TO:All Insurers Doing Motor Vehicle Insurance Business in Massachusetts
FROM:Linda Ruthardt, Commissioner of Insurance
DATE:May 21, 1996
RE:FY 1996 Assessment for Costs of Administration and Operation of the Motor Vehicle Insurance Merit Rating Board

Your company's bill for its share of the FY 1996 assessment for costs of administration and operation of the Motor Vehicle Insurance Merit Rating Board (MRB) is enclosed. After a review by the State Auditor's Office, it was determined that,in order to comply with statutory requirements, the method used in previous years to compute the MRB's administrative and operational costs required revision. Consequently, the total FY 1996 MRB assessment has increased when compared to the total amounts assessed for the MRB in previous years. The amounts of the increases in the assessments of individual companies resulting from this change have been apportioned according to each company's respective share of the motor vehicle insurance business in the Commonwealth as reflected in 1995 Annual Statement data.

Inquiries regarding the increase in the total FY 1996 MRB assessment may be directed to Mary Ann Mulhall, Director, Merit Rating Board, at 617-351-9601.