TO: All Property and Casualty Insurers; All Property and Casualty Brokers
FROM: Linda Ruthardt, Commissioner of Insurance
DATE: March 21, 1994
RE: Licensing
As a result of the passage of Chapter 482 of the Acts of 1993, An Act Further Regulating Lead Paint in the Commonwealth, which goes into effect on April 14, 1994, the fee for a property and casualty agent's license and the fee for a property and casualty broker's license will each include a $25 surcharge. The $25 surcharge will apply to each such license that is issued or renewed.

Pursuant to Chapter 482, monies from this surcharge, along with similar surcharges on the license fees of real estate brokers, deleaders, lead inspectors, and mortgage brokers, among others, will fund a special account of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, which is to be used to pay for the production and dissemination of educational materials on lead paint poisoning prevention and treatment. In addition, such monies are to be used to pay for training of lead paint inspectors, and for training of homeowners in handling those aspects of lead paint abatement or containment which the Department of Public Health, in future regulations, authorizes homeowners to perform themselves.