TO: Insurance Companies, Surety Companies, Producers and Insurance Company Groups Issuing Motor Vehicle Insurance Policies in Massachusetts
FROM: Nonnie S. Burnes, Commissioner of Insurance
DATE: April 7, 2009
RE: Change of Procedure and Format Regarding the Filing of Certificates of Insurance Authorization Forms under M. G. L. c. 90, § 34B

M.G. L. c. 90, §34B ("Section 34B") requires that companies licensed to issue or execute motor vehicle liability policies or bonds in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts file with the Division of Insurance ("Division") evidences of authorization to sign motor vehicle registration certificates. Certificates must be issued only by officers of companies or by people who are duly authorized in writing by the company. The Division currently requires that companies file such executed authorization forms, prescribed by the Commissioner, in hard copy with the Division on a rolling basis.

In an effort to achieve cost savings, to reduce the volume of unnecessary paper and to promote greater efficiencies, the Division is amending the filing procedure and format for authorization forms. Companies now are required to file annually one comprehensive submission of individual authorization forms in electronic format. Such filing should occur no later than January 15th of each year and contain all evidences of individual authorization forms for the prior calendar year. The completed authorization forms are to be scanned or otherwise entered onto a memory data storage device such as an optical disk or CD-ROM/DVD, type-A USB key or flash drive or other information memory storage device that is compatible with commonly-used personal computers using an IBM/Windows VISTA-compatible PC system (floppy disks are not accepted). The transfer method must be of sufficient quality so that the Division is able to retrieve an individual form and clearly view names and signatures.

Annual filings are to be submitted to the following person: Diane Silverman-Black, Director of Producer Licensing, Massachusetts Division of Insurance, One South Station, Boston, MA 02110.