As administrator of the insurance laws, the Commissioner of Insurance conducts hearings and issues decisions on a wide range of topics, including statewide insurance rate cases, enforcement actions taken by the Division against its licensees, the financial control and structure of certain domestic insurers, and administrative appeals.
Copies of recent decisions are available in PDF format. These are not official copies of the decisions. Official copies are available at the Division and on reserve at the State House Library.

Note, there are no links to stipulations.

Decision, In the Matter of the Acquisition of Control of Allmerica Financial Life Insurance and Annuity Company by the Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., Docket No F2005-01 pdf format of F2005-01.pdf

Proposed Plan of Reorganization of American Mutual Insurance Company of Boston, Docket No F2005-02 pdf format of F2005-02.pdf
December 29, 2005

Division of Insurance v. Michael Segal, Docket No. E2005-12. pdf format of E2005-12.pdf

Memorandum of Decision and Order, In The Matter of the Request of Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company, A Domestic Stock Insurance Company, To Redomesticate to the State of Wisconsin, Docket No G2005-07 pdf format of G2005-07.pdf
issued: December 21, 2005

Opinion, Findings and Decision on 2006 Private Passenger Automobile Insurance Rates, Docket Nos. R2005-09, R2005-10, R2005-11 pdf format of R2005-09_11.pdf

Order on Proposed Changes to Rule 13 of the Commonwealth Automobile Reinsurers Rules of Operation, Docket No C2005-04 pdf format of C2005-04.pdf
issued: September 30, 2005

Order on Proposed Changes to Rules 11 and 12 of CAR's Rules of Operation, Docket No. C2005-02 pdf format of C2005-02.pdf

Commonwealth Autobobile Reinsurers Proposed Revisions to the Performance Standards for the Handling and Payment of Claims by Servicing Carriers, Docket No. C2005-03 pdf format of C2005-03.pdf

Division of Insurance v. Tufts Insurance Company, Docket No. E2005-03 pdf format of E2005-03.pdf

Opinion, Findings and Decision on the Operation of Competition among Motor Vehicle Insurers, Docket No. R2005-08 pdf format of R2005-08.pdf

Rate Filing of the Worker's Comp Rating and Inspection Bureau, Docket No. R2005-06 pdf format of R2005-06.pdf

Division of Insurance v. Thurston Gene Gilman, Docket No. E2005-02 pdf format of E2005-02.pdf

Decision and Order on the Safe Driver Insurance Plan for 2006, Docket No. R2005-01 pdf format of R2005-01.pdf
, April 29, 2005

Division of Insurance v. Neale, Docket No. E2004-24 pdf format of E2004-24.pdf
, Decision and Order, issued April 4, 2005

Michael Despres v. Division of Insurance, Docket No. E2004-18. pdf format of E2004-18.pdf

Order on the Acquisition of Connecticare of Massachusetts, Inc. by the Health Insurance Plan of Greater New York, Docket No. F2004-02. pdf format of F2004-02.pdf

Decision on the Appeal of the 2005 Territorial Assignments for Motor Vehicle Insurance Rating, Docket No. R2004-07 pdf format of R2004-07a.pdf

Applications of the Amica Mutual Insurance Company to Deviate from the Fixed-and-Established Rates for Private Passenger Automobile Insurance, Docket No. R2005-04 pdf format of R2005-04.pdf

Application of Electric Insurance Company to Deviate from the Fixed-and-Established Rates for Private Passenger Automobile Insurance, Docket No. R2005-03 pdf format of R2005-03.pdf

Division of Insurance, Petitioner v. Melissa Leeanne Pell, Respondent, Docket No. E2004-29 pdf format of E2004-29.pdf

Division of Insurance v. Michael Francis Napadow, Nations Hazard Insurance Agency, and Nations Hazard Insurance Agency, Order on Motion for Summary Decision, Docket No. E2004-21 pdf format of E2004-21.pdf

Division of Insurance v. Bradford C. Bleidt, Order on Motion for Summary Decision, Docket No. E2004-30 pdf format of E2004-30.pdf

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