The following is a list of notices, by date of publication, for proposed Division of Insurance (DOI) agency regulations. Click on a link to view the corresponding notice and proposed red-line of the regulation.

All persons interested in submitting comments on the proposed regulations may do so in writing by the date indicated in the notice. Refer to the full notice for the mailing address for submitting comments. (DOI) agencies are not required to respond to comments; however, all comments received by the date indicated in the notice will be reviewed and considered.

The date published is the date the notice appeared in the newspaper and marks the beginning of the 21-day public-comment period, pursuant to M.G.L. c. 30A, s. 3.

  • 211 CMR 3.00.  Motorcycle Insurance
    Notice     Redlined pdf format of prop-g2016-13-211cmr3.pdf
  • 211 CMR 8.00.  Investments of Officers, Directors, and Principal Stockholders of Domestic Stock Insurance Companies
    Notice     Redlined pdf format of prop-g2016-02-211cmr8.pdf
  • 211 CMR 10.00.  Nation-Wide Marine Definitions
    Notice     Redlined pdf format of prop-g2016-08-211cmr10.pdf
  • 211 CMR 11.00. Insurance on Outboard Motors and Motor Boats
    Notice     Redlined pdf format of prop-g2016-08-211cmr11.pdf
  • 211 CMR 15.00.  Statistical Plans
    Notice     Redlined pdf format of prop-g2016-09-211cmr15.pdf
  • 211 CMR 20.00.  Risk-Based Capital (RBC) for Insurers
    Notice     Redlined pdf format of prop-g2016-03-211cmr20.pdf
  • 211 CMR 23.00.  Audits of Insurers by Independent Certified Public Accountants for Years Ending 1991 and Thereafter
    Notice     Redlined pdf format of prop-g2016-04-211cmr23.pdf
  • 211 CMR 25.00.  Risk-Based Capital (RBC) for Health Organizations
    Notice     Redlined pdf format of prop-g2016-05-211cmr25.pdf
  • 211 CMR 38.00. Coordination of Benefits
    Notice     Redlined pdf format of prop-g2016-17-211cmr38.pdf
  • 211 CMR 39.00.  Annuity Mortality Tables for Use in Determining Reserve Liabilities for Annuities
    Notice     Redlined pdf format of prop-g2016-06-211cmr39.pdf
  • 211 CMR 43.00.  Health Maintenance Organizations
    Notice     Redlined pdf format of prop-g2016-18-211cmr43.pdf
  • 211 CMR 50.00.  Continuing Education for Insurance Producers
    Notice     Redlined pdf format of prop-g2016-10-211cmr50.pdf
  • 211 CMR 51.00.  Preferred Provider Health Plans and Workers’ Compensation Preferred Provider Arrangements
    Notice     Redlined pdf format of prop-g2016-19-211cmr51.pdf
  • 211 CMR 52.00.  Managed Care Consumer Protections and Accreditation of Carriers
    Notice     Redlined pdf format of prop-g2016-20-211cmr52.pdf
  • 211 CMR 54.00.  Procedure for Surrender and Non-Renewal of Licenses by Insurers Authorized to Write Motor Vehicle Insurance
    Notice     Redlined pdf format of prop-2016-14-211cmr54.pdf
  • 211 CMR 63.00.  Young Adult Health Benefit Plans
    Notice     Redlined pdf format of prop-g2016-21-211cmr63.pdf
  • 211 CMR 66.00.  Small Group Health Insurance
    Notice    Redlined pdf format of prop-g2016-22-211cmr66.pdf
  • 211 CMR 67.00.   Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurance Groups
    Notice     Redlined pdf format of prop-g2016-11-211cmr67.pdf
  • 211 CMR 92.00.  The Safe Driver Insurance Plan [for 1994]
    Notice     Redlined pdf format of prop-g2016-15-211cmr92.pdf
  • 211 CMR 97.00.  Procedures for Cancellation and Non-Renewal of Motor Vehicle Insurance Policies
    Notice     Redlined pdf format of prop-g2016-16-211cmr97.pdf
  • 211 CMR 113.00.  Requirements Regarding Workers’ Compensation Insurance Deductibles
    Notice     Redlined pdf format of prop-g2016-12-211cmr113.pdf
  • 211 CMR 115.00.  Requirements Applicable to Workers’ Compensation Deductible Policies
    Notice     Redlined pdf format of prop-g2016-12-211cmr115 .pdf
  • 211 CMR 130.00.  Credit for Reinsurance
    Notice     Redlined pdf format of prop-g2016-07-211cmr130.pdf
  • 211 CMR 148.00.  Registration and Reporting Requirements for Third Party Administrators
    Notice     Redlined pdf format of prop-g2016-23-211cmr148.pdf
  • 211 CMR 155.00.  Risk Bearing Provider Organizations
    Notice     Redlined pdf format of prop-g2016-24-211cmr155.pdf