By the Division of Insurance

As administrator of the insurance laws, the Commissioner of Insurance conducts hearings and issues decisions on a wide range of topics, including statewide insurance rate cases, enforcement actions taken by the Division against its licensees, the financial control and structure of certain domestic insurers, and administrative appeals.

Copies of recent decisions are available in PDF format. These are not official copies of the decisions. Official copies are available at the Division and on reserve at the State House Library.

Note, there are no links to stipulations.

F2016-01 pdf format of Decision; F2016-01; Issued December 5, 2016 
; Acquisition of Control of United Casualty; Issued December 5, 2016
R2016-01 pdf format of Decision; R2016-01; Issued September 16, 2016 
; WCRIBMA Filing for Revisions to Manual; Issued September 16, 2016
E2016-04 pdf format of Decision; E2016-04; Issued August 22, 2016 
; Division of Insurance v. Robert G. Draper; Issued August 22, 2016
C2016-01 pdf format of Decision; C2016-01; Issued May 31, 2016
; CAR Rule 29; Issued May 31, 2016
C2015-01 pdf format of Decision; C2015-01; Issued May 31, 2016
; Performance Standards; Issued May 31, 2016
E2016-03 pdf format of Decision; E2016-03; Issued July 15, 2016
; Division of Insurance v. Jeffrey B. Cohen ; Issued July 15, 2016
E2016-06 pdf format of Decision; E2016-06; Issued July 15, 2016
; Division of Insurance v. Sean Green; Issued July 15, 2016
E2015-12 pdf format of Decision; E2015-12; Issued May 27, 2016
; Division of Insurance v. John Paul Gutschlag; Issued May 27, 2016
E2015-15 pdf format of Decision; E2015-15; Issued May 23, 2016
; Division of Insurance v. Germone A. Gadsden; Issued May 23, 2016
E2015-13 pdf format of Decision; E2015-13; Issued April 27, 2016
; Division of Insurance v. De'Borah Dunbar; Issued April 27, 2016
R2015-02 pdf format of Decision; R2015-02; Issued April 20, 2016
; WCRIB Rate Filing; Issued April 20, 2016
E2015-14 pdf format of Decision; E2015-14; Issued April 15, 2016
; Division of Insurance v. Emma M. Moreau; Issued April 15, 2016
E2015-07 pdf format of Decision; E2015-07; Issued April 14, 2016
; Division of Insurance v. Wade M. Callander; Issued April 14, 2016
R2015-01 pdf format of Decision; R2015-01; Issued March 23, 2016
; WCRIB Filing for Admiralty et al. Class Rate Revision; Issued March 23, 2016
E2015-05 pdf format of Decision: E2015-05; Issued March 1, 2016
; Division of Insurance v. Derek A Siewert; Issued March 1, 2016
E2015-09 pdf format of Decision; E2015-09; Issued February 19, 2016
; Division of Insurance v. Redonda L. Russell; Issued February 19, 2016
E2015-16 pdf format of Decision; E2015-16; Issued February 2, 2016
; Division of Insurance v. Grace W. Smith; Issued February 2, 2016
E2014-13 pdf format of Decision E2014-13; Issued January 7, 2016
; Division of Insurance v. Betsy Burgos; Issued January 7, 2016