins Corp Of NCNC$110.00%
 Total Direct Written Premium $10,023,515,003100.00%

2009 Premium and Market Share - SURPLUS LINES
NAIC#Company NameStatePremium Written in MA as of 12/31/2009Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2009
19437Lexington Ins CoDE$159,509,68828.64%
26883Chartis Specialty Ins CoAK$33,226,9735.96%
26387Steadfast Ins CoDE$27,263,8294.89%
31127Columbia Cas CoIL$24,870,1644.46%
41297Scottsdale Ins CoOH$21,229,5553.81%
17370Nautilus Ins CoAZ$20,992,2943.77%
27960Illinois Union Ins CoIL$13,886,0092.49%
13196Western World Ins CoNH$13,497,4942.42%
33138Landmark Amer Ins CoOK$10,526,0071.89%
35378Evanston Ins CoIL$9,619,0631.73%
42374Houston Cas CoTX$9,254,9091.66%
33189Max Specialty Ins CoDE$8,903,0941.60%
32859Penn Amer Ins CoPA$8,546,5271.53%
39993Colony Ins CoVA$8,071,1831.45%
25895United States Liab Ins CoPA$7,997,9421.44%
39020Essex Ins CoDE$7,985,8961.43%
24856Admiral Ins CoDE$7,975,5481.43%
26620AXIS Surplus Ins CoIL$7,505,5121.35%
36940Indian Harbor Ins CoND$7,465,0281.34%
25445Ironshore Specialty Ins CoAZ$7,367,9481.32%
38989Chubb Custom Ins CoDE$6,771,0941.22%
22829Interstate Fire & Cas CoIL$5,732,1441.03%
10657First Mercury Ins CoIL$5,666,1921.02%
37532Great Amer E&S Ins CoDE$5,567,1631.00%
41718Endurance Amer Specialty Ins CoDE$5,189,4910.93%
17400Noetic Specialty Ins CoIL$5,078,8420.91%
10725Liberty Surplus Ins CorpNH$4,683,9880.84%
37362General Star Ind CoCT$4,647,6970.83%
12537United Specialty Ins CoDE$4,529,2590.81%
10833Gemini Ins CoDE$4,188,9810.75%
24319Darwin Select Ins CoAR$4,177,2130.75%
21199Arch Speciaity Ins CoWI$4,088,6350.73%
37974MT Hawley Ins CoKS$3,928,2030.71%
35351American Empire Surplus Lines Ins CoDE$3,901,3240.70%
34916First Specialty Ins CorpMO$3,537,3290.64%
24015Northland Ins CoMN$3,287,8900.59%
10046Pacific Ins Co LtdCT$3,132,4740.56%
15989Catlin Specialty Ins CoDE$2,895,1410.52%
18376Hermitage Ins CoNY$2,756,3250.49%
11177First Fin Ins CoIL$2,672,2960.48%
10851Everest Ind Ins CoDE$2,662,9530.48%
13064United Natl Ins CoPA$2,604,4320.47%
34452Homeland Ins Co of NYNY$2,575,9640.46%
10729Seneca Specialty Ins CoAZ$2,574,7000.46%
25038North Amer Capacity Ins CoNH$2,441,7180.44%
26743Maxum Ind CoDE$2,414,6910.43%
11515QBE Specialty Ins CoND$2,244,1400.40%
10717Aspen Specialty Ins CoND$2,243,5330.40%
29696Travelers Excess & Surplus Lines CoCT$2,163,2130.39%
12203James River Ins CoOH$2,155,9800.39%
19489Allied World Assur Co US IncDE$2,120,9220.38%
36056Navigators Specialty Ins CoNY$2,094,9900.38%
30481St Paul Surplus Lines Ins CoDE$2,092,8760.38%
37982Tudor Ins CoNH$1,770,6300.32%
10786Princeton Excess & Surplus Lines InsDE$1,696,6760.30%
10328Capitol Specialty Ins CorpWI$1,684,1220.30%
42846Atlantic Cas Ins CoNC$1,663,4410.30%
20079National Fire & Marine Ins CoNE$1,624,6560.29%
37150Western Heritage Ins CoAZ$1,471,1670.26%
27189Associated Intl Ins CoIL$1,349,2750.24%
12961Omega US Ins IncDE$1,232,1070.22%
20559General Security Ind Co of AZAZ$1,182,2650.21%
44792Executive Risk Specialty Ins CoCT$1,088,8300.20%
44520Crum & Forster Specialty Ins CoAZ$1,038,6760.19%
37079Hudson Specialty Ins CoNY$1,001,5710.18%
36951Century Surety CoOH$948,6080.17%
39608Nutmeg Ins CoCT$828,6860.15%
37745Maiden Specialty Ins CoNC$768,8510.14%
35912American Western Home Ins CoOK$767,3250.14%
23850Philadelphia Ins CoPA$761,4100.14%
25569Gotham Ins CoNY$710,8090.13%
28053Rockhill Ins CoAZ$504,0400.09%
17159Usf Ins CoPA$493,3910.09%
21334Empire Ind Ins CoOK$459,5540.08%
20010Acceptance Ind Ins CoNE$405,8340.07%
10932Chartis Select Ins CoDE$276,7980.05%
36838Montpelier US Ins CoOK$199,5350.04%
40428Voyager Ind Ins CoGA$140,5030.03%
44776Torus Specialty Ins CoDE$130,1620.02%
39640Firemans Fund Ins Co Of OHOH$101,4040.02%
38954ProAssurance Cas CoMI$92,5780.02%
12588Prime Ins CoIL$69,6300.01%
31295Berkley Regional Specialty Ins CoDE$58,1880.01%
10316Appalachian Ins CoRI$6,2780.00%
34991Genesis Ind Ins CoND$3180.00%
11100Safeco Surplus Lines Ins CoWA$20.00%
 Total Direct Written Premium $557,043,776100.00%

2009 Premium and Market Share - TITLE INSURANCE
NAIC#Company NameStatePremium Written in MA as of 12/31/2009Market Share in MA as of 12/31/2009
50814First Amer Title Ins CoCA$75,430,53735.54%
50121Stewart Title Guar CoTX$29,334,50313.82%
50520Old Republic Natl Title Ins CoMN$27,022,04812.73%
51586Fidelity Natl Title Ins CoCA$16,582,1687.81%
50229Chicago Title Ins CoNE$15,862,7367.47%
50083Commonwealth Land Title Ins CoNE$14,355,2636.76%
51268Connecticut Attorneys Title Ins CoCT$9,018,8824.25%
50067Ticor Title Ins CoCA$7,191,6443.39%
50024Lawyers Title Ins CorpNE$7,186,6993.39%
51020National Title Ins Of NY IncNY$3,351,8291.58%
51535Ticor Title Ins Co of FLNE$2,079,6430.98%
50020Dakota Homestead Title Ins CoSD$1,946,3560.92%
50016Title Resources Guar CoTX$1,677,5270.79%
12234Equity Natl Title Ins CoMA$1,174,7560.55%
51632EnTitle Ins CoOH$44,4790.02%
50857Security Union Title Ins CoCA$5,9340.00%
 Total Direct Written Premium $212,265,004100.00%