As administrator of the insurance laws, the Commissioner of Insurance conducts hearings and issues decisions on a wide range of topics, including statewide insurance rate cases, enforcement actions taken by the Division against its licensees, the financial control and structure of certain domestic insurers, and administrative appeals.
Copies of recent decisions are available in PDF format. These are not official copies of the decisions. Official copies are available at the Division and on reserve at the State House Library.

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Harleysville Worcester Insurance Company, a Massachusetts Domestic Stock Insurance Company, to Redomesticate to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Docket No. G2006-09 pdf format of G2006-09.pdf

Division of Insurance v. Eric James Brown, Docket No. E2006-13 pdf format of E2006-13.pdf

Private Passenger Motor Vehicle Insurance Rates for Rate Year 2007, Docket Nos. R2006-04, R2006-05, R2006-06 and R2006-07 pdf format of R2006_07.pdf

Decision and Order Following Remand on Changes to Rules of Operation 2, 9 through 14, and 17, and Rules 21 through 40, Docket No. C2004-02 pdf format of C2004_02_Remand.pdf
Transitional and MAIP Rules pdf format of MAIP_2006.pdf
file size 1MB (12/13/06)

In the Matter of the Acquisition of Control of Coface North America Insurance Company by Caisse Nationale des Caisses d'Epargne et de Prevoyance, Docket No. F2006-01; pdf format of F2006-01.pdf

Proceeding to Designate 2007 Territories for Motor Vehicle Insurance Rating, Docket No. R2006-03 pdf format of R2006-03andR2006-07.pdf
and Proceeding to Fix-and-Establishy Private Passenger Automobile Insurance Rates for 2007 - Main Rate, Docket No. R2006-07; pdf format of R2006-03andR2006-07.pdf

Division of Insurance v. William T. Rowan and Rowan Insurance Agency, Inc., Docket No. E2006-02 pdf format of E2006-02.pdf
. (10/02/06)

Appeal of Phillip Rivera, et al., of a Decision of Commonwealth Automobile Reinsurers, Docket No. C2005-07. pdf format of C2005-07.pdf

Decision and Order on Massachusetts Property Insurance Underwriting Association Revised Rate Filings, Docket No. R2005-14. pdf format of R2005-14_Approval.pdf

Decision on the Operation of Competition Among Motor Vehicle Insurers, Docket No. R2006-02. pdf format of R2006-02.pdf

Division of Insurance v. William F. Tracy, Docket No. E2005-28. pdf format of E2005-28.pdf

Division of Insurance v. Teresa Ann Healey, Docket No. E2006-07. pdf format of E2006-07.pdf

Division of Insurance v. Richard M. O'Connell, Docket No. E2006-06. pdf format of E2006-06.pdf

Division of Insurance v. Therese Ann Balducci, Docket No. E2006-10. pdf format of E2006-10.pdf

Division of Insurance v. Thomas J. Minichiello, Jr, Docket No. E2005-21. pdf format of E2005-21.pdf

Division of Insurance v. Glen D. Tucker, Docket No. E2006-05. pdf format of E2006-05.pdf

Division of Insurance v. Tyler Parker Turner, Docket No. E2006-04. pdf format of E2006-04.pdf

Division of Insurance v. Martin O'Malley, Docket No. E2005-26. pdf format of E2005-26.pdf

Division of Insurance v. Jeffrey T. Gargaro, Docket No. E2005-25. pdf format of E2005-25.pdf

Division of Insurance v. Golf Marketing Worldwide, LLC., et al, Docket No. E2005-24. pdf format of E2005-24.pdf

Division of Insurance v. Desmond Frederick Primus, Docket No. E2005-23. pdf format of E2005-23.pdf

Appeal of Delores Langford of a Decision of CAR, Docket No. C2005-08. pdf format of C2005-08.pdf

Decision and Order on Massachusetts Property Insurance Underwriting Association Rate Filings, Docket No. R2005-14. pdf format of R2005-14.pdf
June 30, 2006.

Application of Amica Mutual Insurance Company to Deviate from the Fixed-and-Established Rates for Private Passenger Automobile Insurance; Docket No. R2006-01 pdf format of R2006-01.pdf

Order on Commonwealth Automobile Reinsurers Proposed ERP Redisstribution Methodology, and Amendment to that Order; Docket No. C2006-01 pdf format of C2006-01.pdf

Division of Insurance v. John Mark Feeney, Docket No. E2005-19. pdf format of E2005-19.pdf

Division of Insurance v. David Bruce Kuhnke, Docket No. E2005-18. pdf format of E2005-18.pdf

Division of Insurance v. Christine Joann Riddell, Docket No. E2005-16. pdf format of E2005-16.pdf

Division of Insurance v. James Douglas McKinney, Jr., Docket No. E2005-15. pdf format of E2005-15.pdf

Division of Insurance v. Russell John Garcia, Docket No. E2005-14. pdf format of E2005-14.pdf

Division of Insurance v. Roger Dale Crooke, Docket No. E2005-13. pdf format of E2005-13.pdf