To:            All Insurance Companies Offering Home and Auto Insurance in Massachusetts
From:        Joseph G. Murphy, Commissioner of Insurance
Date:        June 11, 2012   
RE:           Changes to ZIP Codes in the Boston Neighborhoods of Mattapan and Hyde Park



The Division of Insurance (“Division”) issues this Bulletin to alert all insurance companies offering home and automobile insurance in Massachusetts that the United States Postal Service (“USPS”) has approved the request of the City of Boston to implement a change in ZIP Codes, effective July 1, 2012, whereby 1,655 addresses pdf format of 2012-04-zip-code-change.pdf
in Boston will have their ZIP Codes changed from Mattapan (02126) to Hyde Park (02136).

Customers who will have their ZIP Codes realigned should have received a notification by mail in late May 2012 from the USPS explaining the realignment and what steps they can take to ensure a smooth transition to the new ZIP Codes.  The Division understands that local postal officials already have undertaken the necessary steps to accomplish this ZIP Code change by the effective date.

It previously has been reported to the Division that the insurance premiums of certain consumers were inappropriately increased as a result of ZIP Code changes.  The Division therefore directs all insurers to remind their employees and producers to take appropriate steps to ensure that no consumers are adversely affected because they have been assigned a new ZIP code. 

If you have any questions about this Bulletin, please contact Robert A. Whitney, Deputy Commissioner and General Counsel, at (617) 521-7308 or