State Rating Bureau Medical Malpractice Unit Assessment

Statutory Cite: MGL C. 26, §8E
Anticipated Billing Date: October 2016
FY17 Amount: $252,810.26

Purpose: The commissioner is authorized to make an assessment against medical malpractice insurers licensed, admitted, authorized or approved by the commissioner to pay for the State Rating Bureau's expenses as they relate to medical malpractice insurance. Funds collected under this section may be used to compensate consultants retained by the rating bureau and to defray its reasonable operating expenses and administrative overhead costs.

Basis: Such assessment shall be made at a rate sufficient to produce three hundred thousand dollars in the first twelve months, and may be increased annually thereafter by a rate not to exceed the most recent annual consumer price index calculated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States Department of Labor for the northeast region for all urban consumers. In addition to such assessment, the commissioner of insurance shall also collect, for the persons within the rating bureau who perform the duties relating to medical malpractice liability insurance, an amount equal to the cost of fringe benefits as established by the commissioner of administration pursuant to section five D of chapter twenty-nine to be credited to the General Fund. Said amount shall be expended, without appropriation, to pay for such persons' fringe benefits. If the commissioner shall fail to expend any money collected under this paragraph in any fiscal year, such unexpended amount shall be credited against the assessment to be made in the following year and the assessment in the following year shall be reduced accordingly. Medical malpractice insurer shall mean a medical malpractice insurer as defined in MGL. C. 175, §193U

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